Obama’s Indecent Proposal

While US President Barack Obama has made no decision yet about freeing Jonathan Pollard according to reports, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) slammed the Obama Administration for connecting Pollard's case to the peace talks in the first place. It was revealed Tuesday that the US had offered the release of Pollard, in exchange for the release of over 400 Israeli-held Arab terrorists and a partial construction freeze in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem, all in the name of propping up the failing peace talks. (What does the release of a Jewish guy, held in the US prison due to a need to teach Israel a lesson, have to do with terrorists who have Jewish blood on their hands? The answer is - anti-Semitism!)

Jonathan Pollard - Jew of Integrity and True Love for Israel

According to a member of the US Parole Commission, Jonathan Pollard, now in his 29th year in a US jail on charges of spying for Israel, has waived a planned parole hearing. The move comes the same day that as US offered to release Pollard was revealed, in exchange for the release of over 400 Israeli-held Arab terrorists, including arch-terrorist Marwan Barghouti. Further, Israel would obligate itself to a partial construction freeze in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem, in a move to save the failing peace talks. Pollard's refusal to attend the hearing was reportedly meant to express his opposition to the deal that would set Arab terrorists free.

Israel is Cancelling Release of Terrorists

After Abbas signed letters of accessions to 15 international conventions, Chief negotiator Livni says the prisoner release has been cancelled, saying “new conditions were established and Israel cannot release the fourth batch of prisoners.”  (Will the United States release Pollard unconditionally now?)

Peace Process - the War which PA is Winning

PA leader Mahmoud Abbas did not announce his walkout from the negotiations with Israel or turn down the package of far-reaching Israeli concessions which US Secretary of State John Kerry assembled with Binyamin Netanyahu early Wednesday, April 1. He turned his back on them by sending out applications in the name of “the independent Palestinian state” for membership of 12 UN agencies - in breach of his commitment ahead of the negotiations.

Spokesman Ahmad Assaf revealed on official PA TV two weeks ago, on March 19, that the PA is using its non-member observer status in the United Nations (UN), given in 2012, as a "weapon" against Israel. Palestinian Media Watch translated the comments.

Given the UN status, the PA has been "waving around" the threat of going to the International Criminal Court for around two years according to Assaf: "we've obtained the release of the prisoners, we blackmailed (that is in quotation marks) (Israel), and we've taken important positions because we have a card that we're waving around."

US Secretary of State John Kerry on Tuesday called off a meeting with PA President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah for last-minute talks on extending peace talks with Israel, a senior State Department official said.

"We are no longer travelling tomorrow. We are in close touch with the team on the ground," the official said. (Why is Israel an exception? The bogus peace process only helps to promote the fake clams of the anti-Israel entity! The PA has admitted they agreed to “negotiate” only to get terrorists freed.)

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

The EU has been intensively building a fence to prevent entry of Arab/Muslim immigrants from Turkey. But, international media and Jew-hating liberals have not expressed their ‘outrage’, unlike when Israel had been building its anti-terror fence around Arab enclaves to prevent endless suicide bombings. They were also quiet when Egypt destroyed over 1000s of Hamas’ ‘trade’ tunnels, many buildings at the border with Gaza and closed the Gaza border for 50 days.

Agreement Tested by Action, not Words

Israel and the United States are now in broad agreement about the threat that Iran poses to the region and how to deal with it. "I think they are satisfied that we have the capability to use a military option if the Iranians choose to stray off the diplomatic path," Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said of Israeli officials. "I think they are satisfied we have the capability. I think they believe we will use it." (Israel did not comment!)

PA ‘Embassy’ is Terror Nest

The Palestinian ambassador to Prague who died in a blast at his residence on New Year's Day was holding the explosive in his hand when it went off. "The explosive was not placed on the door or inside the safe and was not there to protect the safe," police said. After the incident, Czech police found 12 firearms at the PA embassy in Prague, including submachine guns and sidearms that were not officially registered in the Czech Republic.

Israel Bowed to Political Pressure of Enemies Again

The IDF announced on Monday it will open a new investigation into the March 10 killing of a Jordanian judge by soldiers at a West Bank border crossing. "An investigation was carried out immediately after the incident in the form of witnesses being questioned… (but) on the instructions of the political (stupidity) leadership, the military command of the Central Region (covering the West Bank) has decided to open a new probe." After initial investigation the IDF concluded that Judge Raed Zeiter was shot dead on after attacking a soldier at the terminal, suffocating him and trying to snatch his weapons. An army investigation found Zeiter ignored calls to stop, and continued attacking soldiers at the scene with an iron rod even after he was shot in his leg. (Submissiveness to the presser of enemies, of all kind, is the only what Jewish leadership is consistently good at!)

