Fighting PA Terrorism - International Law.

by Louis Rene Beres. (

It is easy to feel sorry for the Palestinians in Gaza. Televised and print images of their apparently unrelieved misery would appear to suggest Israeli cruelty in the use of armed force. Exactly the opposite is true. By deliberately placing elderly women and young children in areas from which lethal rockets are launched into Israeli homes and schools, it is only the Palestinian leaders who openly violate the law of war. Their insidious practice of “human shields” – the same practice recently practiced in Hizbullah-controlled areas of Lebanon - is far more than an expression of cowardice. It also represents a specific crime under international law that is called “perfidy.” …the Hague Regulations unambiguously disallow placement of military assets or personnel in heavily populated civilian areas. Further prohibition of perfidy is found at Protocol I of 1977 additional to the Geneva Conventions of 1949.

…Terrorism is more than just bad behavior. Terrorism is a distinct and codified crime under international law. When terrorists represent populations that enthusiastically support such attacks, which is certainly well documented among the Palestinian community, and where these terrorists also find easy refuge among hospitable populations, full responsibility for all ensuing counter-terrorist harms lies exclusively with the criminals.

When terrorist organizations openly celebrate the explosive “martyrdom” of Palestinian children, and when Palestinian leaders unashamedly seek religious redemption through the mass-murder of Jewish children, the terrorists have absolutely no legal right to demand sanctuary.

Israel has both the right and the obligation under international law to protect its citizens from criminal acts of terrorism.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Israel does not need recognition from Hamas. We must recognize our own rights and decisively end occupation of all Jewish land by Arabs. This will end the conflict and will silence our enemies!

Temple Aqueduct and Ritual Bath are Found. Excavations being conducted opposite the Western Wall Plaza have uncovered an aqueduct that brought water to the Holy Temple, as well as a ritual bath from that period. The new archaeological find uncovers a missing link in the ancient water system, known as the "Lower Aqueduct" which channelled water from Solomon’s Pools near Bethlehem (located miles south of Jerusalem) directly to the national focal point of Jewish worship - the Temple Mount.

Israeli ‘Refugees’ Coming to Canada. At least 3,000 Israelis had filed asylum applications, some citing fear of Palestinian terror attacks, others saying they are in danger of spousal abuse, have requested asylum in Canada and said that upward of 500 applications have so far been granted refugee status there. (The gutless Israeli government is perpetuating an atmosphere of fear and senselessness in the country by not destroying and removing the Arab enemies. Canada, on its part, is only happy to assist Arabs in facilitating the de facto ethnic cleansing of Jews from Israel!)

Gutless Leadership. After listening to military and security leaders, Olmert decided no Israeli response is needed to last week’s Eilat bombing which killed three Israelis. The Israeli air force bombing of a tunnel was described by military experts as irrelevant. Prime minister Ehud Olmert keeps on saying that Israel must abide by the informal truce with Hamas. (Why? Do Arabs ever abide by any agreement they have with Israel?)

Need for Israeli “Plan B”. A top U.S. envoy, Andrew Natsios, warned Sudan that the United States has an “extremely aggressive” backup plan if Sudan continues stonewalling on Darfur. He said “Plan B” was still classified, but that it had been developed by the U.S. government’s national security agencies. (Israel endured Arab’s “stonewalling” for almost 100 year. It is time to implement the Israeli “Plan B”!)

Quote of the Week:

“I cannot conceive of Israel withdrawing if Arab states do not recognize Israel, within secure borders.” - by Nelson Mandela.

Face of the Enemy. "The whole family was very happy when it heard that Muhammad is the hero who carried out the attack," said Naim Saqsaq, the brother of Muhammad Saqsaq, who carried out the suicide attack in Eilat. "We knew that he was waiting and praying for this moment. He always said, 'If only I could be a shahid (martyr), if only I could carry out an attack.' And here Allah gave him the privilege,"

Life of Hate. A group of some 15 German neo-Nazis hung flags out the windows of an Athens hotel a day before Holocaust Remembrance Day was celebrated.

Jewish Contribution to Humanity.

Sidney Sheldon. (Born Feb, 1917 in Chicago, Illinois – Feb 2007) The best-selling American novelist, playwright and screenwriter Sidney Sheldon has died aged 89 last week. He had a career writing award-winning Broadway plays and Hollywood film scripts before turning to novel-writing at the age of 50.

Chirac – the Jumping Jack. French President Jacques Chirac said in an interview "Where will it drop it, this bomb? On Israel?" Chirac asked. "It would not have gone 200 meters into the atmosphere before Tehran would be razed." In the second interview with the same newspapers, Chirac retracted his comment about Tehran being razed. "I retract it, of course, when I said, 'One is going to raze Tehran,"' (First, it would be little comfort for dead Jews killed by Iranian nuclear bomb in Israel, if Iran was “razed" or not after attack on Israel. Second, can we really rely on France to avenge Jewish lives?)

Moderate Islam. A couple, in their early 40s, were killed in a barrage of rocks thrown by relatives of the woman in Pakistani village. They were tied to trees and stoned to death for adultery by angry relatives. "It was a case of honor killing…'' local police chief said.

Supporting the Enemy. The Bush administration already has committed itself to provide $86 million to finance training and equipment for the personal "Presidential Guard" of Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas. However, the U.S. is also now considering funding all of the PA security forces, of at least 40,000 members, more than twice the number allowed by the Oslo Accords, in order to counter the Hamas. (Fatah, same as Hamas or any other Islamic organization in the Meddle East, is not only the enemy of Israel, it is also the enemy of US. By helping Osama bin Laden to fight the Soviet army, USA facilitated the creation of Al-Qaeda. Why must Israel suffer due to the idiocy, arrogance and short-sidedness of others?)

Treason is being Committed. With Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas watching, Livni told the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum that a Palestinian state is "not an illusion. It's there, it's achievable." Livni urged the international community to support moderates in the Middle East and told Abbas that "compromising with extremists will not promote anything," (No compromise is made by Fatah or any Arab organizations, only treason is being committed by Israeli government!) Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has given permission for Jordan to build a large minaret adjacent to a mosque on the Temple Mount. The minaret will stand at a site on the Mount where Jewish groups here had petitioned to build a synagogue. (WND)

Co-Founder of Kadima is Guilty. Tel Aviv magistrates unanimously found the ex-justice minister Haim Ramon, 56, guilty of forcibly kissing a 20-year old girl officer. The judges completely accepted the prosecution’s case and found that Ramon’s defense was “not credible and manipulative.”

Bribing the Word – the Arab Way.

Youssef Ibrahim (New York Sun)

Between 1990 and 2004, Saudi Arabia spent $268.6 billion on arms. Why is it that Saudi Arabia and the other oil-rich Gulf Arab states - Kuwait, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates - spend billions on state-of-the-art arms that they are unwilling and in all likelihood unable to use?

- The primary purpose of such weapons expenditures is to generate billions of dollars of commissions for the ruling families.

- The secondary purpose is to win favors with the countries from which the weapons were purchased by supporting their military industries so they can come to the royals' defense. (As well as, buying political support and/or inaction.)

Had it not been for Uncle Sam in 1990–91, Saddam, who had Kuwait for breakfast, would have had Saudi Arabia for dinner. (The after September 11 coalition forces should be in Riyadh, not Baghdad.)