Nuclear Ban in Middle East – Why not all World?

The world's major powers are drafting an initiative to ban all weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East. The proposal, involving exploratory talks with Israel, Iran and Arab states, will be a central issue at a major conference. (As was predicted, the Arab countries sought to turn attention to Israel as delegates from 189 countries debated how to stem the spread of nuclear weapons.)

The New York conference brings together more than 150 countries in a month-long effort to repair and update the 1968 nuclear non-proliferation treaty (NPT) at a time when it is threatening to unravel…

Some officials call the NPT review conference a ''nuclear Copenhagen''. Like the climate summit last December, it demands trade-offs between powerful nations, emerging powers and weaker states. (and will fail to stop the Iranian nuclear program by shifting attention to Israel! Why wouldn’t the US and Russia perform the major reduction of their own nuclear arsenals first, not just a cosmetic public spin which involves only the removal of old and obsolete atomic warheads and bombs! Note: The United States alone has a total of 5,113 warheads operationally deployed, kept in active reserve and held in inactive storage.)

…India and Pakistan - all with nuclear arsenals - remain outside the treaty. North Korea withdrew seven years ago and has since been building its own bombs. Iran is suspected of cheating, and the five nuclear powers recognised under the pact are under fire for what non-weapons states see as hypocrisy and the slow pace of disarmament. (Israel still maintains policy of ambiguity in relation to its nuclear capability, but Obama’s administration and others are attempting to strip Israel of its strategic advantage and weaken the Jewish state!)

What was the Noise About – Just another anti-Israel Spin? US president Barack Obama reaffirmed his commitment to back up Israel's policy of nuclear ambiguity in a 20-minute telephone conversation with prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Monday, May 3. Ahead of the start of proximity talks with the Palestinians, Obama assured Netanyahu that the joint US-Egyptian drive for a nuclear-free Middle East would not apply to Israel before a comprehensive peace is forged with all its neighbors. (Meaning: “When ‘kosher pigs’ fly!”)

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Israel’s ridiculous unwillingness to deal with enemies who have been occupying Jewish land for over 60 years encourages the rise of opportunistic aggression from Muslim countries and resurrection of habitual anti-Semitic behaviour among traditional ‘friends’ of Jews in Europe and America.

Words Must be Supported by Deeds. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu told a Jewish Agency conference that "it would be difficult for this generation to picture a world without Israel – it would be a different world, but for generations the Jewish people prayed for “next year in Jerusalem” and in the end they achieved this". Netanyahu also said: "The Zionist revolution is mainly one of the spirit… It is a great privilege to belong to the Jewish nation." (Zionist ideals have not been realized yet! Netanyahu is squandering in his second time as PM the opportunity to move Israel toward their achievement.)

UN’s Accuser of Israel was the Apartheid Criminal. Israeli newspaper Yediot Achoronot is publishing an expose on Judge Richard Goldstone who headed up the UN's Goldstone commission on Israel's Cast Lead operation which reveals that as a judge on South Africa's Transvaal Supreme Court from 1980 until he was appointed judge of the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court in 1989, Goldstone enforced the draconian "emergency laws" of the Apartheid regime. The paper reports that in the 1980's Goldstone ordered the execution of at least 28 blacks when he was a judge in apartheid led South Africa.

PA vs Hamas - Sanctions Game. Chinese president Hu Jintao was taken by surprise by the Chairman of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas's plea to support tough sanctions against Iran's nuclear program when they met in Shanghai Saturday, May 1. A Middle East war, a real peril in the absence of sanctions, would cost the lives of many Palestinians who would be caught in the middle.

Sanctions will not Work – Decisive Strike is Needed! Turkey and Brazil are trying to revive a stalled atomic fuel deal with Iran in an attempt to help the Islamic Republic avoid new United Nations sanctions over its nuclear program.

