Questions Muslims Unable to Answer

by David Klepper

There is anti-Israel and anti-Jews rage in the Islamic world and among Muslims in the Western countries. When supporters of Israel encounter those enraged individuals, Muslim or not, the best way to calm them down is to ask them a series of questions:

If what you wrote is true, why did Muhammed study with Rabbis before he wrote the KORAN?

Why did Muslims invite 70 Jewish families to return to Jerusalem after driving out the Christian Crusaders?

Why did Muslims invite Jews fleeing from Torquemada’s Inquisition to settle in Arab lands and the Holy Land?

Why did Imams consult with Rabbis to find ways to counter the efforts of Christian missionaries?

Why were Holy Land Jews represented in the Turkish Parliament?

Why did the Turks give the concession to build the first railroad, from Jaffa to Jerusalem to the son of the Jews' representative. (The representative was Rabbi Eliyahu Navon, and the son, who had studied engineering in France, was Joseph Navon. The charter was given in 1888, and the railroad completed in 1892.)

Why did King Faisal support the idea of a Jewish Homeland in the Holy Land in his testimony for the League of Nations?

Why do you use technology developed by American Jewish engineers to place messages on the web?

Most likely, you will not get answers from them, but it will make you feel stronger!

73 Sunni Killed in Attack on Mosque in Iraq!

Where is International Outrage?

Mortar Fired from UNRWA School in Gaza killed Daniel

At least 130 rockets, mortars fired on Israel, striking an Ashdod synagogue, killing 4-year-old. Four-year-old Daniel Tregerman became a child casualty in Israel since the beginning of Operation Protective Edge on Friday afternoon when a mortar fired from Gaza struck his kibbutz and took his life.

126 Rockets Fired by Hamas on Sunday

Hezbollah Joined the 'Party'

At least five rockets were fired from Syria at the northern Golan Heights Saturday overnight, after a rocket fired from Lebanon at the Western Galilee earlier. Lebanese reports indicated that two rockets had been fired into Israel from Dheira in southern Lebanon, three kilometers from the border with Israel.

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

The latest media reports declared that actual population of Gaza is 1.8 million, not 2.5 as it is usually reported (Israel’s estimate is 1.3 million). Almost half of the population is under the age of 17. For years it has been continuously reported how desolate the life of the “poor Palestinians” is in Gaza. Nevertheless, it seems that the United Nations and other international ‘friends’ of Israel have eagerly financed and established quite a successful breeding program of future terrorists in Gaza!

Hamas Lies First, Brags about ‘Achievement’ Later

Senior Hamas member Salah Al-Aruri told a conference of Muslim clerics in Turkey that it was indeed his organization that kidnapped and murdered the three boys in Gush Etzion back in June.

Beheading is Ugly Islamic ‘Normality’!

At least 19 people have been beheaded in Saudi Arabia this month for offences including drug smuggling and sorcery. At least 34 people have been put to death in the country in 2014. (These acts of barbarism are performed not just by extremists of ISIL. They are an intricate part of hideous Wahhabi ideology and Saudi Arabia is a leader of this idiocy!)

Hamas Fired Barrage of Rockets but Israel is Blamed?

Hamas unleashed a massive rocket fire (almost 70) on southern and central Israel (Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem) hours before the latest truce between Israel and Hamas (11th one) was set to end at midnight last Tuesday. (How many ridiculous ceasefires does Netanyahu need to realise that only by removing all enemies, including Hamas supporting population of Gaza, the “quiet” will come to Israel, at least from Gaza!)

‘Useless Nothing’ does not Care about Result or Accountability

The United Nations Development Program’s spent $59 million on its programs in Somalia in 2013. UNDP, the UN’s flagship anti-poverty agency, has never verified that the work was done, or even that its government partners had the capacity to do their jobs. (International humanitarian funds are waisted by corrupt organisation, which has passed its expiration date.)

'Necromaniacs' of Hamas

Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon said that the body of missing soldier Oron Shaul is in the hands of Hamas. Israel was making diplomatic efforts during ceasefire talks with Hamas to bring Shaul's body back to Israel. (It is not the first time that Hamas/Hezbollah/PA blackmail Israel by withholding bodies of Israeli solders!)

Wahhabi Kingdom Scared by ISIL Success

Saudi Arabia has handed over a cheque for $100m to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to help finance the UN's centre to combat global terrorism.

