PR Spin Serving Terror and Brutality

Bahrain, the regime which tortures its own citizens has an awful human rights record and doesn’t recognise the existence of Israel, in the last 12 months has hired at least ten public relations companies. Terrorist organisations Hamas, Hezbollah, and certain Arab nations have hired PR agencies to lobby for them in the press and on the world stage. Terror groups have engaged reporters and journalists, shared meals and drinks with them and won their favour. There are only perhaps 75 American PR firms having more than 50 employees (i.e. enough scope/influence to represent a foreign government or foreign interests).

Many of them would no longer work with Jewish organisations and pro-Israel concerns. There is simply too much money working for Arab organisations and interests. There's a reason the Arabs win in the media - they hire communications professionals - they spend money and will continue to win. In the Middle East, slaughtering of innocent people continues - from Bahrain to Syria and public relations pros allow them to continue to sell their stories. (As long as Arabs pay)

Food for Thought  by Steven Shamrak

We are living at the time of deliberate appeasement of radical Islam! Most countries often vote against their democratic principles in the United Nations. This is the first indication that the Western democracies are facilitating their own defeat! It is time to ask a question - Is securing supply of oil from Muslim countries really worth the surrender of our values and freedom? Muslim countries need our technology and help so would be compelled to sell us oil - where else? If we stood up to their barbaric ideas and it would cost us same or even less!

Revolt of CIA Spooks

Weeks before the presidential election, intelligence officials are angered by the Obama administration cover up of intelligence on Iran and the surge of al Qaeda activity in Egypt and Libya. Intelligence held back from senior officials and the public includes numerous classified reports revealing clear Iranian support for jihadists throughout the tumultuous North Africa and Middle East region, as well as notably widespread al Qaeda penetration into Egypt and Libya in the months before the deadly 11Sept terrorist attack on the US consulate in Benghazi. (The Obama administration has deliberately facilitated Islamic revolt in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt. ‘Arab Spring’ in Syrian is still in progress! What about Saudi Arabia - the quiet Islamic terror ‘achiever’?)

PA Wouldn't Last One Day Without IDF

The PA “wouldn’t last one day” if Israel withdrew from Area B and C of Judea and Samaria, asserted Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon (Yisrael Beytenu). Hamas would take over the PA just as it did in Gaza. On the PA’s finances, at the PA Donor Conference, Dep. FM Ayalon said he will explicitly state that the PA gives 12,000 shekels per month to terrorists locked up in Israeli jails who have murdered Israeli children. This is six times the average PA wage.

Sanctions are Aimed to Restrain Israel

The European Union and United States are set to toughen nuclear sanctions aiming to punish Iran while seeking to hold back Israel from a military strike. The European Union will be first to step up sanctions as part of the international campaign of pressure alongside increasingly frustrating efforts to negotiate a halt to Iran's uranium enrichment. Netanyahu's speech to the UN General Assembly unnerved many. He warned that Iran could have the necessary material to make a bomb by mid-2013 and called for a "red line" to stop Iran enriching uranium to the required purity for a bomb. (Why wait until it is too late? We all know that Iran will continue with its nuclear program.)

Israel Must Deal with Iran Alone

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney hints his position on Iran is similar to that of his rival, President Barack Obama. "I do not believe that in the final analysis we will have to use military action. I certainly hope we don't have to," said Romney. "I can't take that option off the table - it must be something which is known by the Iranians as a possible tool to be employed to prevent them from becoming nuclear. But I certainly hope that we can prevent any military action from having to be taken." (The same double-talk - the same fake promises before election, when they need Jewish financial support!)

Al-Qaida is Blamed for Forest Fires in Europe

The head of Russia’s Federal Security Service, Alexander Bortnikov, claimed that fires were set by al-Qaeda’s arsonists as part of the group’s low-cost attack strategy of a ‘thousand cuts’. “This method allows (al-Qaeda) to inflict significant economic and moral damage without serious preliminary preparations, technical equipment or significant expenses” he said. (Most of Islamic terror techniques, including forest fires, had been tested and perfected by ‘Palestinians’ in Israel. They have eagerly passed on the know-how to al-Qaeda)

Corrupt Political Rejects Could Join Forces for Election

Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, after recently being convicted on charges of breach of trust in several of the corruption cases against him, has reportedly decided that the court's decision to send him home was vindication enough to justify his return to politics. As a result, sources close to Olmert said, the former Prime Minister was considering forming a new political party with former Kadima head Tzipi Livni, and prospective Prime Ministerial candidate Yair Lapid.

Arab States Worry about the Muslim Brotherhood

Gulf Arab countries should work together to stop the Islamist group, the Muslim Brotherhood, from plotting to undermine governments in the region, said the United Arab Emirates' foreign minister. The UAE, a major oil exporter and business hub, has arrested around 60 local Islamists this year, accusing them of belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood - which is banned in the country - and conspiring to overthrow the government. (Sunni sponsors of Islamic terror are afraid of the spread of the Shia brand of terror!)

Admission: Corruption, Dictators the Enemy, not Israel!

