Political Gutlessness is Treason!

Result of the Fake 'Calm'. Military and intelligence sources report that the foundering of the Gaza truce amid renewed Hamas missile attacks and terrorist plots are the direct outcome of the Israeli government's passive military stance and over-reliance on Egypt. Hamas leaders have turned their backs on Egypt's pacification efforts. Hamas leaders decided to risk reviving their missile blitz and efforts to kidnap Israeli soldiers or civilians. Olmert's government persist in ignoring this information.

No Military Action to stamp out the Palestinian missile blitz against Israel will be undertaken before "international support" is organized and an attempt to renew the "ceasefire" with Hamas is undertaken. That was the gist of the Israeli cabinet's decision on Sunday morning, Dec. 21, after Palestinian terrorists fired eight missiles and mortar shells at Israeli civilian locations, continuing the blitz launched before and after Hamas ended its six-month "truce". Ehud Barak, leader of Labor, made a lame justification of inaction against rocket attacks and continuous exposing Jewish lives to endanger:  ...I am not minister of war but minister of defense. (Vote the traitors out of the Knesset.)

Empty Threats. Qassam rockets and mortar shells are raining down on the western Negev region. About 70 fell last Wednesday, and almost 60 Israelis were treated for mild shock, including 30 children. Kadima head Tzipi Livni advised Hamas officials not to fool themselves. ''Our desire for peace and tranquillity is not weakening our desire to act against threats when necessary,'' she said, ''and now it is necessary.''

Invasion is no Enough, Clean up is Needed! Israel's foreign minister brushed off a call for restraint from Egypt's president, and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak made a direct appeal to Gaza's people (they are responsible for the actions of the leadership they elected) to pressure their leaders to stop the barrages. But the attacks showed no signs of ending. (It is war! As a response to military attacks Israel can quite justifiably, morally and even legally, free Jewish Gaza of its enemy population as the first an easiest step toward ending terror. Airstrikes will not end terror, Gaza free from terror infested population will.)

Anything less is just another Kadima/Labor pre-election ploy!

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

In order to end the international hypocrisy toward Israel there is a need for daily and systematic random Islamic terror attacks all over the world, not just sporadic ones like 9/11, 7/7 or Mumbai. Only then will there be a slim chance that the world will start to empathize with what Jews in Israel have been suffering and tolerating for 60 years!

Hamastan - Sharia and Terror State. Members of the PA Legislative Council in Gaza have approved a new bill "to implement Koranic punishments," including hand amputation, crucifixion, corporal punishment and execution. Drinking, owning or producing wine is punished by 40 lashes, while drinking in public adds three months' imprisonment.

Russia's 'Promotion' of Peace.  Despite the efforts of US and Israeli leaders, Moscow is delivering the highly sophisticated air defense S-300 system to Iran for securing its nuclear and strategic sites. The United States and Russia are bidding hard against each other to give the Lebanese army heavy weapons. Bush administration is giving Lebanon tanks and a fleet of combat Cobra helicopters. Russia has pledged to Lebanon MiG-29 fighter jets. (Russia and the US are members of so-called Middle-Easter quartet, which is only interested in undermining Israel's political and military position.)

Freedom for Pollard. The head Ashkenazi rabbi of Israel, Yona Metzger, has called on George Bush to pardon Jonathan Pollard. The Rabbi wrote a letter to the US President, asking for a pardon for the former Pentagon employee, in jail for the past 24 years for spying for Israel. (He gave Israel information, which the US should had provided in accordance with their strategic partnership agreement!)

UN Made Food Crisis. The UN humanitarian agency in Gaza stopped distributing food supplies to the poor a week ago - because flour was missing from the packages.

Bribing and Rewording US Policy. The kings of Jordan and Saudi Arabia offered valuable jewellery, gold pieces with precious stones worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, to US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice.

Quote of the Week: "He [President Bush] is attempting to impose a diplomatic straitjacket on Israel's democracy, by trying to compel the next government to continue with the largely futile process of negotiating with the Palestinian leadership." - Michael Freund, Israeli political analyst.

