Perverting the Meaning of "Left" and "Right".

by David Silon

Barely 24 hours after the Six Day War, someone, somewhere in Israel gave a new definition to the terms "left-wing" and "right-wing". This individual stated that anyone who leaned to the Left supported the Arabs and desired that Israel give up its Biblical and ancestral heartland, now reunited with the rest of Israel, or should keep that land until Israel's security is assured. Jews should not settle on their native ancestral lands and should even question whether these lands were indeed ancestral. Anyone on the Right believed the complete opposite.

The result was two ideologies that pervert the meaning of "Left" and "Right", with the general public following one perverted ideology or another. In normal countries, whether in a state of peace or conflict, "Left" and "Right" are defined by people's opinions on social and economic issues, not territory. Only in Israel is there a definition like this. This is something for all Israelis to be ashamed of, regardless of their personal opinions.

Israel is the ancestral homeland of the Jews, where they have lived for close to 4,000 years, and there is nothing wrong with a Jew wishing to live anywhere he chooses in that homeland. This should be obvious to anyone, regardless of his or her politics...

The fact is, the terms "Left" and "Right" as defined by Israelis pervert the true and only meanings of "Left" and "Right", as they have been defined by the rest of the world since time immemorial. The real issue in Israel today (and there are many), is "anti-Semitism". Anybody can be susceptible to it, whether on the Left or the Right.

So let's call a duck, a duck and define the acts of Peace Now, Gush Shalom, ISM, etc. as anti-Semitic (not leftist) acts performed by anti-Semitic (not leftist) organizations. And please don't put me in the same category as them. (The writer of this article happens to be a left-wing secularist.)

Nuclear Test or Bluff? A weekend 5.0 Richter earthquake in Iran was actually a nuclear bomb test, says an Iranian nuclear scientist claiming to be working on the project.

Food for Thought: There is definitely something wrong with a government which cares more about enemies than its own population! -  Steven Shamrak

IDF Arms were Stolen by Bedouins. Police detained four suspects, including a soldier after the search of a house in the Bedouin community of Segev Shalom, outside Be'er Sheva. Detectives found explosives, an M-16 machine gun and a handgun. Police suspect that the machine gun was used in a shooting in the town. (So much for Bedouins’ loyalty to Israel!)

Issue of 'Humanitarian' Cement. Hamas government in Gaza is exploiting humanitarianaid, as shipments of cement, to build underground tunnels, ammunition bunkers and command centers. Hamas's underground city copies the system used by Hizbullah in the Second Lebanon War against Israel. Many of the tunnels are filled with explosives that can be detonated by remote control devices and cause the collapse of roads which IDF convoys might use. Hundreds of Katyusha and Kassam rocket launchers have been also placed underground.

Democracy in Afghanistan? The sentence of a 24-year-old student in Afghanistan found guilty of insulting Islam during a university class has been ''lightened''. After writing a paper critical of his religion and asking ''impertinent'' questions about the status of women, the student will not be given the death sentence but rather 20 years in solitary confinement. (How long does it take to realise that it is impossible to cure this illness, which has spread through most Muslim countries, by the use of blindly politically correct policies?)

Quote of the Week: Those who think that ‘Jewish money’ plays the key role (in the perceived US support of Israel) forget that few countries have more money than oil-rich Arab nations that also lobby heavily in Washington.” - Frida Ghitis (Miami Herald) – The Islamic states also are buying support using money and oil, or by using blackmail by terrorism against all member states of the United Nations!

Iranian Nuclear Bomb by February 2009. US intelligence’s amended estimate, that Iran will be ready to build its first bomb just one month after the next US president is sworn in. The information prompted the assertion by Democratic vice presidential nominee Joseph Biden in Seattle Sunday, Oct. 19 that: “It will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama like they did John Kennedy.” McCain retorted on Tuesday, Oct. 21: “America does not need a president that needs to be tested. I’ve been tested. I was aboard the Enterprise off the coast of Cuba. I’ve been there.” (Must Israel wait or rely on the inaction of the US? We can all see how successful it is in Afghanistan and Iraq!)

Prisoner Release. Three months after his release from an Israeli jail in a prisoner swap, former prisoner in Israel Samir Qantar says he is more than ever committed to working to wipe the Jewish state off the map. "As long as there is something called Israel in this region, the resistance must continue ... I am ready to take part in any resistance mission." (There is only one way to end 'resistance' - Send them all out from Jewish land!)

Better 60 Years Late than Never. The German government transfered to the Yad Vashem Memorial Foundation in Jerusalem a quantity of files on 600,000 Jews living in German from 1933 to 1944. The files contain details on their arrests, deportations and deaths.

Obama Conspiracy - Fixed Game!

by Steven Shamrak

Americans are now in a fixed election game; who to choose as the new president of the United States? Question are not asked why these particular candidates had been chosen for the voters by interest groups, with the carefully preserved ‘appearance’ of a democratic selection process, as was routinely done during previous presidential elections, with a complete disregard to their personal qualities. However, stranger things are happening during this election.

For the sake of democracy and the rule of law, whatever is left of them, shouldn't American voters at least wonder whether Obama actually is a natural-born U.S. citizen and if so, why he has not allowed access to his original birth records and proof of his American citizenship? Why is no one from the press, which has an obligation to inform people about the truth and uphold American values, demanding scrutiny of: Obama's extensive connections with Islam (nothing wrong with him being Muslim, but why does he deny that he grew up as one) and representatives of radical politics; who and why had financed his education in Harvard and why records are sealed?

According to a number of sources, Obama was really born in the Coast Provincial General Hospital at Mombassa, Kenya at 7.24 p, on August 4th, 1961. If Barack Obama was born in the state of Hawaii in 1961, as his defenders claim, why is it so difficult to produce the original certificate in a proper legal manner and not an allegedly faked image of the Hawaii certificate, bearing the name Barack Hussein Obama II? Why are the records of his birth sealed in Hawaii and Kenya? What is he hiding?

"Nothing is more important than enforcing the Constitution," Philip J. Berg, Democrat, a former deputy attorney general for Pennsylvania said. "The Constitution's provisions are very small for qualifying for president. One, be over 35, and he is. Two, be in the country 14 years, and he has been. Three, be a natural-born citizen. He is not." There should be a government document affirming Obama’s citizenship, but that also cannot be found. If that was not processed properly, Berg said, Obama would be in a situation even worse than not being a natural-born citizen. "If he didn't go through immigration, he now is illegal and has been an illegal alien. He couldn't even hold the position of senator for Illinois," Berg said.

Since Obama has not actually answered the allegations, submitted to US court, within 30 days, according to Rule 36, Obama has legally admitted that he is not a natural-born citizen! It's possible that for failing to produce the birth certificate, Obama will have to step aside, even after being elected as president. Does anyone care? Please, check it before casting your vote! Otherwise, if Obama is elected, it could be challenged as illegal presidency!

Footnotes: 1. According to a recent Zogby poll: Among white voters, McCain leads by a 53% to 41% margin. Among Hispanics, Obama leads, 66% to 28%, and among African Americans, Obama wins 88% to McCain’s 9%. So just who is being racist? 2. For the record, I do not support either McCain or Obama as the next president of the United State.