Jewish Contribution to the World

Jan Koum (Jewish, born in Kiev, Ukraine, 1976) is CEO and principal founder of WhatsApp, a mobile messaging application. He moved to California in 1992 at the age of 16. In January 2009, Koum bought an iPhone and realized that the then seven-month old App Store was about to spawn a whole new industry of apps. WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook Inc (another Jewish-made phenomenon) in February 2014 for US$19 Billion.

NATO Member at War with Syria

Turkey has ratcheted up its intervention in the Syrian war to an unprecedented level. For the first time in the three-year conflict, Turkey is giving Syrian rebel forces, including the Al-Qaeda-affiliated Nusra Front, passage through its territory to attack the North Western Syrian coastal area around Latakia, the Assad clan’s birthplace. Turkish troops are posted at the roadside with supplies of ammo, fuel, food, mechanical repair crews and medical aid for rebel forces as they head north. The Turkish air force gives them air cover and Turkish agents arm them with surveillance data on Syrian military movements ahead. (The Islamic government of Turkey is dragging NATO into war with Syria!)

The Way the War on Terror Must be Conducted!

A British sniper in Afghanistan killed six insurgents with a single bullet after hitting the trigger switch of a suicide bomber whose device then exploded. The 20-year-old marksman, a Lance Corporal in the Coldstream Guards, hit his target from 930 yards (850 metres) away, killing the suicide bomber and five others around him caught in the blast. (Low-tech warfare is more cost-effective and efficient in the fight against Islamic terrorism)

PA Gave Ultimatum to US

Last week the PA gave US Secretary of State John Kerry 24 hours to get Israel to release the fourth batch of terrorists, according to AFP, after which they will resume moves to seek international recognition. "If we don't get an answer from John Kerry on the prisoners tonight, we'll begin to ask for membership in all UN agencies tomorrow." (Any entity or country can bully the US, but not Israel!)

Quote of the Week:

“Pollard, a true Israeli hero and man of principle must be disconnected from all other issues. If we would believe in our own justice and right to the Land of Israel, Jonathan Pollard would have been here years ago. Remember, tens of US spies - who have done real damage to Israel - are at work in our country at any given time. We could quietly get Pollard back with no further ado - if we would believe in our own rights and respect ourselves.” - Moshe Feiglin, leader of Manhigut Yehudit: The Jewish Leadership Movement.


Truth Hurt, but No Apology Needed!

"I never did give them hell.  I just told the truth,

and they thought it was hell." (Harry S. Truman)

The US is "disappointed with the lack of an apology from Defense Minister Ya'alon" for critical comments that have caused a furore in Washington. The politically correct set in the United States State Department became enraged and almost hysterical when Defense Minister Moshe "Bougie" Ya'alon decided to "give them hell".  

Ya'alon correctly pointed out that, as a result of American passivity, Russia has taken military action against the Ukraine, China has become more aggressive in South-east Asia, and Iran is continuing to march towards obtaining nuclear weapons capability.  

Minister Ya'alon accurately noted that the perception of the international community is that the United States is afflicted with "feebleness," which is jeopardizing the current world order and undermining the security of the democratic nations, including the United States.

Minister Ya'alon has had the temerity to tell the unflattering truth about the feckless foreign policy of the United States under the reign of President Obama.  His blunt and insightful statements may not have been politically correct, but it is long past time for someone to have the courage to make them.

Both the Israeli and American publics are entitled to have an honest dialogue about the threats to both countries. The United States public needs to hear that its government has lost the respect of foes and friends alike throughout the world.  

The Israeli people need to understand that they stand alone against the threats from Iran, Syria, Lebanon and the Palestinian Arabs. They must not be deluded into thinking that the United States will be of any assistance.

Minster Ya'alon deserves the gratitude of both Americans and Israelis for telling it like it is, even if it seems like hell.  Harry Truman would have approved. (I do not remember that the United States has asked the PA or any Arab/Muslim states for an apology, in spite of the continuous political snubbing it has received from Islamic world! All Ya’alon said here is the obvious.)