Qana - Another Staged Con Job?

by Reuven Koret

The IDF reported that more than 150 rockets had been launched from Qana and its vicinity at Israeli civilians, wreaking destruction in Kiryat Shmona, Maalot, Nahariya and Haifa.

...there was an unexplained 7 to 8 hour gap between the time of the helicopter strike and the building collapse.

The roof of the building was intact, the building appeared not to have collapsed as a result of the Israeli strike.

Lebanese rescue teams did not start evacuating the building until the morning and only after the camera crews came.

The scenario would be a setup in which the time between the initial Israeli bombing near the building and morning reports of its collapse would have been used to "plant" bodies killed in previous fighting - reports in previous days indicated that nearby Tyre was used as a temporary morgue - place them in the basement, and then engineer a " controlled demolition" to fake another Israeli attack.

Explosion in Kfar Kana. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Sunday after the incident that Kfar Kana and environs are a "center for Katyusha firing on Kiryat Shmona and Afula... Dozens of Katyushas have been fired from there, and the terrorists hide there after firing the rockets." Olmert emphasized that the residents had often been warned that they must leave the area. Israeli Air Force Staff chief Brig-Gen Amir Eshel said Sunday he could not account for the time gap between the air strike over Qana village at 01:00 Saturday night and the building's collapse six or seven hours later. But, without any investigation Kofi Annan urged the U.N. Security Council to condemn Israel's strike. (The Civil population was warned by the IDF to leave the area, is it Israels fault that they choose to die as martyrs? Ask yourself why the UN did not investigate the explosion on Gaza beach, after such a strong accusation against Israel? What did the UN's inquiry of the 'Jenin Massacre' expose? Was it a massacre? No, just a well organised International fraud!  Just because Arabs, UN and others are not accountable for their anti-Israel accusations - It does not make them right!)

U.N. - Playing the Same Game.

The United Nations has warned Israel may times to stop bombing in the area of the UN post that was accidentally attacked. U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan, ignoring the facts has accused Israel of deliberately targeting the post, forgetting diplomatic niceties. But a UN resolution was considerably toned down. (UN observers could have left the area of conflict on 10 times, but they stayed and provided cover for Hezbollah. Canadian retired Maj.-Gen. Lewis MacKenzie has e-mail from one of the observers killed in the attack that backs Israel's claim. That is why the UN resolution was toned down! UN burocrates still remember the UN embarrassment after the Jenin massacre accusation, which the UN's own inquiry failed to support!)

PS: The UNTSO truce observer unit had made multiple requests to Israel to stop the bombing, but they did nothing to stop Hezbollah units from operating within yards of the post. Only now the UN units moved out from the area.

Israel deploys Arrow anti-missile batteries in central Israel and Patriot missiles at points along the key national Highway.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Why must Jews always make justifications and apologies? Arabs attacked Israel from Gaza and Lebanon, kidnapped our solders and distroyed our homes. FULL STOP - end of story!

Gaza Misguided Limited Mission. Israel pulled out of the northern Gaza Strip after a two-day sweep that killed 29 Palestinians. Israels aim is to retrieve Cpl. Gilad Shalit, who was kidnapped in the June 25 raid, and stop rocket attacks on southern Israel. (By setting limitations the Israeli government is missing the opportunity to stop completely attacks from Gaza. Arabs need just one strong push in order to persuade them to move to Sinai.)

Syria and Iran are joining the War.  Syria placed its army on war preparedness, and pointed Scuds at Israel . Syrian fighter pilots are sitting in their cockpits. These orders went out from Syrian president Bashar Assad July 20 when Irans Revolutionary Guards commander Brig.-Gen Yahya Rahim Safavi assumed command of the Lebanon war from Hizballah leader Hassan Nasrallah. Tehrans direct military intervention in the conflict was accompanied by an Iranian weapons airlift. ( (It would be prudent for Israel to close once and for all the Gaza front, by transferring all population to Sinai as soon as possible.)

Syrian Direct Involvement. The Lebanese terminal on the Beirut-Damascus highway was destroyed and arms-laden trucks from Syria were struck. Earlier, Israeli drone was shot down from Lebanese airspace by a Syrian air defense battery, in order to clear the skies for a large consignment of rocket launchers and truckloads of rockets to cross into Lebanon.

3rd Front is Opened. A third front in the war was opened within Israel on Thursday with the kidnap/murder of an Israeli doctor, aged 60, and shooting of two Border Guard policemen at a checkpoint at an entrance to Jerusalem. (When will Israeli government realise that only by removing all enemies from Jewish land we have a chance for peace? There third front has always been opened. The  Arabs have no intention of closing it.)

We are too Nice to our Enemy. Shin Bet security service agents have been telephoning Palestinian terrorists and warning them to leave their houses, so that they and their families will not be hurt when Israel bombs them. The houses are targeted because Israel believes they are being used to store or manufacture weapons, including Kassam rockets and rocket-propelled grenades. (I have never heard of Arab terrorists calling to Shin Bet and warned about next suicide bombing, kidnapping or rocket attack. Why do we have to be so nice to our enemy?)

Mel Gibson Sorry? Mel Gibson apologized for making anti-Semitic remarks after he was arrested for driving drunk. he cursed and then launched into a barrage of anti-Semitic statements on Saturday after he was pulled over. Gibson blamed a lifelong battle with alcoholism for the incident. In a statement, the Anti-Defamation League said the apology by Gibson was "unremorseful and insufficient." (A Russian proverb states "What a sober person has on his mind, he reveals when he is drunk!" He even distorted the text of Christian bible to fulfil his own the deep, dark anti-Semitic urge! Are Jews responsible for his alcoholism and drunkenness behaviour too? It is time for all his Jewish 'friends' to take full accountability for all he says or does!)


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The war conference of the Terror Thugs. The war conference chaired by Syrian president Bashar Assad, attended by Hizballah's Hassan Nasrallah and senior Iranian official Ali Larijani, as well as by Hamas leaders Khaled Meshaal and Mussa Abu Marzouk as well as the Palestinian Jihad Islami chief Abdallah Ramadan Shelah.

Is Israel Refusing to Win?

by Michael Freund.

Is Israel's political leadership refusing to win in Lebanon (and Gaza)? It has only been two weeks since the start of the counter-offensive against Hezbollah terror, and already Israel's government is rejecting the military's professional recommendations for how to achieve victory. At a meeting held late into the night on Wednesday, Israel's security cabinet denied the army's request to launch a more expansive ground operation in southern Lebanon with the aim of clearing the area entirely of Hezbollah 's terrorist infrastructure. Instead, the cabinet prefers to continue using airpower combined with pinprick ground incursions against select Hezbollah targets. The result, of course, has been that Hezbollah continues to succeed in firing some 100 rockets each day into Israel... (No serious attempt is made, in spite of the lessons of the past, to fight a Media War as well! No clear objective is set! This war is another reaction of a politically inept government without the will to pursuit the Zionist dream of the Jewish people.)

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