De facto Freeze. The Jerusalem Regional Planning Commission last week convened for the first time in two months. But, due to American pressure, it has not discussed any major construction projects for Jews in North, South or East Jerusalem.

Quote of the Week: “Israel must make every effort to find alternatives to gasoline, in order to reduce worldwide dependence... It is crucial for fighting terrorism by taking away its financial base.” – Israel’s National Infrastructure Minister Uzi Landau – Not an original idea but a vital one - although anti-Semites, not just Islamists, will hate Israel with or without oil!

Sad Achievement. Dr. Edna Foa, a clinical psychologist made this year's Time 100, the weekly U.S. magazine's prestigious annual list of the year's most influential people. Foa made the list for the specialized therapy she developed to treat post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) (Israel is a country-laboratory for the study of PTSD. It can be ended by removing all enemies from Jewish land.)

The USA is Attacked Again. On April 30, twenty-four hours before a smoking SUV Nissan containing an improvised bomb was defused among the teeming crowds of Time Square, New York, the Pakistani Taliban's top bomb-maker, Qari Hussain Mehsud, recorded an audiotape taking "full responsibility for the recent attack in the USA" (As I wrote before - War against the Judeo-Christian West was declared long ago under… It is global! Israel was just the first target of Islamic expansionism. New targets have already been chosen and hit!)

Children Dental Care. The government on Sunday approved a program that would provide dental care for all children under 18 as part of the national health law.

Hypocrisy of the Headlines:

Top atomic watchdog focuses on Israel... - Iran is participant of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. The treaty has done nothing so far to stop Iran from developing and obtaining nuclear weapons. But just imagine what vigour and determination it would display against Israel as a member!

Law Enforcement on Jews 100%, on Arabs 0%. The Regavim land survey organization condemned selective law enforcement in Judea and Samaria: "Hundreds of illegal Arab villas are being built at this very moment near Shavei Shomron. While the government enforces the law against Jews by 100 percent, its enforcement on illegal Arab construction is zero percent"

No Media Frenzy. Kuwaiti security forces uncovered an Iranian Revolutionary Guards squad that collected information and spied on Kuwaiti and American targets. (At the same time, suddenly the subject of 27 ‘Mossad assassins’ is put to rest by all media outlets. Were they actually MI6 and/or CIA spies?)

Another anti-Israel Smear Exposed. Police investigators who examined that mosque that was ablaze last Tuesday in the village of Luban, located between Nablus and Ramallah, ruled that it was not a case of arson. They came to this conclusion because no combustible materials were found on the site.

Negotiation Charade Must End.

Israeli-Palestinian negotiations are doomed to hit a brick wall said Vice Premier and Regional Development Minister Silvan Shalom: “No matter what we do, I do not see a Palestinian leader who is willing to accept what Arafat rejected, and I don’t see a Jewish prime minister who can give more than what Ehud Barak offered. Therefore, I see it as a dead end.” Shalom said bluntly that he did not believe the Palestinians would ever recognize Israel as a Jewish state.

Israeli Military Intelligence Research Director Brig. Gen. Yossi Baidatz warned on Tuesday, the day before proximity peace talks are launched by US envoy George Mitchell: "We do not recognize in Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas a true attempt to be flexible on the core issues." He will stall and then blame Israel.

Fake Negotiations Game is Back? Palestinian Authority Chairman, Mahmoud Abbas stated on Monday, April 26 that he is willing to go back to negotiations with Israel, without pre-conditions (?). Arab League Secretary-General Amr Moussa announced that his organization has decided to endorse the resumption of negotiations. ('Indirect peace' talks, which are going to be 'supervised' by the US, will apply heavy pressure on Israel. It looks like the fixed poker game is being set, with all players ganged up against one - Israel, who is forced to participate!) Hours after the Arab League half-heartedly endorsed a renewal of talks with Israel, Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said all is dependent on Israel implementing a full construction freeze in Judea and Samaria and East Jerusalem. (The words of the lying snake are worth nothing!)