Obamanation vs Reality.

Only One Option? U.S. envoy George Mitchell assured the Palestinians on Wednesday of Washington's commitment to a state of their own, calling its establishment the only viable solution to their conflict with Israel. U.S. President Barack Obama had made it clear "the only viable resolution to this conflict is for the aspirations of both sides to be met through two states," Mitchell said. (When politicians are unable or unwilling to see alternative options it says a lot about the limitations of their intelligence or political dishonesty! I can name at least 3 options; the Sinai Option is a better one for all parties!)

Who Needs to Change? U.S. Middle East envoy George Mitchell, en route to Jerusalem, told reporters that U.S. President Barack Obama wants the Palestinian Authority and Israel to meet for “immediate” talks towards the creation of a new PA state, but PA Chairman Abbas refused. (No recognition of Israel as the Jewish state has been offered yet!)

Obama Following the Path of Normal US Hypocrisy! U.S. President Barack Obama filed his first six month postponement of the U.S. embassy in Israel’s move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the White House announced a week ago. A 1995 law ordering the transfer of the U.S. embassy has been routinely delayed by subsequent U.S. presidents.

Obama’s Reaching out to the Muslim World – Another Waste. Giant transports were landing at Cairo airport, unloading a fleet of armoured vehicles, White House helicopters, counter-terror weapons and the vanguard of the 3,000 Secret Service officers backed by CIA and FBI personnel who will secure the US president during his stay in Egypt. (The US is ten trillion dollars in debt, wouldn’t it cheaper to make speech in the White House? The result will be the same – Nara! Have you ever seen the Muslim World ‘reaching out’ to the West - and, I don’t mean the suicide bombers? After Obama’s speech, the best response from Muslims “We’ll wait and see”)

‘Friends’ of Obama have Spoken! The PA was the first to welcome Obama's statements as a "new and different start." Nabil Abu Rudaineh, a spokesman for PA President Mahmoud Abbas, termed the speech a "clear and frank message to the Israelis." Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum welcomed what he called "Obama's calm tone." But, he continued, the speech was "full of contradictions and lacking in practical policies and steps to support Palestinian sovereignty on our(?) land." The Hamas spokesman said his movement would not accept the Quartet's conditions for recognition of Israel, renunciation of violence and acceptance of all previous agreements signed between the Palestinians and Israel. (Why must Israel talk to terrorist organizations in order to cede Jewish land to the fake nation? The US does not negotiate with Al Quaida, it destroys it!)

Hypocrisy in US Military Budget. Four years after its cancellation, the U.S. Army continues to exploit technology from a laser weapon program developed with Israel. Mobile Tactical High Energy Laser in the army's research and development budget, but shows no funding through 2013.

Quote of the Week: "I say this in a clear voice - if we receive a guarantee of this demilitarized unit, we will be prepared to reach agreement to a demilitarized Palestine side by side with the Jewish state." - Netanyahu set rigid conditions. Among them: unequivocal Palestinian recognition of Israel as the Jewish national state with Jerusalem as its capital, and full demilitarization for a Palestinian state - no army, no rockets or missiles, no control of airspace. - Sinai is the best place for creation of this “demilitarized unit”!

Predictable Response from ‘Peace-loving’ PA. Senior PA negotiator Saeb Erekat rejected Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's speech on Israeli-PA diplomacy: "Netanyahu will have to wait 1,000 years for someone to agree to talk to him." Netanyahu had said that he was willing to talk and make peace with any Arab leader at any place and at any time.

Problem Is Iran and Islamic Doctrine, Not Ahmadinejad. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was declared the winner of the Iranian presidential election late Friday. Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said that the problem was not who the president of Iran was, but with the actions of the regime. "The Iranian problem stems from the policy of the regime in Tehran, all the more so in light of Ahmadinejad's victory and the continuation of his rule."

Time to Act Now! Ahmadinejad wins second presidential term up to 2013 – Iranians made it clear: No prospect of change in Iranian politics!

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Why are the children, grandchildren and grand-grandchildren of the people, who have left land of Israel during the independence war in order to accommodate extermination of the Jews by advancing Arab armies, still considered as refugees by the UN? Applying this logic, most of the people of the world are still refugees and entitled to UN aid!

Human Shield or Just Another Terrorist? Two Hamas militiamen were killed earlier last week by PA policemen in Kalkilya. Initially terrorists used a local woman as a human shield during the seven-hour gun battle before she herself threw a grenade at the policemen. (Most of the times Islamic terrorists use willing participants, who are prepared to martyr themselves, as ‘Human Shields’)

Another UN anti-Israel Smoke Screen. A UN war crimes investigator acknowledged that his probe of possible war crimes by Israel is unlikely to lead to prosecutions. Israel has refused to cooperate with this bogus investigation and Hamas security often accompanied his team during their five-day trip to Gaza, raising questions about the ability of witnesses to freely describe the militant group’s actions. (Several years ago the UN investigated the so-called Jenin Massacre with the same intentions and result!)

Another US Friendly Act. Defense Minister Ehud Barak said a week ago Tuesday that Israel “does not like” the fact that the United States has been supplying arms to Lebanon in recent months. “These weapons could reach Hizbullah,” he warned. “We need to give a chance to the new government in Lebanon, but we must also demand that it [Lebanon] fulfil its obligations under agreements, foremost among these [UN] decision 1701.”

Quote of the Week: "We're an independent country… Settlement in the Land of Israel is a basic right of the Jewish people which is not solely based on the Bible and the history of the Jewish people but a right which was recognized by the international community in the days of the [British] Mandate… We are not in Judea and Samaria because of natural growth but because of our rights here." - Professor Moshe Arens, the former Defense Minister.

IDF for Better Environment. The IDF is contributing to the protection of the environment by planning to place solar generators on all IDF bases to store electricity.

When Self-hate and Apathy Take Over. Student council electioneering on the campus of Hebrew University in Jerusalem deteriorated into Nazi salutes by far-left and Communist students, according to one of the leaders of a Zionist youth movement.

Corrupt Police Must be Purged. The national police force's Internal Affairs Unit (IAU) filed charges against 47 policemen or former policemen accused of taking part in a scheme to falsify records indicating extensive yeshiva studies that never took place, They allegedly illegally obtained certificates of higher education in Jewish studies cost the State hundreds of thousands of shekels in additional pay benefits. (Unethical policemen have no respect for the state and aspirations of Jewish patriots.)

‘Poor Palestinians’ Have Cash for Terror. PA Police have arrested six Hamas members in the West Bank suspected of planning acts against the Palestinian Authority and seized from them 1mn euros ($1.4m) and 21,000 Jordanian dinars ($29,750).

PA Doesn’t Want Two States.

Minister Benny Begin (Likud) said on Wednesday that he rejected the two-state solution because it would not end the Palestinian Authority’s demands for all of Israel (Shouldn’t it be because Judea, Samaria and Gaza are Jewish land as the main reason?). Speaking at a conference of Likud Party founders in Tel Aviv, Begin said he believed the PA’s plan was comprised of "two states on the path to one state – Palestine". 

"The reality of the past 15 years is territory for terror, not peace," he said. Begin added that two states for two people was not a viable solution, and that failures in the peace process are to be blamed on lack of PA interest and not an Israeli unwillingness to make concession. "The Palestinians are interested in two stages, not two states." He said the Palestinians were refusing to acknowledge Israel as a Jewish state in order to keep their status as refugees and to fight for their right of return. Begin also claimed construction in settlements was "not an obstacle to peace, otherwise peace would have been born on the ruins of Katif".