An article by a Saudi journalist challenged the conventional wisdom in the Arab world - in particular the view of Israel as the root of the region’s problems. “What was the real cost for not recognising Israel in 1948 and why didn’t the Arab states spend their assets on education, health care and the infrastructures instead of wars?” asked Abdulateef al-Mulhim in the Arab News. “…the destruction and the atrocities are not done by an outside enemy. The starvation, the killings and the destruction in these Arab countries are done by the same hands that are supposed to protect and build the unity of these countries and safeguard the people of these countries. So, the question now is - who is the real enemy of the Arab world?” he asked.

Poll: Romney Leading Obama among Jews?

A tracking poll published Thursday by TIPP for Investors' Business Daily shows the hard-to-believe statistic of 44% support for Mitt Romney among likely Jewish voters, versus 40% for Obama, with 16% undecided. (There is something seriously wrong with Obama if Jews are abandoning the Democratic party! Is it the hiding his Muslim upbringing, or his questionable US citizenship, or facilitating the Islamic ‘Arab Spring’, or the bad economy? Most likely, all of the above plus, he has been completely disrespectful toward Israel!)

Turkey Commited Air Piracy

Turkish air force jets forced a Syrian 35-passenger Airbus A320 bound from Moscow to Damascus to land in Ankara Wednesday night, 10 Oct. Ankara also announced Syrian air space was no longer safe for civilian flights - a signal that Ankara will stop civilian air traffic over Syria. (In attempt to drag NATO into the conflict, Turkey escalates its provocations against Syria.)

Quote of the Week:

“The decades of researching the conflict… left me with a feeling of deep despair... My goal is to expose the goals of the Palestinian national movement - to wipe out the Jewish national enterprise and to take possession of all of Palestine for the sake of the Arabs and Islam.” - Benny Morris, Historian, was once among Israel’s most staunchly left-wing academics - It is good to see that some left-wing Jewish academics are opening their eyes. But old habits die hard: he is still holding on to his old self-hating beliefs; he called Zionism (Jewish National independence movement) an “enterprise”, but gave respectful name to “Palestinian national movement”, and he refused to acknowledge a possibility of any alternative solution to the conflict.

Ethnic Make Up of ‘Palestinians’.

This is an extracts from: “Bosnia - Motherland of Palestinians" by Manfred R. Lehmann and “Palestinians ‘PeoplehoodBased on a Big Lie” by Eli E. Hertz.

For two millennia, since Rome squashed the Jewish uprising and destroyed the Second Temple, Jews have maintained a presence in Palestine, despite the prosecution and restrictions imposed on them by Christians and Muslims. And yet, there are still ‘sophisticated’ anti-Semites who question the legitimacy of the Jewish claim to their Jewish homeland. At the same time, they do not care about and do not question the background and origin of the enemies of Israel and the legitimacy of their demands!

Arab Palestinian nationality (which was officially forged in 1964) is an entity defined by its opposition to Zionism (the Jewish national liberation movement) and not by its national aspirations.

Like a mantra, Arabs repeatedly claim that the Palestinians are a native people of Israel. The concept of a ‘Stateless Palestinian people’ is not based on fact. It is a fabrication! The following is a chronology of an ethnic make up of so-called Palestinians and their origin.

During Ottoman Empire

Until the Jews began returning to the Land of Israel in increasing numbers from the late 19th century, the area called Palestine was a God-forsaken backwash that was controlled by the Ottoman Empire.

1880-84 Turkish government settles Muslim Cherkesian refugees in the Golan to ward off Bedouin robbers. Other settlers in the area include Sudanese, Algerians, Kurds...

In 1878, an Ottoman law granted lands in Palestine to the Moslem refugees from Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Carmel region, in the Galilee and in the Plain of Sharon and in Caesarea. The refugees were further attracted by l2-year tax exemptions and exemption from military service.

The same colonisation policy was also directed toward Moslem refugees from Russia - particularly from the Crimea and the Caucasus. They were Cherkesians and Turkmenians - leading to their settling in Abu Gosh, near Jerusalem and in the Golan Heights. Refugees from Algeria and Egypt were also settled in Jaffa, Gaza, Jericho and the Golan.

British Mandate: 1917-1947

1923 Having discovered the Golan lacks oil but that the Mosul area in northern Syria is rich in oil, the British cede the Golan to France in exchange for Mosul. At the same time, in violation of the League of Nations resolution, Trans-Jordan and part of the Golan Heights were ceded from the Palestinian mandate as well and Egypt was given control of Sinai. In exchange Britain and France gained control of the Suez Canal. (82% of Jewish land was sacrificed in the process!)

In 1934 alone, 30,000 Syrian Arabs from the Hauran moved across the northern frontier into Mandate Palestine, attracted by work in and around the newly built British port and the construction of other infrastructure projects. They even dubbed Haifa Um el-Amal (‘the city of work’).

The Ottoman Turks’ census (1882) recorded only 141,000 Muslims in the Palestinian. The British census in 1922 reported 650,000 Muslims. (Where did they come from? Where did they get 860,000 'refugees’?)