Problems with Contiguity of the Fake Nation

by Mordechai Kedar

Palestinian territorial contiguity is dangerous for Israeli national security:

Over the years, many Israelis and others have adopted the Arab-Palestinian narrative that views territorial contiguity as a condition for the establishment of a viable Palestinian state. As a result of this narrative and its pervasiveness worldwide, efforts are made to insure that the West Bank Palestinians will have an integral territory from Mount Gilboa in the north to the outskirts of Beersheba in the south...

The central strategic goal of the state of Israel should be to permanently remain in Judea and Samaria and to prevent Palestinian territorial contiguity... Territorial contiguity will compromise Israel’s security for the following reasons:

Non-viability of PA governments. Experience has shown that PA governments do not resolutely and consistently act against terrorists. Political and media messages since 1994 have proven that neither the PLO nor Hamas have prevented terrorism and the proliferation of weapons. There also is no evidence that any Palestinian government will prevent terrorism, even if Israel withdraws all the way to the Green Line. A further danger is the possibility of a Hamas takeover in Judea and Samaria and the creation of a terror state like the one in the Gaza Strip.

Rockets. Territorial contiguity will enable weapons smuggled from Gaza to easily reach all parts of the West Bank and to be used against the surrounding major Israeli landmarks and cities. For example, Israel’s only international airport, nuclear reactor, and towns such as Petah Tikva, Kfar Saba, and Afula in addition to Jerusalem, Haifa and Tel Aviv will fall within rocket range.

Tunnels. After the completion of the security fence in the West Bank, the Palestinians are likely to dig tunnels along the perimeter, as they have done along the Gaza-Egyptian border. These tunnels can be used to smuggle explosives and terrorists in and out of Israel...

Territory. Transferring land to the Palestinians will remove the IDF presence from Palestinian towns. Two problems arise with this scenario. First, every strategic location Israel evacuates is at risk of becoming an arms depot and a haven for launching missiles into Israel. Second, any IDF operation against terror in these towns will require movement through hostile territory. This eliminates the element of surprise, essential for an operation’s success and forces the IDF to cope with explosives, mines and ambushes on the way to the target...

Water. Most of Israel’s water comes from an aquifer located under the Judea and Samaria. Palestinian sovereignty over the aquifer will create a grave water problem, compounded by the presence of hundreds of thousands of Israelis who will need to be evacuated from the settlements of Judea and Samaria.

Arab neighbors to the East. Palestinian territorial contiguity will cut off the strategically vital Jordan Valley from Israel, exposing it to dangers from the east - Jordan, Iraq and Iran. The threat posed by Iraq and Iran is thus greatly magnified by the loss of this territory.

Settlements. Retaining the rural areas in Judea and Samaria will significantly reduce the number of settlements to be dismantled, increase the chances that evacuation of settlements will be accomplished by agreement, decrease the expenditures for compensation and rebuilding, and limit the destructive repercussions on Israeli society. At present, there are serious social disruptions resulting from the events of Gush Katif, Northern Samaria and Amona. There is also a growing distrust and the resultant alienation from the political establishment and the democratic system by religious Zionists and settlers. Efforts should be made so that further withdrawals will be conducted in cooperation with the settlers and not in opposition to them. (After all these perfectly reasonable objections the author still believes and advocates possibility of creation of another Arab terrorist state on Jewish land! What is have to happen that would convince those ‘liberal’, if not self-hating, Jews that they need to regain self-pride and self-respect, and pay more attention to interests and the future of their own people? May be they will understand this: “It is our land!” Simple, isn’t it?)

Inquisition of Israel

Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein confirmed in “a concrete and personal” manner an order to torture the detainees in the Duma case. Weinstein had given his approval to use torture in interrogating the suspects three weeks ago, after Police had informed him their investigation was stuck in the mud. (Traitors are still in control of Israel’s legal system - by opposing Zionist ideals they are undermining future of Jewish nation!)

Reactive ‘Raids’ Will not Stop Terror!

Israel Air Force fighter jets conducted several air raids on unspecified targets in the northern Gaza Strip overnight Friday-Saturday after five rockets were fired from the strip at city of Sderot.

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

After 15 minutes conversation with two Muslim guys who were propagating moderate Islam, by setting official information tables in the center of the city at the time of the Charismas shopping rush, I do not doubt any reports about the hate and horror ISIS inflicts on Yazidis, Christians and others who are not believers in anything except their brand of Islam!

IDF Haters Received Traditional Arab Welcome

A tour bus, visiting the Hebron/Kiryat Arba area, was carrying members of “Breaking the Silence” group - a foreign-funded NGO that travels around the world and bad-mouths the IDF, was stoned by Arabs.

Only Left has the Right to Incite?

