Organising a Migration from Gaza

by Shalom Yerushalmi

The “voluntary” resettlement of Palestinians from Gaza is slowly becoming a key official policy of the government. Israel has held talks with Congo, in addition to other nations, for their potential absorption of people from Gaza.

“Our problem is (finding) countries that are willing to absorb Gazans, and we are working on it,” Netanyahu said during a Likud faction meeting.

Intelligence Minister Gila Gamliel said that Gaza must not be handed over to the Palestinian Authority, and Gazans must not be left in the Strip to be educated to hate, as that would mean that further attacks on Israel are only a matter of time.

“The Gaza problem is not just our problem,” Gamliel said. “The world should support humanitarian emigration, because that’s the only solution I know.”

Saudi Arabia can take in hundreds of thousands of Palestinians for work. The Gulf kingdom is in the midst of a tremendous construction boom and employs close to half a million workers, who currently come mainly from India, Bangladesh and other countries.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Population transfer is a legitimate approach for conflict resolution! In 1922, two guys received the Nobel Prize for this idea, after almost 2 million were transferred between Greece and Turkey. In 1947, 12 million were transferred between India and Pakistan. In 1949, the 4th Geneva Convention was adopted to stop Israel from doing the same to the hostile Arab population, remaining in Israel after the War of Independence. Since then, only Israel is forced to abide by it! Israel needs a self-respectful leadership with determination to end the conflict, and remove so-called Palestinians from Jewish land, Eretz-Israe!

'Mad Dog' Barking from Iran

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi claimed that the current war between Israel and Hamas will end with the destruction of the State of Israel “Our enemies can see Iran’s power and the whole world knows its strength and capabilities. Our forces will decide on the place and time to take action", while mourners gathered for the funeral chanted "revenge," "Death to America," and "Death to Israel" despite the fact that the ISIS terrorist organization claimed responsibility for Wednesday's bombings. Major General Hossein Salami, a major official in Iran's Revolutionary Guards Corps, claimed during the funerals that the ISIS bombers were "only acting as agents for America and Israel." Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah claims that the group has carried out 670 "operations" at the border with Israel since the start of the war.

No Obligation to Let Gazans Return

A detailed legal opinion has been presented to the political authorities that rules that Israel has does not have any legal obligation under international law to allow uninvolved residents of the northern Gaza Strip to return to their homes. Additionally, the opinion notes that, “Even if the fighting in northern Gaza were to end, preventing enemy forces from returning is a legitimate strategy. There is no legal obligation that the IDF allow the population to return to northern Gaza, and there is no such obligation expected to develop in the next few months. The IDF has a vital military need that justifies preventing the return of the population as long as the war goes on and the hostages have not been recovered.”

Hunt for all October 7th Terrorists is On!

he chief of Israel’s Mossad intelligence service, David Barnea, vowed that the agency would hunt down every Hamas member involved in the Oct. 7 attack on Israel, no matter where they are. “It’ll take time, as it took time after the Munich massacre, but we will put our hands on them wherever they are,” he said.

High Court Usurping Unprecedented Powers

A mere two days after High Court's ruling that killed an amendment to the Basic Law that restricted the use of the reasonability clause, the court rejected the applicability of another amendment to the Basic Law concerning the disqualification of a sitting prime minister. The ruling is far more damaging to Israel’s democracy as it marks a new height of judicial activism. The intervention by the Court gives it power not only over the content of given laws but over the presumed intentions of the lawmakers. Justice Minister Yariv Levin attacked the Supreme Court’s order, saying “The decision of the Supreme Court judges to publish rulings that are highly disputed even among themselves, while our soldiers are sacrificing their lives on the front harms our unity.”

Hezbollah Fired Rockets at Israel

Hezbollah fired 62 rockets toward an air surveillance base on Mount Meron in Isarel. The rocket attack came a day after Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said that his group must retaliate for the killing of Saleh Arouri, the deputy political leader of Hamas. In response to the rocket fire, IDF struck the Hezbollah command center in the town of Blida, Lebanon. (It is estimated that Hezbollah has 150,000 rockets. It is time to neutralise the threat to Israel from the North.)

Jewish Idiots are Major Enemies of Israel

Senator Bernie Sanders called on Congress to reject the $10.1 billion in unconditional military aid being considered for Israel, saying “While we recognize that Hamas’ barbaric terrorist attack began this war, we must also recognize that Israel’s military response has been grossly disproportionate, immoral, and in violation of international law.” (Self-hating Jews are the greatest enemies of the Jewish people. Jewish ‘useful idiots’ always have expiration day. They supported the ANC in South Africa - the country is the biggest hater of Israel now; rights of the African-Americans in the US - in return they have got the BLM. The Israel haters never say which international law Israel has violated.)

