Perpetual Negotiations Must End!

Kushner arrived in Israel on Wednesday as a part of the new US administration's push to begin mapping out a pathway to the resumption of direct negotiations between Israelis and PA. The US delegation then travelled to Ramallah to meet with members the Palestinian Authority.

The meeting, which included Jared Kushner and US envoy Jason Greenblatt, was tense and not successful. The American delegation came to the meeting and presented Israeli demands but there was no dialogue about restarting bilateral negotiations or the possibility of a joint-summit between Abbas, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Trump.

Another issue discussed in the meeting was the subject of incitement by the Palestinian Authority, as one of the demands brought forward by Israel was that the PA stops paying salaries to terrorists’ families. Abbas refused American requests to stop the payment, asserting that it is an “internal Palestinian issue.”

Abbas allegedly tried to present the way in which Palestinians envision a future Palestinian state emerging in the region but them Americans kept reverting back to the issue of payment for terrorist families by the PA. The American delegation reportedly would not discuss the topic of a two-state solution, a flagship issue for the PA!

Abbas reportedly also demanded an end to Jewish settlement construction in the West Bank, claiming that it is the source of violence and tension as it prevents the Palestinians from aspiring towards the creation of a sovereign state.

The sources said that though the American delegation sympathized more with the Israeli side!

New Players the Same Old Fake Game!

Kushner and Abbas agree ‘peace will take time’. The White House said in a statement that the meeting, which was also attended by Trump’s peace envoy Jason Greenblatt, was “productive” and that both Abbas and Kushner “reaffirmed their commitment to advancing President Trump’s goal of a genuine and lasting peace” between Israel and the Palestinians. (Another ‘productive’ BS in progress!)

Israeli-Palestinian Talks could be Dropped

According to a senior Palestinian official, US Pres. advisor Kushner said that Trump will decide whether parties ready for peace process or whether initiative should be cancelled based on Kushner's assessment.

FOOD for THOUGHT by Steven Shamrak

Fake Palestinians and even Arab states or Iran are not the main threat to Israel! The lack of will to behave as the proud leaders of an independent state and take decisive actions against enemies to secure the future of Jewish people by all consecutive governments of Israel is the main problem!  Please, read - The Sinai Option: Road to Permanent Peace!


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Former Shin Bet Director: No Chance for Peace

Yoram Cohen, former director of the Israeli Security Agency (a.k.a. Shabak or Shin Bet), said that, in his view, “reaching an agreement with the Palestinian Authority is a national Israeli interest and should be sought,” however, “In light of sizeable gaps, lack of trust, and an absence of readiness for serious compromises from the Palestinian side, and the fact the Palestinian Authority is unable to provide an effective response to terror threats, it is difficult for me to envision the possibility of reaching a political agreement in the coming years.” (Not all ‘dreams’ are perfect and attainable – Israel must take control of its future!)

Step One of Peace Process – Annihilate Hezbollah!

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said that the next war with Israel could see thousands of Shia militia fighters join forces with Hezbollah to fight Israel. “This could open the way for thousands, even hundreds of thousands of fighters from all over the Arab and Islamic world to participate – from Iraq, Yemen, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan,” he said in a speech broadcast on television. (Step Two – remove Hamas and enemies population from Gaza! It is not a matter of “If”, but Israel must be ready to do it when enemies wage next war against Israel.)

UN is Blind to Hezbollah Activities

Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations said that UN turning a blind eye to Hezbollah. “It is unfortunate that UNIFIL has chosen to look the other way as Hezbollah continues to operate in the region,” Danny Danon said. He denounced the “dangerous provocation” and called on the council to demand the Lebanese government dismantle the Hezbollah outposts, as required by UN resolution. (The ‘Ugly Nazi’ has been an anti-Israel body from its conception. It will do nothing to stop enemies of Israel!)

