Oslo is Dead - Amichai is Alive!

by Oded Shalom

Over 25 years after the Oslo Accords, the new settlement Amichai, being built for families evacuated from the Amona settlement, after it was declared illegal, and the nearby outposts that will be annexed to it and legalized, are helping create a Jewish corridor breaking up PA controlled territory in Judea and Samaria, and burying the agreements.

The Shiloh Valley in the Samaria region spreads from Shvut Rahel to the Jordan Rift Valley. The entire area is covered with Cabernet grape vineyards and olive groves. On the hills above them are the outposts Ahiya, Kida, Esh Kodesh, and Adei Ad - all of which were illegally built, with demolition orders issued to all homes and structures...

The settlement of Amichai, the first to be built under a government decision since the Oslo Accords were signed, is expected to annex the neighbouring outposts, starting with Adei Ad. The meaning of such a move is twofold: Primarily, it would legalize these outposts. Secondly, it will also create a territorial barrier of Jewish settlement in the heart of the West Bank, which breaks up the Palestinian territorial contiguity...

The goal: 1,100 homes

The settlement of Amichai was born of the evacuation of Amona. The illegal outpost near Ofra was evacuated in February 2017. Forty families were living there when it was evacuated, most of them moved to a youth hostel in Ofra. The political and public campaign the residents mounted led the Security Cabinet to decide to approve the construction of a new settlement for the outpost's evacuees.

For the settlers, this is a historic achievement: Since the signing of the Oslo Accords in September 1993, the Israeli government has avoided the construction of new settlements in the West Bank, at least not in an organized manner under a government decision. The policy of all Israeli governments since the Accords were signed was not to build new settlements to not annoy the Americans and the Europeans, so they won't be able to accuse Israel of sabotaging the possibility of a future agreement with the Palestinians... (Peace was never their intention!)

Palestinian Sets Alight Greenhouse!

Infiltrator crosses Gaza border fence into Israel from northern Gaza, is suspected of setting alight a greenhouse in moshav Netiv HaAsara in Hof Ashkelon Regional Council. (Enemies of Israel do not care about the land of Israel, they claim as their own - the land which has been revived by Jews. Their objective is remains the same – destruction of Israel. That is why they are burning everything Jews built!)

"Sinai Option - Road to Permanent Peace!"

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Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Many Jews and Jewish organizations are continuously engaged in a fight against anti-Semitism, spending enormous amount of time, diplomatic efforts and funds on it. In my opinion, sorry for being too blunt, it is a waste of time! For many decades we have been fighting the Jew-hating ‘predisposition” of the UN, foreign governments and numerous ant-Israel international organizations, as well as, the international press – but nothing has changed! Only when government of Israel will start doing what should have been done long time ago - be proud leaders of self- determined nation, stop apologising and justify Israel’s existence, resume fighting enemies with intention to win and re-unite Eretz-Israel - Israel will be able to successfully command respect from others.

Qatar Paying Hamas

In a sign of emerging cease-fire, Gazan civil service employees will receive their first pay check in months in a payout arranged by Qatar. The $90 million will be transferred via the United Nations and will not go to terrorists belonging to Hamas' Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas opposed the move for many months, fearing that the agreement would perpetuate the Hamas regime in Gaza. Last Friday that $15m of Qatari cash in three suitcases was transferred to the Gaza Strip through the Erez crossing - the first monthly instalment. (Israeli government is assisting in providing a life-line to Hamas terrorists!)

Israel has the Right to Attack Lebanon

American and European nations informed Lebanon that Israel will attack the country if the Hezbollah militia continues converting its 150,000-strong rocket arsenal into highly-accurate precision weapons capable of striking sensitive Israeli sites. (Thank you for stating the obvious! Hezbollah, the Iranian-backed terrorist organization, operates with impunity with support from the Lebanese government.)

Arabs do not Vote for Palestinian List

The sole all-Palestinian list failed to win a single seat on Jerusalem city’s municipal council. Throughout the past several decades, many Palestinians in East Jerusalem have boycotted elections in Jerusalem. In the 2013 local vote, a fewer than one percent of Palestinians in the city cast ballots. (They do not respect Israel, the country in which they enjoy living! There are 22 Arab states for them to move to.)