Iranian Opposition Leader Visits the Knesset

Iranian opposition leader, Vahid Beheshti, became the first ever Iranian opposition leader to address the Knesset. “Soon you will have to deal with the elephant in the room, which is the Iranian government, and you should not be afraid of attacking Iranian bases in Iran. This is the only language they understand,” said Beheshti. “The good news is that you have an army of 80 million Iranians who are thirsty for freedom and democracy. Help us overthrow the government, try to imagine what the Middle East would look like without the Iranian government."

Gaza Disengagement was a Mistake

Israeli Opposition Leader and former Prime Minister Yair Lapid said that Israel’s unilateral withdrawal from the Gaza Strip in 2005 was a mistake, while offering his view on how the post-war coastal enclave should be governed. “The Palestinian Authority should be one component of the civilian apparatus that will manage the Strip on the day after.” (After admitting one mistake he is immediately suggesting another one, undermining the current government position during the war against enemies!)

'Innocent' Terrorists - Two doctors and a Nurse

Counterterrorism officers arrest three suspects in Ramallah in connection with attack on suspicion of carrying out the attack in the Binyamin region in which Amar Mansour, Israeli-Arab, was murdered and a woman was critically injured. According to Palestinian Arab sources, the detainees are Ayser al-Barghouti and Khaled al-Kharuf, two doctors from Ramallah, and Mureed Dahadha of Jalazone, a male nurse by profession.

Quote of the Week:

"First of all, we will defeat Hamas, immediately afterwards we will deal with Hezbollah, and for dessert we will make order in the Supreme Court. While, every day, our soldiers in Gaza are sacrificing their lives for the nation of Israel, the judges of the Supreme Court decided to weaken their spirit and harm them. The Supreme Court's ruling is not legal, and includes the unprecedented cancellation of a Basic Law, without a source of legal authority and with a conflict of interest on the part of the judges. This is a dangerous, anti-democratic event - and at this time, more than anything else, it is a ruling that harms Israel's war efforts against her enemies." - MK Tzvika Foghel (Otzma Yehudit).

The Palestinism is Racism

by Gary Willig

Since the Mufti began inciting pogroms in 1920, the Palestinian Arab national movement has been defined by a racist and murderous hatred for Jews, from support for the Holocaust to attempts to commit a second Holocaust (from the Independence untill now).

Perhaps the greatest propaganda success of the Soviet Union was in its decades-long campaign to delegitimize Zionism, the national liberation movement of the Jewish people. This campaign culminated in the 1975 United General Assembly Resolution declaring that ‘Zionism is Racism.’

This resolution was rescinded in 1991 after the Soviet Union fell, but its spirit lives on at the UN and in so-called human rights organizations.

The man who could be considered the first ‘Palestinian’ and the founding father of the Palestinian Arabs was Haj Amin al-Husseini, the British-appointed Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. Al-Husseini was a genocidal antisemite. Beginning in 1920, he incited riots and pogroms against the Jews living in British-Mandate Palestine. Dozens of Jews were killed in these Mufti-inspired pogroms in 1920 and 1921, leading to the formation of the Haganah, the primary defensive force of the Yishuv.

With the rise of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi movement in Germany in the 1930s, the Mufti found a kindred spirit and became an ally of the Fuhrer during the Second World War. It was Hitler’s genocidal hatred of Jews that attracted al-Husseini to him.

The Fatah terrorist organization and Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) followed in the Mufti’s footsteps. Palestinian terrorist organizations carried out numerous terrorist attacks over the years, the goal of which was always to kill as many Jews as possible, men, women, and children, and to destroy the Jewish State by any means necessary. The Coastal Road Massacre of 1978 was the deadliest attack prior to October 7, 2023, with 38 people murdered, including 13 children.

Antisemitism continued to be the central defining characteristic of the Palestinian national movement even after the signing in the 1990s of the Oslo Accords, which created the Palestinian Authority. PA leader Yasser Arafat, instead of pursuing peace, deliberately created a society geared towards the murder of Jews.

Peace will never come until this root cause, this antisemitism, is finally addressed. If Hamas is not destroyed, it has vowed to repeat the massacre of October 7 as many times as it takes to destroy the State of Israel. The Palestinian Authority under Mahmoud Abbas has spent too many decades brainwashing its own people to hate, and value killing, to ever be capable of making peace with the hated Jews or to agree to stop killing Jews. (Should this anti-Israel terrorist organisation take over Gaza from Hamas? No wonder that so many international Antisemites support the 'Palestinism'.)