Paris Conference - Another anti-Israel Assault!

Representatives from some 70 countries and organizations have attended the Paris conference, including 40 foreign ministers from many Arab and Western countries. For outgoing US Secretary of State John Kerry, this was the last international event he attended before his term ends on January 20. Kerry’s participation in the conference gave Hollande the much-awaited US seal of approval for the conference. (At the same time, Kerry gained even more credit from Iranian and Arab sponsors)

The major international participating players to be concerned about were: the Quartet (United States, European Union, Russia and the United Nations), the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, Europeans and G20 countries. (The usual bunch of international anti-Semites!)

“It’s a rigged conference, rigged by the Palestinians with French auspices to adopt additional anti-Israel stances,” Netanyahu said. “This pushes peace backward. It’s not going to obligate us. It’s a relic of the past. It’s a last gasp of the past before the future sets in.” (Where anti-Semitism is a concern, the French do not need help from anybody)

US President-elect Donald Trump's advisers told senior French officials during a New York meeting that they object to the very holding of the conference, especially so close before Trump's inauguration.

Israel decided a few months ago to boycott the conference. Senior Israeli officials slammed the French government and the conference, calling it “futile”, adding that Israel would not consider itself bound by a single word of the closing statement. (The well preconceived anti-Israel concluding statement predictably insists that everything outside the 1967 borders belong to the fake Palestinians. History and international laws are, as usual, ignored)

“France is positioning itself as a principal political player on the global arena, garnering both international and domestic dividends over this conference. But we have seen how the international community operates vis-à-vis Israel; with two anti-Israeli decisions at UNESCO, UN Security Council Resolution 2234 and different decisions by the UN Human Rights Committee in Geneva. This conference will not advance the two-state solution,” said Israel’s Ambassador to France Aliza Bin-Noun.

(International powers and minor players do not care about fake Palestinians or their imaginary statehood! They play their global anti-Semitic game to position themselves in the game of global political and economic affiliations, sacrificing the right of Israel to exist as an independent Jewish state in the process!

At the end, they came with the same anti-Israel solutions and condemnations! As Albert Einstein said: "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." The nature of anti-Semites will not change, as long as Israel is looking for their approval instead of doing decisively what is right for the future of Jewish people!)

The Vatican is anti-Semitic as Always!

 A new Palestinian Authority embassy is to open at the Vatican. The inauguration of the embassy, has be attended by PA leader Mahmoud Abbas. The Vatican officially recognized the Palestinian Authority as an independent Arab country a little more than a year and a half ago in a move that was slammed by Israel’s foreign ministry. (Israel must retaliate! There are many options available. Protests do not work against anti-Semites. Cut off the Vatican from their holy sites!)

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

Under 'Obama rule' the anti-Semitic world shook off Holocaust guilt and began planning the next one! For quite a while they were waiting for the opportunity to unleash a new assault on Jews. Vilification of Israel, support for fake people is part of the anti-Semitic/Nazi plan! Now American and European schools are dropping Holocaust study, with the excuse it is to avoid offending Muslims Why should Muslims be offended by Holocaust study? They played a minor role in it before 1947. It is the Nazis and all European anti-Semites who did it, with co-operation from the US and the rest of the world! That is why they have never been comfortable with this curriculum.

Expel Families of Terrorists

Housing and construction minister, Yoav Galant - a former IDF general, calls for legislation that would give the interior minister authority to expel families of terrorists and revoke their national insurance benefits: "We need to kill the terrorist, demolish his home and expel his family" (The Israeli anti-Zionist legal fraternity is too busy persecuting Jewish patriots, to care less about changing the law to reduce enemy terror!)

Removal of Israel the Goal of the Enemy!

In an interview with i24 News, Fatah official Jibril Rajoub said that: “Peace is not a Palestinian interest, it’s an international interest, and the interest of the world is to put an end to this struggle. I think it’s also an Israeli interest – Israelis should decide whether they are part of the Middle East or an alien body. If Israel is an alien body it should be removed.” (That is why I propose the Sinai Option – Israel’s only peace solution!)


