Politically Correct Europe is Raped in Jihad War

by Bob Unruh

For years there have been reports about what looked like a literal epidemic of rape by Muslim men of both women and children, especially in northern European nations where the Muslim immigrant population is high. But the disturbing reports rarely rose to the level that would make the general population aware of the dangers that were becoming evident. After all, such a report would be blasted for attacking Islam and discriminating against Muslims.

Until now, when a case from the United Kingdom has proven so egregious it could not be ignored. The BBC reported that nine men were convicted of child sexual exploitation in Greater Manchester, after they had “groomed” girls as young as 13. But even there, the report identified the convicts only as “Asian” while revealing their victims were white.

Officials at The Gatestone Institute wrote: “nine Muslim men were found guilty of raping dozens of British children” revealed that “police and social workers in northern England repeatedly refuse to investigate Muslim paedophile gangs: they said they are afraid of being called racist.”

The foundation has identified a series of additional incidents where the appearance of special privilege was evident, and they all included one common factor: Islam.

     In Leicester where a “gang of Somali Muslim women” assaulted and nearly killed a non-Muslim passer-by but walked free when a “political correct” judge said that as Muslims they were “not used to being drunk.”

     In London, two Muslims repeatedly raped a woman but had their sentences reduced after “politically correct judges” ruled they were not “dangerous.”

     In Wiltshire, police pulled over a driver and ordered him to remove the flag of England from his vehicle, because it could be “deemed racist and offensive to Muslim immigrants.”

     In Manchester, police arrested a 14-year-old girl who asked a teacher if she could switch tables, as the five other students at her table were speaking Urdu and she couldn’t understand. She was booked on suspicion of a “section five racial public order offence.”

Jihad Watch suggested the Islamists/Rapists are just following Islam: “Their Islamic supremacist contempt for non-Muslims as the ‘worst of creatures’ (Quran 89.6), whom Muslims are bound by Allah to treat with harshness (Quran 48:29; 9:123).”

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Anti-Semites can't keep quite. Hate is the foundation of their psychological make up! Israel must become a truly independent state and decisively defeat her enemies. A strong Israel would keep anti-Semites quiet! I personally witnessed this in the Soviet Union after Israel won both the Six Days war in 1967 and Yom Kippur war in 1973. At the time, even those Ukrainians and Russian anti-Semites showed some respect for Jews for a while, until Israel became ‘a little Ghetto Jew’ again!

Obama is Late to Israel - Israel Doesn’t Need “Lecturing”

House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor, said that the Israeli government does not need “lecturing” from the White House and called President Barack Obama’s plans to visit Israel after his reelection “3½ years too late.” “They don’t need lecturing,” Cantor said of the Israelis. “I think what an ally like that needs is American leadership.”

Ramadan Murderous Celebration of Allah?

On the third day of Ramadan a wave of violence swept across Iraq, with 111 killed on the country's deadliest day in two-and-a-half years unleashed by al-Qaeda. Officials said at least 235 people were also wounded in 28 different attacks launched on Monday in 19 cities. (Muslims celebrate Ramadan in commemoration of receiving the words of Allah by Prophet Mohammed. They do this to remind themselves how lucky they may be compared to the poor. Killings of ‘infidels’ and each other has become a norm of Ramadan. Are Muslims really lucky? Do they honour G-d by killing others? Wasn’t that a pagan tradition?)

BBC Still Playing Games with Jerusalem's Status

The British Broadcasting Corporation is using its 2012 Olympics website to poke its finger into Israel's eye, refusing to describe Jerusalem as Israel's capital in Israel's country profile. Israel's profile says Jerusalem is the "seat of government," then adding, "though most foreign embassies are in Tel Aviv." (Israel must insist that the US and other international bigots move their embassies to Jerusalem! Time for self-respect is now!)

Helping Enemy with Another Unappreciated Gesture

Israel, in a “goodwill gesture” to the PA, gave Ramallah a NIS 180 million advance on tax money it transfers on a monthly basis. The money was transferred before Ramadan to help the PA - currently in the midst of a severe financial crisis - pay the monthly salaries of public sector employees, many of whom are terrorists. (Two Grad-style rockets were fired by terrorists at the southern Israeli city Ashkelon. This is an Arab expression of appreciation!)

UN Builds Illegal Arab Settlements UN!

A local UN office is allegedly supporting and building illegal structures in PA controlled Area C of the West Bank. The OCHA’s local Israeli office is registered as part of the UN Development Program, even though the two organisations are separate entities. OCHA also failed to seek information from the Defence Ministry for reports that it issued on Area C and has refused in some instances to provide specific details relating to allegations in the reports. (Why is Israel’s political apparatus afraid to exercise countries’ sovereignty and ban all anti-Semitic international hypocritical rubbish from the Jewish land?)

Hevron Integral to Jewish Story

Eighteen months ago Education Minister Gideon Sa'ar  launched the program, which is designed to encourage school trips to the Cave of the Patriarchs in the ancient Jewish city. In its opening stage, the program was implemented in schools in the Jerusalem district. Now the Education Ministry is planning to expand the program to schools all across Israel. (Hevron is a Jewish city - It is the first known property title written in Torah and pain in full by Abraham!)