Anti-Semitic Bigots are not ‘Outraged’ by This

1) The Islamic State militant group has executed 700 members of a the al-Sheitaat tribe, who number about 70,000, it has been battling in eastern Syria during the past two weeks, the majority of them civilians. 2) Islamic State militants 'massacred' more than 300 Yazidi men. One day before 82 others were killed for refusing to convert to Islam. (Many thousands of men are killed by ISIL, thousands of women and children are enslaved, but the usually screaming anti-Semitic idiots are silent!)

‘Moderate’ Fatah Returning to Terrorism

PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah faction, often touted internationally as a "moderate" alternative to Hamas, has declared its intentions to further increase its terror attacks against Israeli citizens. The Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, declares the unity of Fatah's various military branches, and announces a recent decision to strengthen Fatah's terrorist activities.

‘Impartial’ Investigation is Another anti-Israel Smear

The United Nations has appointed William Schabas to lead a committee investigating Israel's (not Hamas) actions during Operation Protective Edge. When asked who he would most like to try in the International Criminal Court, Schabas said explicitly, "Netanyahu." He then defended his statement by saying that he was merely echoing the Goldstone Report - that same report that was in fact retracted by Goldstone himself. (The UN makes a “kangaroo court” look honest.)

Hamas Harassing and Deporting Journalists

In a remarkably candid interview on Lebanese TV, Isra al-Mudallal, the head of foreign relations at Hamas's Information Ministry in Gaza, explained how harassment, interrogations and deportations were used to ensure that journalists reporting from Gaza during Operation Protective Edge stuck to Hamas's official line and did not report "the Israeli narrative". (Maybe Israel needs to start use the same methods to make journalists to report the truth? Or, make the foreign press live in Sderot, under Hamas heavy rocket attack.)

This Information the International Press does not Report

In the biggest pro-Israel and anti-terrorist rally in recent years - an estimated 20,000 March in India in Support for Israel. Sikhs and Buddhists joined a massive Hindu-organized rally in solidarity with Israel. Buddhists from Bangladesh, reeling from Muslim riots, also attended.

So Much for Hamas-Fatah Reconciliation

A large scale operation mounted from May to August by the IDF and Israel Security Agency (ISA or Shin Bet) foiled a Hamas network's plot to carry out a coup in the Palestinian Authority (PA) in Judea and Samaria. Israel announced that 93 Hamas terrorists were arrested in the operation.

Delusional PA Propaganda

The official PA daily newspaper has accused Israel of making up the abduction and murder of Naftali Frenkel (16), Gilad Sha'ar (16) and Eyal Yifrah (19) hy''d on June 12 by Hamas terrorists as an excuse to launch Operations Brother's Keeper and Protective Edge. (By now Hamas has admitted the kidnapping and murders.)

Quote of the Week:

“Hamas was not forced into shooting their rockets from pads located in urban areas, thereby leading to unavoidable civilian deaths. They were not shooting from some of the densest population centers anywhere because they had no other choice. No - the choice was there. Though not large, Gaza had ample space that was not densely populated - farm land, empty spaces where rockets could have been stored and shot from. Furthermore, the UN could easily have developed temporary quarters in these same spaces for the sheltering of civilian refugees, far away from the sites of battle.” - Harry Wechsler - This is a response to some Israel-haters, including US Secretary of Sates Hillary Clinton, who have made clumsy attempts to justify use of civilians as a “human shield” by Hamas.

Hamas - Truce Will be Used to Plan Next War

Even as Israeli representatives are in Cairo to discuss a truce with Hamas, the terrorist group is taking pains to clarify it has no intentions of desisting from trying to wipe Israel off the map.

Hamas's "military wing," the Al-Qassam Brigades, released a statement presenting its position on the ongoing talks in Egypt.

"The warriors in Gaza are waiting with Allah's help to renew the fighting, or to return to planning the next campaign. There's no escape. Either jihad or planning (for the next jihad)," declared the statement.


by Eli E. Hertz

PA Arabs, by their first use of armed force against Israeli civilians and non-combatant Jews, in contravention of the United Nations Charter, constitute prima facie (Latin: on its face) evidence of an act of aggression - aggression being defined by international law as "the most serious and dangerous form of illegal use of force."

Therefore, Israel’s countermeasures need not be the exact equivalent of the breaching act. Judge Schwebel, the former president of the International Court of Justice is quoted as saying: "In the case of action taken for the specific purpose of halting and repelling an armed attack, this does not mean that the action should be more or less commensurate with the attack." (‘Ugly Nazi’ and other international anti-Semites deliberately and inappropriately accuse Israel for using disproportional force against enemies. No such accusations were made during wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, attack on Yugoslavia and other conflicts!)