One or Four States Solution – Part1.

by Steven Shamrak

After the WW1, following the collapse of Ottoman Empire, the League of Nations, in order to facilitate the transition to independent states, created many mandate governed areas in the Middle East and the Central Asia. As a result the countries such as Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Lebanon and others were created. The same principle was intended for the creation of a Jewish state when the United Kingdom (UK) was given a guardianship of the Palestinian Mandate.

Almost immediately, the UK made a deal with the Arabs and Egypt, and as a result, 77% of the land that was designated for the Jewish state was illegally cut off to create Jordan and additional 5% to Syria from the Golan Heights. That is when the modern Arab-Israel conflict actually began!

Recently, a new Islamist order has been emerging in the Gaza Strip. Not long ago the Hamas Executive Force took control over Gaza. As a result the two-state solution, which was so eagerly promoted by ‘friends’ of Jews and by self-hating Jews lately, became a totally discredited fantasy! As a result, there are only two options remaining viable at the moment:

1. Creation of four states on Jewish land: Israel, Jordan, Fatahstan in Judea and Samaria and Hamastan in Gaza.

2. Establishment of one Jewish state on all Jewish ancestral land. (The non-Jewish population residing in the land of the Palestinian Mandate can be easily integrated by the neighbouring Muslim countries or a new state can be formed in Sinai Peninsula later.) This option has never been given a chance!

There is another one-state solution. Enemies of the Jews, not just Arabs, have been working on it before and since creation of the Palestinian Mandate and definitely since the declaration of independence by Israel. It is One Muslim State without Jews! Would you prefer this option? Many Jew-hates do!

JihadThe Holy war for World domination by Islam:

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Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Most of the world believes in the Jewish Bible (the Torah), but ignore the oldest written land purchase contract (deed) printed in it: when Abraham, in spite of free gift offer, insisted on paying the full price for the Hebron area as the family burial plot!

The Rule of Islam: Humiliation and Cruelty. Hamas occupied two Fatah strongholds: the Preventive Security HQ and the National Security compound (built courtesy of US taxpayers money), dragging personnel out and shooting some on the spot. Half-naked Fatah prisoners were paraded in the streets as a tool of shame and humiliation. (‘Traditional’ looting and burning inevitably followed.)

Saving the Lives of the Enemies. Arab residents of Gaza, who have been wounded in fighting between Fatah and Hamas are treated in hospitals in Israel. Aref Suleiman, a Fatah terrorist undergoing treatment for gunshot wounds in Ashkelon’s Barzilai hospital told that “Palestinians shoot me, and Jews treat me. It was supposed to be different.” The Telegraph report pointed out that victims of Gaza terrorists, including victims of Qassam rockets, are often treated nearby.

Mothers Planned Suicide Attack. Two women from Gaza - a pregnant mother of eight and her niece, a mother of four - planned a joint suicide attack in Tel Aviv and Netanya and were arrested a month ago. The General Security Service (GSS) says that the two women "took advantage of Israel's humanitarian policies, receiving a fraudulent medical permit to enter Israel."

Arming the Enemy. Hamas have seized thousands of M-16 and Kalashnikov rifles and pistols, communication equipment, armored vehicles, trucks, binoculars, uniforms, hand grenades and mortars. "Most of the weapons came from Egypt and Jordan over the past few years," (under US Security Plan) a senior Fatah official said. "They did not come directly from the US, although the Americans had initiated the supply of weapons and ammunition." (Now Hamas can use them to kill Jews. Another case of “I told you so!” For how long must Jews suffer due to international duplicity and stupidity?)

Olmert is Still Delusional. Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said the formation of a new Palestinian government is an "opportunity" for renewed peace moves. "We have a new opportunity in the last few days that we haven't had in a long time," Olmert said. "A government that is not Hamas is a partner."

Quote of the Week:

"The settlement of the Land of Israel is the essence of Zionism. Without settlement, we will not fulfill Zionism. It's that simple." - Yitzhak Shamir, Maariv, 21/02/1997.

No Emergency Meeting of UN Security Council. Two Arab employees of the UN Relief and Works Agency were shot dead in Gaza and the agency is suspending most of its operations due to the internal fighting. (NO condemnation of Arab Palestinian terrorism either! Gutless ‘Useless Nothing’ at its best!)

Israeli Mobile Bomb Shelters. Israeli ingenuity has developed a solution to try to make life for residents of Sderot as normal as possible - mobile bomb shelters. While some homes have shelters and communal shelters can be found in many neighborhoods, their fixed location forces residents to remain there for hours and days at a time. (All of Israel is under siege. It would be more effective if the IDF made the enemy population ‘mobile’ and freed Jewish land!)

Executed by "Moderate" Abbas. Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas unleashed his party's Al Aksa Martyrs Brigades terrorist militia Friday, executing one person without trial and wounding and arresting dozens of others. Fatah gunmen also hurled themselves against Hamas bases and offices in Lebanon. Serious clashes erupted near the southern port of Sidon.

Crime Among Young ‘Olim’. Recent young immigrants to Israel commit a disproportionate share of youth crimes, new statistics reveal. Young olim commit 20 per cent of all youth crimes. (This is the direct result of the government’s unJewish policy, allowing immigration of non-Jewish ‘olim’ from the former Soviet Union to Israel, who have no respect for the Jews and Jewish state!)

Jewish Contribution to Humanity:

Leonid Shvarts who in 1942, together with fellow-scientist Moisei Komissarchik and engineer Yakov Shor, was awarded the Stalin prize for the ‘development of a new type of weapon’ - Katyusha – This weapon was one of the decisive military devices used by Red Army to defeat Nazi Germany!

When will Hypocrisy and Stupidity end? The United States plans to lift a ban on direct aid to the emergency government that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is forming following Hamas's takeover of the Gaza Strip. "I think ... there won't be any obstacles, economically and politically, in terms of reengaging with this (Abbas-appointed) government. Yes, they will have full support," U.S. Consul-General Jacob Walles said.

One or Four States Solution – Part2.

by Steven Shamrak

Many Jewish publications have been eagerly promoting opinions about a Two-state solution or the Transfer control of Jerusalem, West Bank and Gaza to Jordan, as the only alternatives to Arab-Israel conflict.

The limited autonomy of the Arab population in Gaza and the West bank, the original intention of the Olso Agreement has completely forgotten. They absolutely ignore, block and discredit as extremist views the original plan of the League of Nations – the creation of a Jewish homeland in the Palestinian Mandate, including the Trans-Jordan.

Why is the idea of giving up Jewish land to enemies, whose goal is complete destruction of the state of Israel, not considered radical, but advocating the rights of Jewish people to the land of their ancestors is?

No wonder that with this type of coverage by the Jewish press, in addition to the global anti-Israel propaganda by main-stream press, Jews have started to believe that we have no other choice!

Jews and the public in general are deprived of correct information and facts. They are brainwashed by, politically motivated, often leftist self-hating traitors who have infested the Jewish press and other Jewish organizations! The absence of true Zionist leadership in Israel and the Diaspora is the major contributor to our problems!