Happy Shavuos!

Shavuos marks receiving of the Torah by Jews 3319 years ago. From this event we count our existence as the nation. It is the most crucial event in Jewish history.

One-State Solution is Needed.

by Steven Shamrak.

Some ‘well intentioned’ people suggest a one-state solution, which proposes the transfer of control of the West Bank and Gaza to Jordan. Let me remind you that King of Jordan, in order to stop armed revolt by so-called Palestinians, killed tens of thousands of them during “Black September”. For forty years, Israel, due to Jewish morality, has been restraining herself from such a barbaric solution. But, Arab terror in Israel must end! A new solution to international conflicts must be implemented by Israel. Actually it is quite an old one: 1.8 million were transferred between Greece and Turkey in 1922, over 12 million were resettled during the partition of the Indian subcontinent. In the recent conflict in former Yugoslavia, people were moved or transferred to other countries as refugees. Only Israel is not allowed by international hypocrisy to use population transfer to facilitate end of the conflict!

There is another one-state alternative. Due to the recent action of the Israeli government and inaction of the international community it became viable again: Almost two years ago, Jews were forcefully deported from Gaza by Olmert’s government. Nobody cried out “poor Jews” or “you can’t do it to people”! Neither the UN, US, EU nor the World Bank condemned this action, ignoring the cruelty of forceful deportation of Jews from the land of their ancestors. Therefore, the population transfer has again become an acceptable conflict resolution tool.

Consequently, I would like to suggest the transfer of the Arab population from the Jewish lands as the only effective way to bring peace and end Arab terror in Israel permanently. We have tried education, negotiations, economic stimulation, political and territorial sacrifice. Nothing has worked so far!

Peace in Israel and the two-state solution are mutually exclusive for two reasons: 1. Judea, Samaria and Gaza are Jewish lands. 2. After so many concessions made by Israel, including transferring control of the West bank and Gaza to the PA after the Oslo agreement, Arab terrorism has only increased.

Arab terrorists fired 120 Qassams against Israel from Gaza in four days last week. 4,500 Israeli civilians have left or been evacuated from their homes! This is the direct result of the IDF leaving Gaza and the transfer of 8,500 Jews from Gaza!

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Hypocrisy is Unlimited: The Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) launched its armed separatist struggle from Turkey in 1984. More than 30,000 people have died since. The land of the Kurdish people is divided between five countries. There are over 25 million Kurds worldwide. Where is international outcry for the independence of Kurdistan and against discrimination, cruel treatment and even genocide committed against Kurds? The ‘fake Palestinians’ have ALL of the international attention!

Dumping the ‘Friend’. The sudden decision to postpone a visit to Israel by U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is "unprecedented," Israeli officials have said. The source said that the cancellation took Jerusalem by surprise. Rice has aligned herself publicly with Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, whom she effusively praised in Time Magazine. (No one likes it when outside powers mingle in internal politics of a country. The US does it all the time! There is not even any pretence of respect for Israel sovereignty.)

Polls and Decision Making. More than two-thirds of Israelis support a military strike on Iran if diplomatic efforts fail to curtail its nuclear development program. (It is easy to swing public opinion one way or other. Some National goals, ideals and strategic political or defence decisions must not be the subject of a popularity contest!)

Hamas Blames Everybody but Syria and Iran. In an interview with the German news agency Deutsche-Presse Agenteur, Hamas's deputy politburo chief Musa Abu Marzouk declared, "Undoubtedly, Syria and Iran have no role in this crisis…” He blamed: The United States, United Nations and other donors for not giving aid directly to Hamas government; "failure of Arab countries to meet their financial obligations"; also "The Israelis are behind all these events." (All except the “poor Palestinians” are responsible for the ongoing killings, bombings and kidnappings between the Hamas and Fatah supporters.)

DM Peretz: We are Ready for Gaza War. “We are prepared for a war in Gaza more than we were in the Second Lebanon War,” Peretz said over the weekend. “There is a plan.” Peretz made the comments following a barrage of at least eight rockets on Sderot and other western Negev communities. Some IDF officials say that what accuse him of is waiting for Israeli deaths. (Does this plan provide for the transfer of all Arabs from Gaza? Only this can end the barrage of rockets. Everything else is just the perpetuation of stupidity or a cynical white-wash of the failure during the last war in Lebanon!)

