Putin Changing 'Game' in Syria!


Russia is taking a radical new course on Israel’s air strikes over Syria. Its military for the first time revealed details of the Israeli raid and claimed as never before that Russian-made systems downed “seven of eight guided missiles.”

Three conclusions from this atypical Russian response after hundreds Israeli air operations went forward unopposed against Iran’s permanent military presence in Syria and that of its proxies could be drawn.

1.   Moscow is letting Israel know that its radar can track air force operations emanating from Jordan.

2.   Advanced new Russian air defense systems are now operating in Syria.

3.   Putin seems to be telling the new Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett that the deal, whereby Moscow’s blind eye gave Israel free rein for years to clip Iran’s wings in Syria, was in fact struck personally between President Vladimir Putin and ex-PM Binyamin Netanyahu. All options are now open. The Bennett government is therefore advised to think carefully before embarking on its next air strike in Syria.

Russia to Sell Stealth Jets to Mideast

Russia’s single-engine stealth fighter jet will likely arrive in the Middle East through future arms sales to local countries. Russia is due to unveil its Checkmate jet at the MAKS international air exhibition. It can carry 7.4 tons of armament, and the max theoretical range is 3,000 kilometers (meaning an estimated 750-kilometer operational radius). It will be several years before the jet is ready for operational use. The Russian claimed it is less than $30 million per unit, significantly cheaper than the F-35.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

After 70+ years of Israel’s independence, it is time to realise that appeasement of the enemies, keeping the ugly status quo or temporary ‘quiet’ (hudna) that leads to another terror attack or war, will never work with enemies of Jews. Fake Palestinians and their international sponsors hate Jews and Israel - anti-Semitism is an incurable disease! There is only one way to end the occupation of Jewish land by enemies. Israel must diligently encourage them to leave Eretz-Israel! After all, considering the voting pattern in the UNGA, there are so many countries that hate Israel, not just Muslim ones, and ‘love’ the so-called Palestinians so much. They can have them!

Zero Tolerance to Balloon Attacks

IDF fighter jets strike Hamas military camp located near civilian sites including a school after arson balloons launched from the Gaza Strip on Sunday threatened to burn down the Kissufim forest and destroy a kibbutz avocado crop. Prime Minister Naftali Bennett the right-wing leader who was once former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s chief of staff, has said that he would approach balloon attacks with the same seriousness as if they were rockets.

Moment of Silence in Tokyo

A moment of silence was observed in the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics for the Israeli victims of the 1972 Munich massacre. During the 1972 Olympics, 11 Israeli athletes and coaches were murdered by eight Palestinian terrorists. This is the first time the victims were honoured in the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. The families of the 11 victims had long asked the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to hold a minute's silence at the opening ceremony, but had until Friday been turned down. (Japanese integrity prevailed over chronic IOC’s anti-Semitism! The IOC shows its Jew-hatred/Antisemitism by still allowing “Palestine” to participate in the Olympics.)

Family Reunification Rebuffed by Government

The Citizenship Law has expired, but the Interior Ministry is refusing to deal with the issue until new policies are formulated. Reportedly, this decision comes from Minister Shaked herself. (Otherwise, potentially, tens of thousands of Muslims/Arabs, spouses of Israeli Arabs, would be able to come and live in Israel, obtaining Israeli citizenship.)

US Opposes BDS - Too Little, too Late!

The US State Department announced that they were opposing the Boycott, Divest, and Sanctions (BDS) movement one day after ice cream company Ben & Jerry’s announced that they would no longer be selling their products in parts of Israel. (For many years BDS has been vilifying Israel!)

De Facto Building Freeze in Judea and Samaria

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has apparently slowed the approval process for construction projects in Judea and Samaria because of American pressure. The previous government, under then-Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, was supposed to set a date for a meeting of a committee for construction approval beyond the Green Line, but Defense Minister Benny Gantz prevented it from doing so. And it is still not set! (Real friends do not apply such "pressure", and a truly sovereign country would ignore it!)

IAF and USAF began Joint Exercise

The United States of America and Israel have begun a biannual aerial exercise codenamed Juniper Falcon. The purpose of the exercise is to improve the ability to defend against missile threats and joint air defense capacities while strengthening cooperation, coordination and mutual learning between the two armies.

IAEA is in an 'Uncomfortable Position'

A pause in negotiations to salvage Iran's nuclear deal with the world powers has placed the International Atomic Energy Agency in an "uncomfortable position," said IAEA director general Rafael Grossi. "I'm talking about the agency, I don't know about the others, but I suppose they would rather be negotiating than waiting," he added. (The most 'comfortable position' for Israel would be to destroy the Iranian’s nuclear program! Procrastination only helps Iran to obtain nukes!)

UNHRC to 'Probe' Israel Again

The president of the UN Human Rights Council announced that Navi Pillay will chair a commission to investigate what was described as “systematic” abuses allegedly committed during the recent violence between Hamas and Israel in May. Pillay has a history of anti-Israel statements. In 2014, she condemned Israel for "targeting" UN-run schools and hospitals in Gaza, while failing to mention three UN-run schools in Gaza had been used as rocket warehouses, a gross violation of international law that clearly falls within the category of war crimes. The UNHRC is notorious for its longstanding bias against Israel. (The 'Ugly Nazi' is relentless in its smear campaign against Israel! Every member of the commission, appointed by the UN, is anti-Israel.)

Quote of the Week:

"This morning, an explosion of great force shook a weapons storehouse belonging to the Islamic Jihad terror group - in the heart of the al-Zawiya marketplace, in the center of Gaza City. The explosion caused deaths and injuries, as well as destruction of the site and a great deal of damage. This explosion is another example of how the terror organizations in Gaza prefer the continuation of their terror activities over the welfare and lives of Gaza residents. Instead of accepting the United Nations' offers of rehabilitation, the terror organizations are busy manufacturing weapons and rebuilding their posts. They deliberately store the weapons in the heart of the civilian population, in a way which directly endangers civilian lives." - Avichay Adraee, IDF Arabic Spokesman - As usual, the 'Ugly Nothing' does not condemn Hamas, the terrorist group in charge of Gaza, or even of the Islamic Jihad terrorist group!

Iranian Nuclear Program Must be Neutralized!

by Benjamin Kerstein

Israel is examining possible changes to its operational plans against the Iranian nuclear program in order to contend with a US re-entry to the 2015 nuclear deal.

The IDF and the Mossad have emphasized to Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and the government generally that while it is necessary to prepare for the possibility of an Israeli air strike on Iran’s nuclear infrastructure, such an approach would be greatly complicated by a renewed nuclear deal.

Moreover, the IDF has told Bennett that its latest assessment has found that the IDF is still not at full readiness for a major conflict with Iran.

Given all this, the IDF and the Mossad stressed that Israel should develop multiple operational plans, which could be put into operation whether the US signs a new deal with Iran or not.

The goal of such operations would not be to destroy Iran’s nuclear program in a single blow, but to sabotage, disrupt, and delay the program indefinitely through surgical strikes and intelligence operations.

This would be in keeping with current policy, which has seen major accidents, sabotage, and assassinations related to Iran’s nuclear program, most of which are believed to be the result of Israeli intelligence activity.