Politically Incorrect Cynicism!

(compiled from FaceBook postings)

It is obvious that last week’s terrorist attack in Nice is linked to the ongoing French occupation of Muslim populated suburbs of Paris and the construction of the new areas that deprive of Muslim residents of France, hope for changing the current situation – French dominance of the country.

There's no doubt that the reason for the violence, lies in the French Government's policy of apartheid against Muslims and non-Muslim, the indigenous population of the country, racist views.

Both sides should refrain from violence and immediately start negotiating, addressing legitimate grievances of Islamic people of Europe, with the aim of establishing the borders of the new Islamic state of Europe, with Paris as its capital.

Make no mistake about who is responsible for this grave situation, the aggressive policies of the French authorities brought despair, resulting in the tragic loss of the young Muslim’s life in Nice. That what a majority of the Muslim enemies say! Members of any Islamic organization and the silent majority of European Muslims bar none!

Our politically correct and self-serving leaders kept on telling us that our perception of what we have been seeing and experiencing is incorrect; that Islam is a religion of peace and all problems are due to the Arab-Israel conflict! But France is not a political friend or supporter of Israel, is it?

Meantime, people are being slaughtered by the members of ‘the religion of peace’ on the streets of Europe and America - Not just Jews or Israelis! This is not a Jewish problem - it has never been! Israel and Jews were just singled out by Arab and Muslim enemies, as the first target, because the anti-Semitism is still infesting Europe and the US political elite, which secured their inaction.

Appeasement has not worked and won’t stop Islamic Jihad against infidels! Israel was the 'test ground' - guess who is next?

Europe is Anti-Semitic as Always!

Representatives of the European Union distributed a draft resolution at meetings of UNESCO's World Heritage Committee in Istanbul on the subject of the Israeli capital's Old City that completely ignores the Jewish connection to the site. The proposal is an alternative to the Jordanian-Palestinian one announced earlier this week.

While the European draft does mention the Western Wall outside of scare quotes, unlike the Palestinian version, sources in Jerusalem claim that the Europeans' proposal denies the Jewish connection to the Temple Mount, despite France's apology and admission of a mistake in supporting the UNESCO proposal in April that did the same.

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

There are many genuine people around the world, who are still suffering from occupation by others: Kurds, Armenians, Tibetans, Chechens, Western Saharans, and Basques. So-called Palestinians, a recently forged mix of people, are definitely not one of them! In fact, they are occupiers of Jewish land!


Zionism is Jewish National Independence Movement!

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The United States is asking its allies helping with security in Afghanistan to maintain funding for Afghan forces at a cost of nearly $5 billion (2.5b from the US) a year until at least 2020. (Typically, anti-Semites do not complain!)

Turkey will Never Talk to Assad

Turkish foreign policy remains unchanged towards the Syrian regime and there is no possibility of re-establishing relations as long as President Bashar al-Assad stays in power. (But Israel must talk and make concessions to terrorists of the PA and the killers of Jewish people, whose only goal is to destroy Israel!)

The Republican Platform is Most pro-Israel

The Republican Party has reinstated a reference to Jerusalem as Israel’s “undivided” capital in the latest draft of its platform, and removed a reference to “Palestine.” David Friedman, an adviser to Donald Trump, said last month that the party’s presumptive nominee would consider support of an undivided Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and would not openly oppose policy decisions by the Jewish state.

No International Condemnation

Indian forces opened fire on thousands of protesters, killing at least eight civilians and wounding scores of others during a mass funeral for a slain rebel fighter. (Why? Because it is not in Israel – Have you got it?)

Female Terrorists’ ‘Redemption’ is Escape from ‘Honour Killing’!

More than 40 women were involved in the current wave of terror, and that in almost every case the background to the individual woman taking up arms in a suicidal attack was internal family conflict over disapproval of the woman’s sexual conduct. The women were sent to their certain death as an act of redemption for their misconduct, and also as a means for their families to earn a monthly stipend from the Palestinian Authority. (They are not entitled to get 72 male virgins!)

Hostile 'Friend'!

A new report released by the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations concludes the Obama administration funded, with about $350,000 in grants, an effort to overthrow Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel, one of America’s closest and most ardent allies. The organization pursued that goal but later used the grant money to campaign against Netanyahu, with whom President Obama had been at odds.

Quote of the Week:

"America's crimes in Muslim countries are known to all. Any action carried out, any explosion and any operation in which a Muslim is killed in Muslim countries, America stands behind it, together with the infidel West that hates Islam and Muslims. It doesn't matter who takes responsibility for the crime and who announces it. We will never believe it. We will never believe it. We will never believe it because America is the one that blows up Muslims and it is the one that kills Muslims." - Sheikh Al-Abu Ahmad, preacher at the Al-Aqsa Mosque - This brand of mad Islamic ideology the US government supports with 400 million dollars of tax-payers money annually, getting nothing but hate in return!

Hideous Political Correctness

by Steven Shamrak (written March 2006).

Not long ago political correctness was introduced to the West with very good intentions. It was needed to make a transformation from a barbarian and bigoted society to one that pretends to be civilised, where all are equal. Therefore, Blacks have become African Americans; the Hispanics and Chinese – Ethnic minorities; Jews, Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims - Religious minorities; Man or woman are called a person.

Political correctness is not a new invention. According to the unofficial codex of intelligentsia of Tsarist Russia, “A member of the intelligentsia must not admit or show his anti-Semitic tendencies.” It was never about not having them!

Now political correctness has reached new levels of absurdity. For example, blind and short people are called visually and vertically challenged or impaired. Political correctness became a tool of aggression and intolerance in a quite slippery, ‘joking’, passive-aggressive way.

The current TV serial “Commander in Chief” has topped them all in its sophistication of subliminal, hammer-like, presentation of ‘political correctness’. It is meant to be a substitution for the highly intelligent and professionally made “The West Wing” series. But, with an independent, female president, an African American as a Chief of Staff of the White House and an Arab Palestinian as her most trusted staffer, it can only be described and viewed as a spoof. No wonder the show has rating problems. Next, they will probably make the science fiction movie – “George Bush and Democracy on Mars”. It will be a more likely scenario than the creation of true democracy in Iraq, Iran… or in any Muslim country during this century.

In International politics, political correctness plays a big role when oil is concerned. Everyone is so deliberately polite and ‘considerate’ toward, the most often, fake and even obnoxious claims and behaviour of the Arabs and Muslims. At the same time there is no interest and a complete disregard for Jewish National rights and aspirations. Jews and Israel are used as an International scapegoat in order to divert public attention from domestic or International issues! International political correctness is not applicable to Jews.

For centuries the Jewish leadership, so-called ‘official Jews’, have been playing games of appeasement and conformity with their masters. Even after the creation of the Jewish State, the Jewish leaders seem unable to shake off the Galut mentality: the mentality of the slaves of Egypt that has been enforced by centuries of abuse, hatred and anti-Semitism. They are not truly able to represent the dreams and aspirations of the Jewish people.

Is there no Jewish leader who would give a direct answer to the question – “What is the Jewish land?” Instead, they will go on and on, but would never tell it straight and simple that the League of Nations allocated the land called “Palestine” for the Jewish state and gave a temporary mandate to the United Kingdom to carry out the Leagues resolution. Or, simply, they would pull the Israeli coin of 10 Agorots out and show the engraved image of Eretz Israel. If they can’t perform such a simple act of personal ‘bravery’ by telling the world where the Jewish land is, why do they occupy the position of leadership, but instead lead Jewish people nowhere? By inaction they are deceiving and destroying the Jewish nation?