Proselytation is a Spiritual Holocaust

by  Eliran Aharon

NOTE: Why is this still allowed in the Jewish state? They do not go to Saudi Arabia or Iran!

Dozens of activists from the Lehava anti-assimilation organization demonstrated Thursday evening outside of a missionary conference in Jerusalem.

The activist, attempted to enter the building where the conference was being held, but we’re prevented from doing so by the police.

The missionary event involved both Arab and Jewish youth, attracting attendees with musical performances while disseminating missionary material. The Lehava demonstrators outside of the building warned those planning on entering the “performance” of the event’s religious nature, dissuading some from participating.

Earlier on Thursday, Jerusalem councilman Aryeh King warned that the event constituted a major escalation in missionary activity.

“This represents a major foothold by an organization whose activities are targeting young people, attempting to convert them to (another religion).”

“The fact that the event took place in a municipal complex doesn’t surprise me, I’m sad to say, given the policies of the mayor [who intends] to turn Jerusalem into a multi-cultural city, and hide its uniqueness as the Jewish capital.”

Gophstain slammed the missionary event, calling it an open attempt to uproot Judaism.

“What the Christians failed to do to the Jews with the Inquisition they are now doing through the silent Holocaust of missionary [conversion] work. Who would have believed that the Jerusalem municipality would legitimize such a serious event in the holy city?”

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

On the streets of Muslim countries mobs enthusiastically shout “Death to Israel”. Saddam Hussein had justified Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait, during the first Iraqi war, but saying that he was on the way to attack Israel. So far, the main victims and sufferers of the Islamic madness are their own people – Shi’a, Sufi or Sunni, Kurds or Yazidis etc. Now, they have made a move to take over Europe, masterfully exploiting the stupidity of the idiotic political correctness, which is not applicable against anti-Semitism, of the West. No doubt they are on the way to Jerusalem again!

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Fake Normalisation with Turkey won’t Last

Jerusalem and Ankara engaged in a nasty public exchange over Israel’s air strikes the night before in Gaza, just two days after the Turkish parliament ratified a rapprochement accord with Israel. Following the air strikes, which came in response to a rocket attack from Gaza on Sderot, the Turkish Foreign Ministry issued a harshly worded statement that condemned the “disproportionate attacks,” saying they are “unacceptable” regardless of the reason.

Israel Targeted Hamas Key Strategic Assets

IDF takes advantage of rocket fire from Gaza to take out terrorist infrastructure. When a rocket is fired into Israel the dynamic of Israel's retaliation to attacks from Gaza has changed. There were approximately 50 airstrikes within two hours. “You can’t expect the State of Israel to allow Hamas to rearm itself, to steal money from the residents of Gaza. They are levying taxes and not constructing buildings, but tunnels,” Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman said.

Agreements with Infidels Mean Nothing to Muslim Countries

After the Russian defense ministry proudly released images of the first Russian bombardments in Syria to be launched from Nojeh airbase, which Tehran had granted Moscow near the Iranian town of Hamedan, the Iranian defense ministry snatched the concession back in a public rebuff for Moscow.

US Supports Islamic Turkey Aggression Against Kurds

Syrian Kurdish militia commanders are flouting the ultimatum US Vice President Joe Biden handed them Wednesday, Aug. 24 to retreat to east of the Euphrates or else forfeit US support. (Betrayal of true allies has become normal for the US governments!)

Why does ‘Peaceful’ Site Need Protection?

Iran has deployed Russian-made S-300 long-range missiles in its Fordow nuclear facility. The site is the second Iranian uranium enrichment facility, the other one is in Natanz. In January 2012 the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) announced that Iran had started producing uranium enriched up to 20%. (Russia has been playing friendly game with Israel, at the same time supplies advance weaponry to enemies! And, thanks to Obama, Iran will soon start construction of two new nuclear plants, having funds to pay Russia for the deal.)

Quote of the Week:

“The Jews are a peculiar people: things permitted to other nations are forbidden to the Jews. Other nations drive out thousands, even millions of people, and there is no refugee problem. Russia did it, Poland and Czechoslovakia did it. Turkey threw out a million Greeks and Algeria a million Frenchman. Indonesia threw out heaven knows how many Chinese and no one says a word about refugees. But in the case of Israel displaced Arabs have become eternal refugees. Everyone insists that Israel must take back every single Arab.” - Eric Hoffer, LA Times, May 26, 1968.

Message to Christian Friends of Jews

 by Steven Shamrak

There are many different Christian churches, groups and movements. Some call themselves Zionists or good and true Christians. Many of them are deeply antagonistic toward mainstream Catholics and Anglicans. And they disassociate themselves from the actions of their church in the past.

Just recently, the Pope, leader of 1.1 billion Catholics, deliberately omitted Israel from the list of countries suffering from Islamic terror in his speech. Following his example, an Anglican archbishop did not mention two Jews as victims of London bombings. Some Church leaders are still advocating divestment from Israel, but not from Muslim countries linked to Islamic terrorism!

We have not been hearing condemnations made by "true Christians" of the anti-Semitic behaviour and Israel-bashing by their Christian brothers in the past and the present. Most of them are silent about Arab terrorism in Israel, anti-Semitic acts in their own countries and anti-Israel discriminatory behaviour of the UN, EU, Red Cross and USA as well. True friendship can be measured only by actions!

The inaction of church leaders and the Christian leadership of the US and European governments against the spreading of Islamic terror is appalling and borders on criminal negligence. For many years they have been ignoring the warnings about Islamic expansionistic ambitions. They ignore the fact, that true Islamists hate Christians even more than Jews. Now they are experiencing the result of their duplicity. Europe is under the flame of Islamic fire but the hypocrites still are not able to face reality and are playing the dangerous game of political correctness, ignorance and providing false justifications to basic Islamic hate toward anything that is not Muslim!

From the Jewish point of view it is difficult to distinguish the true friends among the Christian groups. Most of them claim friendship but actually have sinister motives. The Messianic Christians, for example, consider themselves as 'good Christians'. This is in spite of the fact that the main objective of the Messianic church is to prove the validity of Christian teachings by converting lost Jewish souls to Christianity. They believe, as many before them, that the increase in the number of Jewish Christians is an indication that the Church is G-d's true religion. In the past the forceful conversion of Jews was a preferred method, but proved ineffective.

Unfortunately, many Christian groups and organizations still believe and practice the old traditional theology of hate or misguided envy toward Jews. They ignore the fact that conversion of Jews to Christianity is actually against the will of the G-d and undermines the most important Christian doctrine of the Second coming. It diminishes the chance of all Jews to come to Israel, as He commanded for the arrival of the Jewish Messiah. Effectively, due to deeply imbedded anti-Semitism or pathological jealousy, many branches of the Church have been sabotaging the Second coming of their Messiah by evangelising Jews.

I respect any belief system as long as they do not discriminate against others. At the same time, I demand the same respect toward my people, our traditions and our rights from others. True friendship is a two way street. 

Jews welcome moral and political support for Israel from their non-Jewish friends. But it must be given without any ulterior motives. The good Christian friends must not be frustrated when Jews criticize the anti-Semitic behaviour of the Church. Most often, the Church’s practice and religion have very little in common!   If you follow the Bible’s message of love, you are on the right side and have nothing to be concerned about. The bottom line is - your teacher was a Jew and it is difficult to distort his message of love!