Barack Obama has now enabled Iran, the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism, to speed ever-closer toward successful attainment of nuclear weapons, approving a secret delivery of roughly 130 tons of uranium from Russia - the uranium could be enriched to enough weapons-grade uranium to build over 10 simple nuclear bombs! (His parting gift to the country, which vowed many times to destroy Israel and the US!)

Band Burqas in the West Too!

Moroccan Burqa manufacturers and retailers were issued written warnings this week of their obligation to cease making and/or selling the garment. Representatives of the Moroccan Interior Ministry visited markets to hand-deliver the written notices to vendors and tailors. Le360 published a copy of the notice, which warns: “Based on observations by the authorities, we notice that you sell burqas – and so we call on you to get rid of the products of this outfit within 48 hours and refrain from selling it in the future.”

Depriving Terrorists of Weapons

Most of the terrorists who used firearms used homemade weapons, which were bought cheaply and easily from Arab dealers. Weapons factories and caches are often built under homes, and use the "lift-the-tile" trapdoor method for entry. As a result of Israel's crackdown on illegal weapons factories in Judea and Samaria and Bedouin caches of stolen weapons, prices for illegal weapons have risen significantly.

Quote of the Week:

“Once and for all, DEFEAT the Jewish enemy! You poor fools are your OWN worst enemy. Jews will never be happy... ever... If you attained dominion over the entire earth (re: “Israel leader of the nations”) and there was no one left to blame for your problems, you'd all just turn on each other. No one of intelligence takes anything you people say seriously.” – Non-PC message from a non-Jewish friend, I guess – I agree: 1) To secure the future of Jewish people and integrity of the Jewish land, Israel must deal with the enemies decisively, disregarding the opinion of international anti-Semites! 2) Unity and self-respect of Jewish people and communities are paramount to our success and survival!


Voices of FaceBook

Most people are disgusted with Israel’s military court, which found Sgt. Elor Azaria guilty. The following is an extract of FaceBook opinions:

Max E: Apparently most soldiers ran away and didn't open fire at this morning Jerusalem ramming attack... It looks like the soldier Azariya verdict did embolden the terrorists! It demoralized and endangered our soldiers and citizens! The left is complaining about morality? Well guess what, there is absolutely nothing more immoral than endangering your own people.

Natalie F: So a TOUR GUIDE eliminates a terrorist, because the military is too afraid to shoot? Is the tour guide gonna be arrested now?! It's like the patients running the damn insane asylum! Houston we have a problem!

Avi A. J. M: I'm not judging the soldiers. I'm judging the commanders, the politicians and the justice system who have instilled in our soldiers to be afraid to shoot! I don't blame the soldiers at all - they are being trained with an immoral code of honour to be afraid to shoot! And I know this because every time I go to miluim we get the same horrible rules of engagement that make us realize that in cases where we shoot, we very much likely will be taken away to a military court!

Eli E: Lets not turn against each other we are all angry and upset. Bless the souls of those who were killed in this senseless attack

Denise D: Terrible, now they can't use their force shame shame too Israel and jurisdiction!

Roger F: I am having a hard time controlling my anger, watching the video and then seeing Arabs celebrating a "victory". Clearly there should be more people shot than the driver.

Nicholas S: It shows how the deranged left destroy the nation by destroying the morale of its armed forces...

Susie F: Elor's a MARTYR, there ought to be a NIL TOLERANCE to any TERRORISTS...

Rebecca R. V.: I'm ready to launch a massive protest in Israel to stop this nonsense. The more leverage the Muslims are given, the less right Israelis have. This is ISRAEL, not the Middle East and I DO NOT want to hear anymore about this freaking "PALESTINIAN" right nonsense either. THEY DO NOT EXIST!!! Why are they not returning to the Middle East? Europe and America should shut their doors on them too. They have their own homeland and it's time they accepted that.

Frank C: Friedman is the perfect choice for Ambassador to Israel. He is savvy, smart, absolutely committed to Israeli American relations and the security and sovereignty of Israel. He will also call out and expose the Kapos of J-Street, and all the other Soros funded and socialist controlled pseudo Jewish groups who genuflect to the Arabs and their anti-Semitic allies.