The Government is still Playing Construction Game

Neither the Jerusalem Municipality nor Housing Ministry confirmed or denied a report claiming that the government has ordered a de facto construction freeze for 6,000 housing units in Jerusalem. According to Army Radio, 2,200 units will be halted in the contested neighborhoods of Gilo, several thousand in Har Homa, and hundreds more Pisgat Zeev.

Syrian Rebels: We Wouldn’t Have Survived Without Israel

Israel has been regularly supplying Syrian rebels near its border with cash as well as food, fuel and medical supplies for years, conducting a secret engagement in the civil war aimed at carving out a buffer zone populated by friendly forces. “Israel stood by our side in a heroic way,” Moatasem al-Golani, spokesman for Fursan al-Joulan (Knights of the Golan). “We wouldn’t have survived without Israel’s assistance.” Benjamin Netanyahu rejected the report, claiming Israel provides financial aid to rebel groups in Syria. “We do not interfere in this terribly bloody conflict. We do, however, provide humanitarian aid...”

Drone Dome Laser Weapon System

A Drone Dome - the system detects, tracks and neutralizes hostile drones using smart sensors and electronic jamming equipment. The system, which operates in all weather with a 360-degree circular coverage, has a range of several kilometers and uses an electro-optical/infrared sensor and radar to detect a threat.

Red Cross Facilitating Terror

The Palestinian Authority is using the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to pay salaries to PA terrorists in Israeli prisons. (As usual, the anti-Semitic Red Cross pretends that it does not know about it – like it did not know about Holocaust and atrocities committed by Nazis)

Unpatriotic Israeli-Arabs are Enemies!

Knesset Members belonging to the Joint Arab List are violating the law by encouraging and assisting an organization that incites Druze youth not to enlist in the IDF. According to Section 109 of Israel’s Penal Code, a person is subject to five years’ imprisonment if they “incited or induced a person obligated to service in the armed forces not to serve or not to report for enlistment.”

Quote of the Week:

"I would rather have a strong Israel that the world hates than an Auschwitz that the world loves" - Rabbi Meir Kahane - And they did love it!

The PA still Paying Terrorists - No Deal!

by Jonathan S. Tobin

As expected, the ‘peace process’ is still an anti-Israel scam.

Time to look for alternative solutions!

...During testimony to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson let drop a bombshell. When asked about the Palestinian Authority’s payment of salaries to imprisoned terrorists and their families, the secretary announced the problem had already been solved. “They have changed that policy,” Tillerson assured Idaho Sen. James Risch.

If true, that would be quite a feather in Tillerson’s cap. But the claim was false. A day later, when speaking to the House Foreign Relations Committee, he was forced to backtrack and admit that instead there was only an “active discussion” about the issue. But, later in his testimony, Tillerson insisted he still believed the assurances he got from PA leader Mahmoud Abbas during President Trump’s visit to the region...

As it turns out, the Palestinians are a more reliable source of information than the State Department. Within hours of Tillerson’s statement, members of Abbas’ government announced payments to terrorists hadn’t stopped and there were no plans to stop them. Indeed, they considered the entire discussion a form of “aggression” against the Palestinian people...

The problem is not just that the PA uses the massive aid it gets from both the European Union and the United States to pay for terrorism — in just the last four years, they have doled out more than $1.1 billion to those who seek to kill Jews, Israelis and Americans. But by going public about this outrage, Trump and Tillerson have staked their reputations on ending it...

What Tillerson doesn’t understand is that anti-Jewish violence is an essential element of the Palestinian national narrative. Ending support for terror is essential to peace, but it’s also an impossible ask for Abbas, who is rightly worried about losing support to his Hamas rivals...

And by announcing that the PA had already stopped them, Tillerson gambled American credibility on getting Abbas to make a promise he can’t keep. Indeed, Tillerson set back Trump’s own negotiating position because now that the Palestinians have revealed the truth, the White House can’t plausibly claim it can get the Palestinians to stop the practice.

All of which means Trump’s peace initiative is likely over even before it starts!