Canada Apologizes for Turning Jews Away

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau issues formal apology to the 907 German Jews aboard the St. Louis, which was turned down by his country, among others, and had to return to Europe, where over 250 of its passengers were murdered in Nazi death camps. (Anti-Semites are not in a habit to admit their hate for and mistreatment of Jews. When they apologize, usually it means nothing! It took Canada almost 80 years to apologize to Jews!)

Jewish Contributions to the World.

Sir Mordechai Wolff Haffkine (15 March 1860 – 26 October 1930) – He was a Russian Empire Jewish bacteriologist, whose career was blighted in Russia because he refused to convert to Russian Orthodoxy. He emigrated and worked at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, where he developed an anti-cholera vaccine that he tried out successfully in India. He tested the vaccines on himself. Lord Joseph Lister named him "a saviour of humanity".

Self-Respect has no Right or Left

The Knesset plenum approved the Cultural Loyalty Law. The proposal expands the existing mechanism of the Nakba Law that allows to cancel budgets of cultural institutions that mark Independence Day as a day of mourning and negate the existence of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state. "There is a sign here, 'Stop - incitement ahead', at the expense of the public coffers. This is not Right, nor Left, but logic." Minister Miri Regev said.

Israelis Live under Usual Terror Threats

Shin Bet detains 219 Hamas West Bank cells, foils 480 terrorist attacks in the past year. Shin Bet Director Nadav Argaman said that the surface calm in Judea and Samaria is deceptive. He reported that in addition to the arson-by-balloon and border attacks from Gaza, Hamas is investing huge efforts in the activation of terrorist cells in Judea and Samaria. Orders for attacks come in from Turkey and Lebanon. (Israel knows its enemies. When will be a good time to get rid of them?)

They are Shy in Muslim Countries - not in the Jewish State!

Senior Catholic clerics in Jerusalem called Sunday for Israel to repeal a controversial law giving Jews a “unique” right to self-determination in the country. The nation-state act was passed by the Knesset in July speaks of Israel as the historic homeland of the Jews. “Christians, Muslims, Druze, Baha’i and Jews demand to be treated as equal citizens,” said the letter. (There is only one Jewish state! Do they treat Jews the same way in their countries?)

Non-Existing Idiots Do not Recognise Israel

A country that doesn’t exist has derecognized one that does. The PLO’s council in Ramallah voted to cut its ties with Israel unless it recognized the state of Palestine at the pre-1967 lines with east Jerusalem as its capital. Yesh Atid Chairman Yair Lapid called it a “bad joke.” “For all we care, they can decide not to recognize the sun, the invention of the wheel and gravity,” Lapid said. The council wants to cease compliance with the 1993 Oslo Accord, which set out a transitionary phase during which the Palestinians would move toward statehood. (The Accord was about creating autonomy, not a terror state! It has been obsolete for a long time. Lazy politicians in Israel just need to admit it.)

Quote of the Week:

"'Occupation' is bull. There are countries that have conquered and replaced entire populations and the world keeps silent. Strength is the key! It makes all the difference in our policy towards the Arab world." - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said - He does know, but he is unable or unwilling to shake off his 'appeasement' nature and remove enemies from the Jewish land!

UNHRC Praises Saudi Human Rights Record

by David Israel

Saudi Arabia won widespread praise for its human rights record from 75 out of 96 delegations. China, that ‘great bastion of democracy’, praised Saudi Arabia for “its adoption and implementation of the Saudi Vision 2030.

The Palestinian delegation declared: “We believe that Saudi Arabia places great importance on human rights.”

Venezuela commended Saudi Arabia “for empowering women.”

Pakistan praised Riyadh’s efforts to “empower women and promote gender equality.”

United Arab Emirates was ecstatic about Saudi Arabia’s “mainstreaming human rights.”

Even Yemen, whose population is being bombarded and systematically starved by the Kingdom, applauded Saudi “support provided all levels to the people of Yemen.”

Bahrain hailed Saudi Arabia’s “positive steps to protect human rights.”

UN Watch suggested this shameful travesty was a betrayal of jailed Saudi human rights activists like pro-democracy blogger Raif Badawi, who has been wrongfully imprisoned since June 2012. But despite UN Watch’s appeals to Canada, Germany, Britain, Sweden, and France, no one spoke up for Badawi. (What a joke! All the usual violators of Human rights praised Saudi Arabia just for intention to improve human rights. What is next – the Nobel Prize? Israel is the only real democracy in the Middle East, but it is the main target of criticism from ‘Ugly Nazi’!)