Some 3,000 left-wing demonstrators rallied in Tel Aviv to protest what they called right-wing incitement against left-wing advocacy organizations, President Reuven Rivlin and others. (For decades, the Israeli left, with the help of Avoda party infested judiciary, had a free ride at Jewish patriots. Interestingly, leftists do not dispute facts about Arab terror and that they are receiving funds from various European governments and the EU!)

Boycott of Judea and Samaria by the Pretend Friend

While the world is focused on the product labeling going on in Europe, the U.S. boycott has been continuing unabated since 1967. The State Department stated bluntly: “The stipulation requiring that foreign assistance funds provided to Israel only to be used in the geographic areas which were subject to the Government of Israel’s administration prior to June 5,1967, has been the policy of every administration since 1967.”

Large Corporations Ignore BDS

International corporations look to Israel for Innovation - 25 of the world’s largest multinational corporations gathered in Tel Aviv on December 16th, to be introduced to 15 handpicked Israeli startups. Senior representatives from firms such as AVG, Ford, IBM, GE, Tyco, GM, Coca-Cola, Singtel, PayPal, Yahoo, ProSieben and Kimberly-Clark participated in the second annual networking and deal-making meetup of its kind.

ISIS Only Fear Israel

“They are not scared of the British and the Americans, they are scared of the Israelis and told me the Israeli army is the real danger.  'We can’t defeat them with our current strategy,' (they said). 'These people (the IDF) can fight a guerrilla war." The terrorists were much more confident regarding western armies: “In Mosul there are 10,000 fighters living among 1.5 million people in 2,000 apartments, not in one place – so it would be difficult (for western soldiers) to fight them. ISIS fighters are ready to die in a war against western soldiers.”

Is It a New anti-Zionist Low Committed by the Government?

A new counter-charge maintains that undercover agents entered the wedding hall, staged the "hate dance" and then disappeared with their weapons. The owner of the wedding hall reportedly claims that several men in civilian clothes and with security IDs entered the wedding hall towards end of the wedding party. The entire dance appears to have lasted about a minute or two, with the most horrid scenes being repeated several times in the media. The father of the groom insists that the “guests” were not invited and that he was in another part of the hall during the hate dance. (One thing is not disputable: the Israeli government persistently portraits Jews, true Zionists, as radicals and enemies. Thanks to the same Jewish ‘radicals’ the state of Israel was created - Now they are trying to prevent its destruction by self-serving opportunists!)

Quote of the Week:

“A Christian can never be an anti-Semite, especially because of the Jewish roots of Christianity” - says a new document issued by the Holy See. This is the first time the Catholic church officially repudiates active attempts to convert Jews - No apology was given for almost 1,800 years of ‘non-anti-Semitic’ behavior of Catholic and other brands of Christianity. The hunt for Jewish souls - Jews who know little of their own religion and traditions, and are confused due to various factors, the pressure of surrounding anti-Semitic environment is the major one - is still going on!

Pollard Saga Proves the US Government is anti-Israel!

by Caroline Glick

Even before the dust settled on last Friday’s happy headlines proclaiming that after 30 years in federal prison, Jonathan Pollard was being released, we discovered that his release wasn’t the end of his sad saga.

Pollard’s parole conditions are draconian. For the next five years he will be under curfew, barred from stepping outside his apartment after 7 pm. He is prohibited from surfing the Internet. Anyone hiring him will be required to allow law enforcement authorities full access to their computers. Pollard already lost one job due to this condition.

Pollard is prohibited from leaving the US, or even from leaving New York. Even the smallest infraction on his parole conditions is liable to send him back to the slammer In other words, Pollard moved from a federal prison to house arrest.

The injustice screaming out from Pollard’s parole conditions force us to recall the long injustice he has suffered at the hands of very specific parts of the American establishment. The story that everyone wishes to put behind us, remains excruciatingly familiar.

From 1983 until his arrest in 1985, as a US naval analyst, Pollard served as an Israeli agent and unlawfully transferred classified information to Israel, a US ally. The normal prison sentence for Pollard’s offense is 2-5 years. Pollard was sentenced to life in prison.

Generally speaking, convicted agents of allied nations serve their prison sentences in minimum- security prisons under relatively easy conditions. Pollard spent ten years in solitary confinement at a maximum security prison.

Generally, prisoners receive early parole for good behavior and if they express sincere regret for their crimes.

Pollard was denied early parole despite the fact that he was a consistently exemplary prisoner and repeatedly – indeed continuously – expressed his sincere remorse for his offense.

Despite the fact that Israel is the US’s closest ally in the Middle East, none of the five presidents who served while Pollard sat in jail agreed to grant him clemency.

And today, President Barack Obama has made clear that he will not intervene with federal prison authorities to ease Pollard’s parole conditions or allow him to move to Israel.

The American Jewish community’s response to Pollard’s self-evidently discriminatory parole terms has been muted. Only Pollard’s lawyers and a handful of other voices have spoken out publicly against them. This is not in the least surprising.