No to Palestinian State Snake Oil

by Steve Postal

The Biden administration and the EU remain obsessed with peddling the snake oil known as Palestinian statehood. According to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, there needs to be a “pathway to a Palestinian state,” without which Israel will not obtain either “genuine security” or Arab assistance in rebuilding Gaza. Meanwhile, EU’s foreign policy head Josep Borrell suggested that the international community could impose a Palestinian state without Israel’s consent.

Since November 2023, the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and Fatah (collectively, the “PA”) reveal that such a Palestinian state would likely support Hamas, support terrorism, and continue to spread libels and genocidal incitement against Israel and the Jews.

Fatah Secretary Walid Zaher, who is Abbas’ representative in Denmark, remarked that Fatah did not condemn Hamas for the October 7 massacre, and that it “fought against the UN not to add Hamas to the terror list.”

Recent statements from the PA also indicate that a Palestinian state would support terrorism.

The PA has specifically endorsed future terrorism in Judea and Samaria, commonly known as the “West Bank.” Fatah Ramallah Branch Representative Na’im Morrar endorsed “armed struggle” against Israel. Fatah Central Committee Secretary Rajoub has promised that “the next and more violent explosion will be in the West Bank.”

In particular, a future Palestinian state would have an obsession with martyrdom, given the continued glorifications of martyrdom by the PA-run press. Both the mother and aunt of terrorist Nimr Abu Mustafa, who was killed by the IDF after trying to plant explosives, praised his martyrdom on Official PA TV. The father and grandmother of child terrorist Yazan Akkoub, 14, praised their son/grandson dying as a “martyr” after he was killed trying to stab IDF soldiers.

While calling for a Palestinian state, the Biden administration and the EU are advocating for no less than endless war and the destruction of Israel. Israel should remain strong and continue to rebuff demands for a Palestinian state, which Palestinian leadership has rejected multiple times anyway.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

International anti-Semites in the UN created UNRWA to delegitimize, and eventually destroy the Jewish state. It is time to end this blatant discrimination against the Jewish state and disband UNWRA. The Fake Palestinian refugees can be handled by the UNHCR, according to its charter, as all other (some 50 million) refugees around the world.

Israel Needs to Learn how to Respond 'Proportionally'

The US military launched an air assault on 85 sites in Iraq and Syria used by Iranian-backed militias and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) on Friday, in retaliation for the drone strike that killed three US troops in Jordan last weekend.

Israel Issued Warning to Hezbollah

Israel’s military on Saturday issued its most detailed warning yet to Hezbollah in neighbouring Lebanon that it would be “ready to attack immediately” if provoked. The IDF is working to “reshape the security reality” on the northern border to allow some 80,000 Israelis displaced by months of incessant attacks to return home. “We will continue to act wherever Hezbollah is present, we will continue to act wherever it is required in the Middle East. What is true for Lebanon is true for Syria, and is true for other more distant places,” said a military spokesperson.

Foreign Workers in Israel are not Biden’s Business

Israel’s construction industry and farms have been recruiting more workers in Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe since October 7, 2023. Biden is trying to force Israel to legitimize the entry of some 100 thousand Arab workers from the PA. This is because the Biden administration is pushing the two-states solution down Israel’s throat even worse than President Obama had done.

Rafah is Next

Israel said that it is expanding their military operation in Rafah, to oust Hamas from Gaza, which is a city on the border with Egypt. “We completed the mission and will continue to Rafah,” Defense Minister Yoav Gallant wrote on social media, describing how Israeli forces had “dismantled” the terrorist brigade in the city of Khan Younis, a larger city less than seven miles north.

Saudis are Playing a Diplomatic Game

Saudi officials reportedly told US counterparts they would not insist that Israel take concrete steps to create a Palestinian state as part of a normalization pact. Saudi Arabia is increasingly keen to shore up its security and ward off threats from rival Iran so the kingdom can forge ahead with its ambitious plan to transform its economy and attract huge foreign investment. (Saudi Arabia and most of the 'pro-Palestinian' world have never really cared about fake Palestinians. They used them as pawns in the bigger political game against Israel.)

What would be the Border of a ‘Palestinian’ State?

The Biden administration is bucking decades of US foreign policy by considering a plan to unilaterally recognize a “Palestinian” state, despite deep opposition to the move within Israel. In the months since the Oct. 7 terrorist assault on southern Israel, the Biden administration has been pushing for “Palestinian” statehood as part of a major normalization pact and regional security initiative between Israel and Saudi Arabia. The United Kingdom may also not wait for Israel and the Palestinian Authority to reach a negotiated settlement, instead unilaterally recognizing Palestinian statehood, said Foreign Secretary and former British Prime Minister David Cameron. (Biden and Brits need to ask Abbas, the PA, and leaders of Hamas first what borders of the state of Palestine they claim. Anti-Semitic hypocrisy has no limits!)

