PA has Only One-State Solution in Mind!

by Dove Lieber

Israel is routinely left off maps, Israeli cities are said to be in Palestine, martyrdom is celebrated, and there is not a single mention of the Holocaust in more than 70 official Palestinian Authority textbooks...

In the textbooks of the Palestinian Authority,” correspondent Gal Berger said, “there is no education towards two states or a Palestinian state (alongside Israel) within ’67 lines.”

In the Palestinian history books for grades 10-12, there are full chapters dedicated to World War II but no mention of the Holocaust, Berger reported. “For a student in this (the education] system,” said Berger, “it is as if the Holocaust never happened.” (FYI: Abbas has a PhD in Holocaust denial)

...Berger found excerpts that celebrated martyrdom, including a fourth grade textbook that invites the children to write about a Palestinian martyr of their choice.

...a page of a ninth grade textbook of Islamic studies, which he said constituted praise for martyrdom. The page begins with a Quranic verse which instructs Muslims to kill or imprison nonbelievers. If a Muslim should die in the process, the verse says, “God will not send away their works…and (will) admit them into paradise.” The textbook’s interpretation of the verse, Berger said, states that the martyrs “will be given the highest place in paradise with the prophets and messengers.”

Abbas: Terror is Legitimate

Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas on Wednesday reiterated his opposition to recognizing Israel as a Jewish state, and also referred to the current terror wave as a “legitimate peaceful protest”. He further declared that the Palestinians will not comply with the agreements as long as Israel does not implement them. (So is freeing Jewish land from Arab occupation! PA has not complied with any major points of the peace process. It is time to let them leave Jewish land!)

...The erasure of Israel’s physical existence begins early, with cartoons in first grade textbooks showing stores in Palestine - among them a pharmacy in Safed, a supermarket in Haifa and a candy store in Beersheba. (The Israeli government knows all of this, but is unwilling to change the ugly status quo!)

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

The UN and the United States have imposed the toughest sanctions on North Korea. Sanctions were also used against states that support international terrorism, like Iran and Libya, unfortunately not against Saudi Arabia and other Gulf Arab states, major Islamic terror sponsors! Israel must follow the example (legal precedent set by the international community) and impose sanctions on the terror infested PA! Why should Jews supply water, electricity and other services to mortal enemies? Humanism must have its limitation!


Amid criticism over his supposed lack of foreign policy credentials, Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders reached out to several experts. Sanders has chosen Lawrence Wilkerson, who is fiercely anti-Israel and who in the past suggested that Israel may have gassed Syrian rebels, an act which was widely attributed to the Assad regime. (This is a typical sign of Jewish self-hating syndrome, which has infected most leading officials of the Diaspora and not just in the United States! Self-hating Jews are more dangerous to Jews and Israel than hostile gentiles, like Hillary, Jewish history is full of this kind of tragic example!)

A Self-Destructive Idiocy - Israel Finances the PA Terror

Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon (Kulanu) decided to transfer to the Palestinian Authority half a billion shekels (roughly $128 million) in tax and customs Israel has collected for the PA. (The Israeli government has made no attempts to used funds to compensate Israeli victims of the PA terror, or finance anti-terror measures!)

Israel does not Need Normalization with Islamist Turkey

A representative from Turkey's Defense Ministry came to Israel in order to procure Israeli made weapons and aircraft equipment as a condition for the return to normalized relations between the two countries. Israel in turn has demanded to know whether the weapons were intended to attack Kurdish rebels positioned on the Turkish-Syrian border. (A weakened Turkey seeks Israel's help to break growing isolation)

BDS Works Perfectly!

The last so-called Palestinian employees, residents of PA, of SodaStream lost their jobs following the company’s move from the West Bank to Southern Israel. The final 74 employees had been commuting to the company’s new location in the Negev desert since the plant in Maale Adumim closed in October, due to BDS applied pressure.

WHAT is Netanyahu GOING to DO ABOUT IT?

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu slammed the late leader's unilateral move from Gaza, saying it only served to bolster the terror groups in the Strip. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu chose a special Knesset meeting in memory of former prime minister Ariel Sharon to criticize the late leader's decision to unilaterally disengage from the Gaza Strip.

