Oil is Expensive, Jewish Life is Cheep!

by Steven Shamrak.

United States President George Bush has said that he will tell Israel to remove frontier Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, which in his opinion “impede” the progress of so-called peace process, during his visit.  Even expansion of existing, authorized communities “can be an impediment to success” he said. Qassam rockets and daily terror attacks perpetrated by enemies of Israel has nothing to do with ‘impediment’?

No public condemnations or demand to stop PA terror attacks on Israel have been made by the US President, Bush-2! Why has suddenly, at the end of his second term in the office, out of the blue, ‘the Peace Process’, which has false premises and leads nowhere but escalation of Arab terrorism against Israel, become so important for this president? Is it to make another hollow mark in history or secure the nice and lucrative Arab-sponsored future for himself, like his father has now as a director in Carlyle group?

Policy of Defeatism Destroys National Moral. In 2007, 27.7 percent of the total number of service-eligible men avoided service, only 18.2% in 1991. As for women: 43.7% of eligible women did not enlist in 2007, as opposed to 32.8% in 1991.

With the Peace Process like this, who needs War? http://www.terrorismawareness.org/what-really-happened/

32 kassam rockets and 90 mortar shells fell last week on the western Negev.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

It is expected, which is why I do not waste time on writing about it, the visit of the US president to Israel is going to be just the self-promotion of ‘one year president’, carried out to divert public attention from his failed policies in Iraq and Afghanistan. This visit had only one focus – pressuring Israel to make more concessions, in order to create the illusion of progress, perfectly well knowing that this will not stop the PA’s determination to destroy Israel!

Misguided Ministerial Stupidity. Esther Pollard, wife of Jonathan Pollard, had scathing criticism for ministers, Binyamin Ben Eliezer and Gideon Ezra, as well as Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilnai, who are willing to fight for releasing Fatah terrorist Marwan Barghouti, but not for the release of her husband, who was convicted of spying for Israel against the U.S. and sentenced to life behind bars. (Even Soviet spies did not receive a hash life sentence in the USA, but a Jew did! Will the President Bush, ‘the friend of Israel’, pardon Jonathan Pollard? Will Olmert ask for the pardon or play a serving lackey again?)

Libya is President of UN Security Council. Libya became the President of the United Nations Security Council a week ago, just 20 years after sponsoring the bombing of Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, which killed 270 people. (This, so far, is the best joke of UN - Useless Nothing! Israel is the only country which is not allowed to be a member of the UN Security Council)

Breaching Agreements? Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, in an unprecedented public acknowledgment, called continued Israeli construction in West Bank settlements a breach of Israel's obligations under the road map. (…which leads nowhere! Olmert has really lost the plot! Do you know any agreement which Arabs signed with Israel that was not breached and dishonoured almost immediately by them? Judea, Samaria and Gaza are Jewish land. No one needs another terrorist Muslim state there!)

Arabs Reject Normalization. Authorities in Arab countries throughout the Middle East have rejected a proposal for Arabs who left Israel, in compliance with their leadership at the time, in 1948 and their descendants to renounce their so-called right to return to Israel in exchange for monetary compensation.  For 60 years the Arab countries have refused to grant basic civil rights to their “brothers” that have lived in those countries, most of their ancestors came from, for generations.

Quote of the Week:

“Any intention and plan to give up parts of the Land of Israel is understood as weakness and surrender and leads directly to the murder of Jews. The Arab enemy understands only force, power and resoluteness. A Jewish government needs to evict its enemies from within it and settle Jews in their stead." - The Yesha Rabbis' Council reacted to the murder of two Jewish hikers near Hevron.

“Slavery creates slaves! If life does not turn Jews into lackeys they become gladiators. There are too many Jewish slaves (even after 60 years of freedom in Israel), but gladiators attract attention.” Muchail Veller, Jewish-Russian writer.

Feeble Responce. Strikes against Hamas, killing 9, was Israel's feeble response to the furthest-ever rocket fired from Gaza, a 122 mm Grad-type Katyusha which hit north of Ashkelon for the first time, approaching the Israeli port of Ashdod. PM Olmert called it a "strategic threat" and insisted it could not continue. (Oh, but it will. Because this gutless and mentally disturbed self-hating idiot does everything possible in order to destroy Israel!)

Evidence of Dangerous Delusion. Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert last Monday he believes he can almost see "the hand of God" in the coming together of purportedly Israel-friendly countries which are working to create a Palestinian state on the historical homeland of the Jewish people. (G-d’s intention to unite the land of Israel, Eretz-Israel. Not divide it!)

The War on Terror - The Containment Plan.

by Steven Shamrak.

We hear quite often that it is the fault of the West that the Muslim world hates us so much. They claim that it is Western demands for implementation of democracy, perceived as arrogance by Muslims, that are responsible for the escalation of Muslim terrorism worldwide. They say that Muslims feel disrespected and insulted by Western superiority and the life style, which the West tries to impose on the Muslim world. The message of hate toward the West is loud and clear!

I am totally sympathetic with their concerns and agree that we, Western countries, must not impose our values on our Muslim neighbours. We must completely refrain from interference in their way of life!

If the governments of Muslim countries and their population do not want to live by and obey the rules of mutual respect and peaceful co-existence with other nations, cultures and religions, we must let them live the way they desire! Therefore, total isolation must be imposed upon them and we have to let them live in complete and total disengagement from us.

They want to live in accordance with and under Sharia Law, a genuine Muslim life style and in an environment of malignant terror and hate. Let them enjoy it in complete self-containment! The wishes of the countries and peoples who hate us so much should be respected by Western society. We must allow them to maintain their ignorant life style and let them impose terror and hate on themselves only. This is the Containment Plan:

1.  Start active development and implementation of alternative sources of energy, with complete dedication of financial and human resources.

The benefits: It will make a cleaner environment; political and economic independence from Arab oil; Remove a tool of Arab blackmail; Reduce financing of terror; Engender a positive and healthy economical balance and quality of life.

2.  Intensify the war against drug trafficking from Muslim countries.

The benefits: It will improve public health; reduce the drugs for arms terror trade.

3.  Suspend immigration from Muslim countries and deport the radical and criminal Islamic elements to the countries of their or their parent's origin.

The benefits: It will prevent the deliberate Muslimisation process of Western society; Stop the spread of locally grown Islamic terrorism; Allows freedom of expression in the Western Muslim communities.

4.  Stop the sale of advanced arms and technology to Muslim countries.

The benefits: It will prevent the escalation of terror and transfer of advanced technology to the hands of terror fostering Muslim states; reduce the chance of development of WMD.

5.  Reduce political, cultural and trade contacts. So far, those contacts have not encouraged Muslim societies to build democracy. Quite the opposite, hostility toward the West has increased.

The benefits: It will reduce cultural pollution of Western and Muslim societies.

6.  If nothing else works stop all trade, cultural and political contacts with the worst offenders, like Iran and Saudi Arabia. Impose blockades.

The benefits: If their hatred of the West is so great and the West is so bad, they must not enjoy the produce of "evil"!