The PA Agrees to Transfer Power to Hamas

The Western-backed Palestinian Authority is prepared to hand over the reins to the Hamas terrorist organization. Once Israel’s ground operation against Hamas concludes, Ramallah is “prepared to hold general elections, and if Hamas wins, the president will hand over the Authority (to Hamas),”said the PA spokesman Nabil Abu Rudeineh. (Objectives of both terrorist organisations, Hamas and Fatah, is the same – 1) Killing Jews; 2) Destruction of the only Jewish state.)

State Department is still Delusional

State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller said "We are actively pursuing the establishment as an independent Palestinian state, with real security guarantees for Israel, because we do believe that is the best way to bring about lasting peace and security for Israel, for Palestinians and for the region." (The best option would be removal of fake Palestinians from Jewish land! This will bring some stability to the region.)

Humanitarian Aid Ends Up in Hamas Hands

Shin Bet Head Ronen Bar last weekend told PM Netanyahu’s cabinet that between 60-70% of the humanitarian aid trucks that enter the Gaza Strip end up with the terrorist organization Hamas or are looted by it. (Must Israel continue allowing international anti-Semites to help its enemies to survive?)

Disband UNRWA

Rep. Brian Mast, US Congressman for Florida's 21st District, has introduced a bill to disband UNRWA, the United Nations relief agency controlled in Gaza by the Hamas terror group. "Anti-Israel protestors can yell 'liar' all they want, but the truth is this: The US-funded UNRWA enabled the deadliest attack on Jewish people since the Holocaust," Mast wrote.

Most Hamas Tunnels Still Intact

Despite weeks of Israeli attempts to destroy them, as much as 80% of the extensive tunnel network beneath Gaza, belonging to Hamas, remains intact, hindering Israel’s primary military objectives. Disabling the tunnels, which extend for over 300 miles beneath the narrow Gaza Strip - equivalent to approximately half the New York City subway system - would deprive Hamas of a relatively secure storage space for weapons and ammunition, and a hiding place for the terrorists.

ICJ Must Stay out of the ‘Political’ Conflict with Hamas

Ugandan Judge Julia Sebutinde, who voted against all six measures imposed on Israel by the International Court of Justice said that the world court should not be ruling on the Israel-Hamas war because it is a “political” conflict.

Encourage Gazans to Leave

12 government ministers and 15 coalition lawmakers pledged to rebuild Jewish Israel settlements in the heart of the Gaza Strip, and encourage the emigration of the Palestinian population after the war with Hamas is over. It is possible that the war imposed on Israel by the Hamas terror group meant that Gazan civilians could now be coerced into saying they want to leave the territory.

Quote of the Week:

“The main enemy of Israel (at the moment) is the regime of Iran. 44 years ago, when they came in power, their main slogan, their first principle, was the elimination of the state of Israel. We have to destroy Hamas; we have to destroy Hezbollah. Don’t forget. But in the next couple of months, Hamas will be recreated, maybe under a different name, because the Iranian regime has access to unlimited funds. We should not be afraid to attack Iranian bases, IRGC bases I’m talking about in Iran. We should not be afraid to attack and target nuclear sites of the Iranian regime in Iran. And we should not be afraid to attack the homes of the high officials of the Iranian regime in Iran. That’s the only language they’ll understand.” - Vahid Beheshti, the first Iranian opposition figure who spoke in the Knesset – Syria, Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt are not too far behind Iran.

Let the UNRWA Collapse

by Tovah Lazaroff (published, 2021)

UNRWA services 5.7 million (fake) Palestinian refugees in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Gaza, the West Bank and eastern Jerusalem.

The UN Relief and Works Agency that services only Palestinian refugees (for 70 years) is close to collapse due to political attacks and lack of funding.

Member states have not been willing to back up their statements in support of the organization with actual funds.

Israel’s ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan, urged countries ahead of the conference not to donate to UNRWA.

“UNRWA has long been part of the problem and not part of the solution,” Erdan said in a statement from Jerusalem. “Instead of functioning as an agency for humanitarian and educational assistance, the agency functions as a political body that promotes the Hamas narrative, allows incitement against and delegitimization of Israel to be written into Palestinian (school) textbooks.”

UNRWA has faced a financial crisis this year, despite the Biden administration’s decision to restore funding to the agency, which had been halted by former president Donald Trump.

The Biden administration has pledged $318 million. The second top donor is the European Union, which has pledged $117 million, followed by Germany at $109 million, Sweden at $51 million and Japan at $49 million.

Germany, for example, reduced its donation by $100 million, the EU by $30 million and the United Kingdom by $25 million.

Saudi Arabia, which last year gave $28 million, didn’t even make it onto the list of countries that donated $8 million or more. (Each year, on average, there are 50 million genuine refugees word-wide, and they are all looked after by the UNHCR. The status of so-called Palestinians has been artificially maintained as ‘refugees’ to discredit the existence of the Jewish state. The UNRWA is a UN organization that serves one group only – fake Palestinian refugees!)