Europe is anti-Semitic as Always

The European Commission on Tuesday approved €252.5 million ($274 million) of aid for the Palestinian Authority (PA) and Palestinian refugees, in the EU's first assistance package of 2016. The package includes €170.5 million ($185M) that are to be channeled directly to the (corrupt) PA. (Millions of refugees in Europe created a humanitarian crisis, but EU is still helping enemy of Jews!)

Iran Parks Palestinian Terrorists on Golan Border

Under cover of the Syrian ceasefire that went into effect Saturday, Feb. 27, and the Russian air umbrella, Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps finally managed to secretly install hundreds of armed Palestinian terrorists on the Syrian-Israeli border, face-to-face with the IDF’s Golan positions.

Not Bad for “a Little S...y Country”!

Israel was ranked the eighth most powerful country, and 25 out of 60 on the overall best country ranking.


US Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz will travel to Israel next month to discuss forming a joint "energy-water-food" agreement with the Jewish state. "We are talking about getting a joint energy-water-food program going there." Moniz was a key architect of the Obama administration's deal with Iran on rolling back that country's nuclear ambitions. (Will the US help or hinder Israel’s energy revolution?)

Expel Families of Terrorists

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed a letter to Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit, requesting his legal opinion regarding the possibility of expelling terrorists’ families who assist in terror to the Gaza Strip. (The move is long overdue!)

Thanks to Sunni vs Shia Spite – Truth is Out

A Saudi-led bloc of six Gulf Arab nations formally branded Hezbollah a terrorist organization. The move by the Gulf Co-operation Council comes less than two weeks after Saudi Arabia announced it was cutting $4 billion in aid to Lebanese security forces. Lebanon’s main political divide pits a Sunni-led coalition against another led by the Shiite Hezbollah movement, which includes both political and military wings.

Quote of the Week:

“No public diplomacy campaign for Israel will work as long as people (Jewish self-haters) go around the world and say our land must be divided. The world respects people who want to keep their land. The world will be with us when we will stand up for ourselves.” - Naftali Bennett, Bayit Yehudi leader - I often say, “Nobody respects one who has no self-respect!”

Israel is a Drifting Ship – All Reaction and No Action

by Gil Solomon

The Israel of today under Netanyahu's leadership is a country where Jewish construction in Judea and Samaria has been effectively brought to a halt but Illegal ‘Palestinian’ construction goes on...

With respect to tunnels, residents of northern Israel and those living in the Israel/Gaza region have been saying for ages that they can hear tunneling going on late at night and into the early hours of the morning but the IDF, under the control of Ya’alon (Defence Minister) takes no visible effective action...

Netanyahu’s latest comment that he would take stronger action than in operation “Protective Edge” if terrorists came out of tunnels and actually killed Jews is, on close examination, not reassuring. The bottom line is that by this weak posture a clear message has been sent to Israel’s enemies that under this leadership, Israel will forever be reactive and never proactive in the defence of its citizens. It is worth remembering that operation “Protective Edge” ended in the usual fashion both prematurely and inconclusively and with nothing remotely resembling a military victory....

As far as the current wave of terror is concerned, Netanyahu’s call to the international community to put an end to the PA’s incitement to terror can only be described as pathetic....

Netanyahu apparently hasn’t woken up to the fact that the international community couldn’t care less about murdered Jews. The PA and Hamas need to be crushed and brought to their knees, but unfortunately he keeps reiterating how he is willing to meet that arch chief terrorist Abbas...

It is Israel’s job to end the murderous terrorism running rampant throughout the streets by dealing with terrorists in the only language they understand and in the process, if that requires imposing martial law in many areas, incarceration and eventual deportation for many so-called Arab citizens, then so be it...

Netanyahu even continues to refer to the “two state solution” which any thinking person knows is dead and buried...

For those who keep giving him the benefit of the doubt and keep saying that he is doing his best, I say in response that his best is simply not good enough. Israel today can best be described as a ship adrift on the high seas without a rudder that requires a drastic turnaround on virtually every issue confronting the nation.