Rear Challenge to Hezbollah

Sheik Ahmad Assir launched a tirade against Lebanon’s most powerful and well-armed forces in front of his supporters: “By God, Nasrallah, I will not let you sleep at night,” he vowed in a fiery speech, addressing Hezbollah’s leader, Sheik Hassan Nasrallah. Few in Lebanon have dared take on the Shi’ite terrorist group in such a public way. The growing popularity among some Sunnis of the previously little known local cleric is a sign of how vulnerable Hezbollah has become as it faces the possibility of the downfall of its crucial ally, Syrian President Bashar Assad. (The European Union turned down a request on Tuesday by Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman to blacklist Hezbollah as a terrorist group even after a deadly bombing in Bulgaria)

Russia Accused the US of Endorsing Terrorism

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said: “Washington’s reaction to blasts in Damascus is a downright justification of terrorism. The US Statement Department announced that terror acts in Syria are not surprising in light of the Assad regime’s actions. This is a direct endorsement of terrorism.”

Bypassing the Suez Canal  

Israel and China signed historic cooperation agreements to build the Eilat railway, linking the port of Eilat to the ports of Ashdod and Haifa. This will enable cargo boats to dock at Eilat, bypass the Suez Canal altogether and then the cargo will travel by high speed rail to the port of Ashdod, or Haifa - this route will be far faster than the same boat having to reach the Mediterranean through the Suez Canal.

Quote of the Week:

"If we've learned anything over the last 100 years, it is that when a madman threatens the annihilation of the Jewish people, we have to listen to him, to pay attention and to take action." - Michele Bachmann, former Republican presidential contender

Brits Outrage as NBC Edited out Olympics Tribute

The Olympics opening ceremony included a touching memorial tribute to victims of the deadly 7/7 London terror attacks and other loved ones, which was edited out by the US broadcaster NBC from Olympics Opening Ceremony. (Why are British victims of terror more worthy of honoring than Jewish Israelis athletes who were massacred at the Olympic Games. The hypocrisy of the IOC is repugnant!)

Olympic Games and Dirty Politics

by Steven Shamrak (August 2004)

Only fools and hypocrites would argue that sport and politics do not mix. From the beginning, any sports event had a political connotation. Participants almost always represented their villages, cities, tribes, ethnic and religious groups, kingdoms or countries.

It was a warm moment of hope this weekend when I saw the athletes of both Koreas walking as one team during the opening ceremony of the Athens Olympic Games. Even when countries are divided by a physical and ideological border, their leaders made a bold gesture of unity. Then there was Afghanistan and Iraq, both sincerely welcomed back after gaining their freedom from political and religious tyrannies.

I was surprised when I saw the Taiwanese team walk out under the banner of Chinese Taipei and Hong Kong came out as a separate political entity. Obviously, the Chinese Government is playing some political games. And, the International Olympic Committee and Taiwan, in the spirit of the Olympic Games, clearly did not want to irritate a powerful member and neighbour.

Out of many legitimate political causes that the IOC could promote as a part of the Olympic Games I would like, for instance, to see the representatives of Kurdistan, the nation of 35 million people, whose land is divided between five or six countries.

There are many other forgotten people and countries that would benefit from Olympic participation: Tibet, Kashmir, the Basques and Chechens are only some of the nations and countries who are still illegitimately occupied by others. They are in real need of international moral support.

To support them however, means confrontation with countries like China, Russia, India, Pakistan and others. And, we are told, that the Olympic Games are not about confrontation. They are about peace. If this is so, why out of all causes, did the IOC choose and give legitimacy to the most illegitimate and ugly one?

It was sad to see in the Olympic stadium two athletes of fictitious people, from the never existed state of Palestine. It seems that the IOC’s sensitivity and intention of harmony and peace applies to all people and nations except Jews and Israel.

I do accept the notion that politics has always played a part in sport. But this is ugly politics - and it makes sport unattractive and dirty!

Since When is Memory of Terror Victims Racism?

The head of the Palestinian Olympic delegation, Jibril Rajoub, has thanked the International Olympic Committee for denying, again, requests to hold a moment of silence to honor the 11 Israeli athletes murdered by Palestinian terrorists at the 1972 Munich Olympics: “Sports are a bridge for love, communication and the spreading of peace between nations and should not be used for divisiveness and the spread of racism”. (Denying and conveniently forgetting hideous acts of terror committed against Jews is racism!)

No Politics in Sport - Just Anti-Israel Bigotry!

The International Olympic Committee. and its president Jacques Rogge have been subject to intense criticism from across the international community for its continued refusal to honour the 11 Israel Olympians murdered at the 1972 Munich Games with a minute’s silence to mark the 40th anniversary of the killings, in what has been presented as a “humanitarian” gesture. (This organization, IOC, gave an ‘honour’ to Nazi Germany in 1936, knowing its genocidal and anti-Semitic intentions!)