Quote of the Week:

“any… acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such…” - The United Nations’ definition of genocide.This is the Arabs’ plan for Israel and the Jews. If Israel, as first line of defence against Islamic expansionism is defeated, that same fate awaits the world.

'Doctors Without Borders' Terror Assistant. An Arab man from Gaza, a member of PFLP, was detained by Shin Beit. He was given a VIP pass by Doctors Without Borders, which he used to plan assassinations of Prime Minister Olmert, Minister Lieberman and David Be’eri. The organization, as a humanitarian group, is allowed free passage by the Israeli government through checkpoints.

Why Jordan’s Abdullah Called off Ramallah Trip. On Sunday, May 3th, part of the royal entourage was already aboard two of the three royal helicopters ready for takeoff for Ramallah. However, Jordan’s Palestinian community was roused to fury: The 3.5 million Palestinians of the Hashemite kingdom (more than half the total population of 6 million) suspect the plan to link Jordan to the West Bank is merely a device to get rid of them by relocating them in the future Palestinian state. Indeed the last thing Jordan’s Palestinians want is repatriation under the “right of return,” although it is demanded as a central proviso of every Arab master plan for peace with Israel, including the Saudi blueprint of 2007.

Hate Campaign. The Jordanian media publishes articles and cartoons which combine vicious messages of hate against Israel with anti-Semitic and, at times, anti-American themes. The Jordanian government, which signed a peace treaty with Israel, does not put an end to these publications, which contribute towards an atmosphere of hate and hostility against Israel and the Jewish people. (This is Jordan, so-call moderate and Israel friendly, Arab state! Yet, Israel is the only country that still respects and abide by the useless papers of so-called peace agreements with Jordan and Egypt.)

Nazi Guard Dies Peacefully. A Nazi guard, Jaroslaw Bilaniuk died of natural causes in his Queens home last month. He had illegally taken refuge in the United States and was in the process of being deported back to his native Poland. The 83 year old Nazi guard was part of a program at the infamous Trawniki slave labour camp in Poland during World War II. (His Jewish victims did not have the luxury dying peacefully of old age. It has been provided to him and hundreds of other Jewish killers around the world by anti-Semitic Western bureaucracies!)

How Israel Saved Intel. "These are the best microprocessors we've ever designed, the best microprocessors we've ever built," Intel’s Chief Executive Paul Otellini said. "This is not just incremental change; it's a revolutionary leap." He was talking about Core 2 Duo processor, created in Israel. The Israelis' new chip, named Banias after a river in Galilee, got a break with Intel's push into notebook computers. It hit the market in March 2003 as part of a package called Centrino. Banias anchored three years of 13 percent annual sales growth at Intel from 2003-05. In one 100-day period last year, Intel unveiled more than 40 processors, most based on the Israeli design. (Anti-Semites must stop using Intel processors, Microsoft products, Polio vaccine, Blue jeans and many other Jewish inventions.)

Labor Looking for Escape Root.

The Labor party is rethinking its position in the government coalition after more than 150,000 protestors gathered in Tel Aviv to demand the Prime Minister’s ouster. The day after the publication of the report one Labor Minister announced his resignation. Now the Labor Party’s central committee plans to discuss whether or not to quit the Olmert coalition (No decision was made during the meeting by these gutless, power-hungry, corrupt traitors).

If Labor pulls out, the Kadima party will be left without a majority in the Knesset. The Defense Minister Peretz, leader of the Labor party, was severely censured for his lack of military experience and his unwillingness to consult with others who had more expertise. The report listed among the Defense Minister’s failures the fact that he “did not ask for the IDF’s operational plans nor did he examine them.” (It is not enough for the Labor party just quit the government or change the leadership. Jews must realize that for 59 years, due to faulty ideology, the Labor party has led Israel to the brink of a self-destructive abyss. A Reality Check is Needed)