PLO/Hamas: No Deals With Israel

by Dalit Halevi

John Kerry has been proposing ideas and programs aimed at encouraging Israel and the Palestinian Authority to enter into final-status agreements… (If only he spent the same amount of energy and time to resolve other pressing international issues: 1) Nuclear Iran 2) Civil war in Syria 3) Nuclear North Korea 4) Chinese aggressive geo-political policy 5) Failed terror infested states in Africa)

But the PLO, the political body led by Abbas, remains adamantly opposed to anything less than the effective destruction of the State of Israel as its price for a “peace” agreement. At recent celebrations commemorating the 26th anniversary of the start of the second Intifada, the PLO issued a statement in which it said that it would not compromise on any of its basic requirements to make a deal with Israel: A full Israeli withdrawal from all lands liberated in 1967, establishment of Jerusalem as the capital of a Palestinian state, and a full return to their original homes the families that fled Israel when it was established in 1948…

The PLO added that it would also object to any temporary deal, which would “legitimize the occupation,” and allow continued Jewish residence in Judea and Samaria.

Hamas, too, said that it was against any temporary deals with Israel. On his Facebook page, Hamas top terrorist Musa Abu-Marzouk wrote that Hamas would never do anything that even implied that there was such a thing as a “State of Israel,” including making any agreement, permanent or temporary, with it.

Delusional Plan Again

Secretary of State John Kerry put before Israel and PA a new security plan combining the US war on al Qaeda with the security provisions promised Israel in a settlement with the PA.  Israeli and PA units would be integrated in a planned regional US-led force for securing parts of Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, PA (controlled) territory and Israel against terror. It would consist also of US, British, French, Saudi, Jordanian and Egyptian units. Netanyahu was open to the idea; Abbas had reservations. (Too many anti-Israel players will be involved. Fake security pledges will not bring peace to Israel. Removal of enemies from Jewish land will!) When Kerry is Optimistic - We Must Worry! An overwhelming majority, 87.5% of Israeli Jews, believe that the current negotiations with the PA will not lead to a peace agreement.

There is Nothing to Talk About

The day after Thursday's meeting with US Secretary of State John Kerry in Ramallah, "President Abbas has rejected the ideas presented by the secretary of state”. But Kerry (delusional as usual - like all US negotiators in the ME) said later on Friday that a final Middle East peace deal was still scheduled to be reached by the end of April, and that Israelis and PA were committed to negotiations.

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

It should be obvious by now, after so many concessions made by Israel and violations of so many agreements by the PA, that all those fake peace agreements with the artificially created people, Palestinians, are only designed to perpetuate an intolerable situation and wear Israel out into submission to an agreement which would lead to the future annihilation of the Jewish state! Israel needs to develop and implement its own plan of resolving this conflict - Sinai Option: Road to Permanent Peace is a good alternative to the bogus peace process, which is being imposed on Israel by international bigots!

Survival Instinct Produces Fast Results

The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) announced that its experts in Syria had verified the destruction of 63 percent of Syria's unfilled munitions, which can be used in chemical weapons attacks. The joint United Nations-OPCW team in Syria aims to remove the most toxic chemicals from Syria by the end of the year. (The unprecedented disarmament began just couple of months ago in the midst of a civil war!)

‘Ugly Nothing’ in Solidarity with the PA Terrorists

The United Nations General Assembly overwhelmingly voted, 110 to 7, to declare 2014 the “International Year of Solidarity with the Palestinian People” during an unprecedented vote that human rights observers say was marred by anti-Israel fervor. (There is no international solidarity with the Jewish victims of Arab terror! Anti-Semites do not care that for over 60 years Jews are terrorized in their own homeland. Israel’s restraint toward enemies, the fake people - who call themself Palestinians, is viewed as a weakness and generates even more terror and international abuse.)

They Terrorize Jews in Israel and are Cruel to Animals.

Shocking footage of Australian cattle being abused in the Gaza Strip should re-ignite a national debate on the legitimacy of the live export trade. Filmed by civilians during the Festival of Sacrifice in October, this footage shows cattle being terrorized by crowds and tortured in streets and makeshift slaughterhouses. (It is not a Halal ritual, but pure and unadulterated terror celebrated and cheered by all - young and adult!)

Can Israel Trust Kerry?

Secretary of State John Kerry raised doubts if Iran was truly prepared to conclude a final deal with western powers on dismantling its nuclear program: "Has Iran changed its nuclear calculus? I honestly don't think we can say for sure yet. And we certainly don't take words at face value," Kerry told the House foreign affairs committee. But he stressed Iran's seriousness would be put to the test over the six months. (Just enough time for Iran to develop the nuclear bomb and change the status quo, like North Korea, India and Pakistan did!)

