Israelis’ Patriotism Dims.

According to an annual patriotism poll Israeli Arab respondents rated their Arab patriotism at 86 percent their Palestinian patriotism at 61 percent, but some 45 percent of them said they would encourage their children to remain in Israel. Israeli Arabs were less inclined to fight for Israel, with only 26 percent saying they would do so, down from 42 percent in 2006. (No surprises here.)

At the same time, Israeli patriotism is just 38 percent. The patriotism of Jewish youth also diminished, with 51 percent of respondents aged 18 to 29 voicing love for their country, down from 60 percent last year, and 55 percent saying they would be willing to fight for Israel, a drop of four percentage points. (The Government’s inability to lead, its lack of vision, its corruption and treacherous behavior are the reasons for public apathy and the demise of Jewish idealism and patriotism!)

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

The original Zionism means “Eretz-Israel on both sides of the river Jordan”. Those ‘Zionists’ who think otherwise must be called “Zionism betrayers”. It would be more honest and appropriate.

Eyes Opened, but not Mind! Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert had cosmetic eyelid surgery to improve his vision and image. (Pity that there is not brain surgery that could improve and unclog his mind!)

Aiding the Enemy. 1. The Israel Defense Forces has raised objections to U.S. plans to equip Mahmoud Abbas' forces with battle gear as part of an $86 million U.S. program to strengthen the PA presidential guard. 2. Israel transferred $100 million (50 million pounds) in withheld PA tax revenue to President Mahmoud Abbas.

Israel Most Corrupt Western Country. Israeli Finance Ministry Accountant-General Yaron Zelekha noted last Monday that Israel is recognized by international bodies to be the most corrupt country in the Western world. Zelekha is under constant security protection since receiving threats by phone. His efforts to root out corruption have brought him many enemies in the treasury. (It is well known secret! Jail Olmert for corruption and rotten system start to crumble.)

Just to Make Sure. PA Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh said again last week that the Islamist militant group Hamas, like Fatah government before, would never recognise Israel. "Hamas will never show flexibility over the issue of recognizing the legitimacy of the occupation." (“The Occupation” – The code name for all of the State of Israel – Destruction of the Jewish State! But the US and Israel disregard this simple fact and are still pushing for a summit dedicated to exploring ideas for an eventual Palestinian state.)

DM – The Enemy Among Us. Refugees from the destroyed Gush Katif town of Shirat HaYam received another slap in the face late Thursday after Defense Minister Amir Peretz decided to nix plans for their new home in Maskiot.

Synagogue is Burned in Israel. For the second time in three months, The Yad Yair synagogue was damaged, with many of the holy books and accoutrements inside viciously burned and destroyed by Arabs. Torah scrolls were also damaged in the attack. The community plans a “Zionist response.” The synagogue stands as a memorial site for Yair Mendelson, who was murdered by Arab terrorists during the Arab uprising of the late 1980s.

Quote of the Week:

“Who hates the Jews more than the Jew?” – Henry Miller, American writer.

Neglect of Land of Israel Issue. Investigation of what Members of Knesset have been doing in order to promote the settlement of the Land of Israel revealed that “the level of activity from the Right was especially low.” Each MK worked hundreds of hours during the time period under review, and not even one-tenth of that time was devoted to the important subject of strengthening the Jewish connection to the Land of Israel. (If not in the Knesset, where are they going to address it?)

‘Friendly’ Support of ‘Peace Process’. The US wants to support Mr Abbas against Hamas, which it labels a terrorist group and plans providing $86M to helping train and equip Mr Abbas's presidential guard, Fatah terrorist group. Hamas receives aid from Iran and other Islamist allies. (Both terror groups have used and will use, without any doubt, newly acquired expertise and weapons to kill Jews. Thank you Condoleezza, thank you USA!)

Syria is Reading for War. The latest acquisition: the sophisticated Russian S-300PMU2 FAVORIT air defense system, which is capable of downing Israel planes in Israeli air space and aircraft taking off from US Mediterranean carriers. Two new mechanized divisions are under construction raising the total to 12. Five will face Israel on the Golan, joined by new elite units trained for cross-border incursions.

Faking Peace Process. Ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton believes that Condoleezza Rice, the US secretary of state, is wasting her time trying (pretending) to restart the Middle East peace process. The Arab-Israeli conflict was “not a priority”, he added. “I don’t see linkage to Iraq, and Hamas and Fatah are in a state of civil war.”

Hamas Training for War. Khaled Mashaal, the Damascus-based head of the Hamas political bureau, says his organization is constantly seeking new ways to obtain weapons to fight Israel. Another senior Hamas official said thousands of armed Hamas members have been secretly training over the past few months around Ramallah, Nablus and Hebron. (They are deadly serious! The only way to stop it is to remove the cancerous population from Jewish land.)

Jewish Contribution to Humanity.

Israel is considered the fourth leader in the world in bio-technology. Israel is the world's number two leader in stem cell research, and four of the best articles on the subject were written in Israel.

US support for Palestinian State. Last week, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice met with PA President Mahmoud Abbas and said “"The establishment of a Palestinian state should be pursued on its own merits…” (What about the pursuit of the establishment of an existing Jewish state, Eretz-Israel? Should it be sacrificed “…because of Iran, not because of Iraq…” and pacification of Islamic terrorism?)

Displaced Shame. Ehud Olmert expressed shock at a video that shows a Jewish woman in the West Bank repeatedly yelling at an Arab woman. "I saw the tape and I was ashamed... such arrogance and brutality cannot be tolerated," Olmert said. "A situation in which a young Jewish woman uses such language toward a Palestinian is quite simply shameful.” (He ashamed of the words of anger. but not ashamed of his own conduct and he is quite tolerant to daily deadly assaults by Kassam rockets on Jewish women and children – What an idiot!)

Olmert’s Popularity Low. According to a last week survey, 77 percent of Israelis are unhappy with the prime minister’s performance. Of the remaining respondents, 22 percent said Olmert’s performance was good, while only 1 percent called it “very good.” (He should not have been elected in the first place. Jewish people need true leadership and we need it now!)

Scandal After Scandal. Olmert's Chief of Staff Shula Zaken is being questioned by Israel 's tax authority as the prime suspect in corruption allegations. She and others are suspected of giving tax breaks to leading businessman and arranging appointments with government officials in exchange for monetary payments. Since Olmert has taken up his post in the prime minister's office, the number of transgressions has increased markedly during 2006.

Eroded Israeli Deterrence. The Institute for National Security Studies: "The war in Lebanon underscored the problematic and fluctuating nature of Israel's strategic environment, damaged Israel's deterrent image, and exposed weaknesses in the Israel Defense Forces and the decision-making process in Israel." (The weak leadership and lack of direction give encouragement to Arabs who have been repeatedly waging opportunistic wars against Israel again.)

Prosecution of Olmert is Overdue.

Israeli authorities must open official criminal investigations against Prim Minister Olmert. He is accused of:

·         Bribery as Finance Minister, helping friends during the sale of Bank Leumi’s major shares in 2005. (Last week, state Attorney Eran Shendar ordered police to open an investigation into the Israeli prime minister’s involvement.)

·         Making illegal political appointments to the Israel Small Business Authority as Minister of Industry, Commerce and Labor in 2005.

·         Purchasing, as Mayor of Jerusalem, an expensive Jerusalem home at a reduced price of $320,000 in exchange for helping to influence the city to speed up a contractor’s building rights.

When even one of the investigations becomes official it may force Olmert to temporarily step down. Which is not a bad idea.