Shameful Self-hate. A left-wing American Jewish group, Jewish Voice for Peace, support Israelis who refuse to be conscripted into the army. The group has launched campaign in support of imprisoned draft dodgers and deliver more than 22,000 letters from Diaspora Jews  to Defense Minister Ehud Barak. (Jewish Self-hate Has No limit! Why don't they support Jewish patriots, who are promoting Jewish unity and the integrity of Jewish land, Eretz-Israel?)

Arabs Read Less than Israelis. A United Nations survey has reported that every year, one new book title is published per 12,000 people in the Arab world. Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) says Israel publishes more than 4,000 books a year, making Israel the second highest per-capita publisher in the world, after China. (No statistical surprise here!)

Hypocrisy of the 'Loaded' Headlines:

"Gaza Christians cancel Christmas celebrations to protest Israeli blockade" - english.eviewweek.com - The restrictions imposed on Christians in Gaza by Hamas have nothing to do with it?

Another Cheap Political Stunt. Caroline Kennedy, who wants to replace Secretary of State-designate Hillary Clinton as a New York Senator, backs Jerusalem as Israel's undivided capital. Her spokesman Stefan Friedman read written answers to 15 questions, including the question, "Do you believe that an undivided Jerusalem must be the national capital of the State of Israel?" The response was drafted by Kennedy and staff: "Yes, Caroline believes that an undivided Jerusalem must be the national capital of the State of Israel." (Another 'Cheap Shot' politician looking for the support of Jewish voters! Her position will be 'corrected' soon, like president-elect Obama's was, during the election campaign.)

Our Way of Life in Danger. The city of Malmo, Sweden is once again calm after two nights of rioting by more than 100 Muslim youths. They clashed with police after the rental contract for a mosque was not renewed by the building owner. (By allowing millions of Muslim into democratic countries we put our way of life in danger. They destroy our life by terror and riots.)

Deliberately Misdirected Sermon.

by Steven Shamrak

Pope Benedict XVI has used his traditional Christmas Midnight Mass to call for an end to "hatred and violence" in the Middle East, implying that it is all Israel's fault by saying "hearts will be opened, so borders will be opened". 

He said nothing about the fact that Christians living in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip are holding only small, quiet Christmas celebrations after local leaders received warnings from Muslim groups against any public display of Christianity this holiday season. He was silent about the fact that Bethlehem has become a Muslim city because Christians have been driven away by Muslim violence and intimidation, which has dramatically increased since the PA took over Judea. He also forgot to pray for the Christmas who have been killed in Iraq and are persecuted through all Islamic world.

For perverse reasons, based of two millennium history, Israel - the Holy Land which the Pope is in no hurry to visit, while playing all sort of political mind games - is the highest concern of the Church and his Holiness! He has said nothing about the suffering of the Jews, especially the children of Sderot, from Islamic terror. There was no attempt to make confession for the past demonic deeds the Church has inflicted upon Jews. The Church made Apologies: to Australian aborigines; to Africans for slavery, which the Catholic Church made legal; to the victims of abuse by priests and nuns. But a whole-hearted and unadulterated apology to Jews is not in the mind of the Church. So much for the Christmas time. Reconciliation for all but not for Jews!

This article is written not as an anti-Catholic or anti-Christian statement. It is a call for true reconciliation and partnership. We are facing a global threat from expansionism. We are all in their target list - Israel is the first entry! Most Jews feel that the word "reconciliation", which has become so fashionable now in the Vatican, is not meant for Jews. Please, prove us wrong!

Vatican Denies Pope's Deathbed Prayer. The Vatican denied that Pope John XXIII wrote a deathbed "prayer for the Jews" in which he asked God's forgiveness for Christian anti-Jewish persecution over the centuries. Rev. Lombardi, the director of Vatican Radio, said that "historical truth is more than sufficient" to appreciate this without resorting to fiction. (The "Historical truth" of the Vatican attitude toward Jews is ugly!  What about Catholic tradition of confession of sins? Well, it is not applicable when Jews are concerned!)