Freedom of Speech - Al-Jazeera Addition

An Al-Jazeera reporter was fired last week for questioning the objectivity of the investigations surrounding the death of PLO leader Yasser Arafat. Al-Jazeera has been one of the prime networks advocating the theory that the PLO leader was poisoned by polonium in 2004, and has been actively presenting the story with that bias since 2012.

Israel Snubbed Funeral of the anti-Israel Marxist

Israel's top leaders will be conspicuous by their absence at Nelson Mandela's funeral, skipping a ceremony for the anti-apartheid hero world leaders are mourning and whom so-called Palestinians have always viewed as their comrade in the struggle for freedom. (People need heroes! That is why fake legends are created, disregarding the truth and biographical facts.)

Israel Must do the Same to PA/PLO/Hamas Terrorists

1) Egyptian Army eliminated Ibrahim Abu Atiyeh, a leader of the group which has claimed responsibility for a recent rocket attack on Eilat in August. Abu Atiyeh was killed in a shootout with Egyptian soldiers in northern Sinai. 2) Egyptian government is preparing to deem the Muslim Brotherhood “a terrorist organization.”

Europeans Rekindle Their anti-Semitic Roots

1) In latest row between Israel and EU, Romania refuses to allow its workers to build Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria. 2) Romanian state-operated television station airs a Christmas Carol with anti-Semitic lyrics. (If they do not want work Romanian workers must leave Israel)

Jordan: Violence Against Israel Isn't Terrorism

Jordan’s parliament has adopted a bill which stipulates that violent action against Israel will not be considered a terrorist act. Jordan and Israel signed a peace treaty in 1994. Jordan thus became the second Arab country after Egypt to sign a peace treaty with Israel. (They hate Israel, but love peace benefits. Just a week ago Jordan signed the three-way water-sharing initiative with Israel)

Quotes of the Week:

“…we must act to end the situation in which there are citizens of the country (Arabs and Bedouins) that are obligated by its laws, the planning and building laws, while there are other citizens that make a mockery of the laws and through violence have created a situation whereby the law doesn’t apply to them… We are fighting over the national land of the Jewish people and there are those that intentionally try to steal that land and control it by force… Building permits are not only required for Jews! - Avigdor Liberman, Israeli Foreign Minister - So-called Palestinians, the PA, are trying to rob Jews of their ancestral land - Judea, Samaria and Gaza. At the same time Arabs and Bedouins ignore laws of Israel in an illegal grab of state land, laying ground for further unlawful claims! Unfortunately, the gutless Israeli government has back-tracked its decision to remove Bedouins from illegal settlements. Israel politicians are only brave fighting Jewish patriots, destroying their homes and making Jews homeless in their own homeland!

PA Uses Nazi Incitement

by Tova Dvorin

Yuval Steinitz, Strategic Affairs Minister, compared the Palestinian Authority's anti-Israel incitement with that of the Nazis during a Knesset session.

"The Palestinian Authority speaks to the world about global peace, and in its own education promotes, finances and pushes a culture of incitement, animosity and hatred toward the Jewish people and the State of Israel, on a scale reminiscent of the Nazi incitement," he stated in the Knesset plenum.

Steinitz cited statements in the PA's educational literature that treat Jews and Zionists as "sub-human creatures" which "must be taken care of." To the PA, the MK claims, the destruction of Israel is inevitable - and the path to that goal involves denying the existence of the Jewish people, denying the Jewish people's right to their own state and denying the Jewish connection to Israel.

"This is a whole culture of animosity and hatred, which is developing even during these months of negotiations," he said.

Another Useless Negotiation and Security Guarantees

US President Barack Obama said his government has concluded it is possible for a two-state Middle East peace solution that includes sufficient guarantees to protect Israeli security. President Barack Obama said that so-called Palestinians must accept that the current talks with Israel will produce, at best, a framework accord without full details. It would also omit the Gaza Strip and provide for a transition period before a final settlement. (Didn’t we see the same idiotic agreement signed in Camp David? As a result, the agreement has only weakened Israel’s political position.)

Netanyahu has said Israel would only accept the emergence of a Palestinian state if it was demilitarized, with Israeli troops deployed along the Jordan Valley which is strategically crucial for the protection of Israel's borders in the event of war. (Arabs occupied Jewish land! They will never agree to security guarantees for Israel. Why must Israel negotiate with enemies who are determined to destroy the Jewish state?)