No Trust in Israeli Legal System

Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit on Wednesday officially notified the High Court of Justice that he will not defend challenges to a newly passed law that legalizes Israeli West Bank settlements built on private land. The Regulation Law, which Mandelblit has repeatedly warned would be indefensible in court, was approved by the Knesset last month. The law allows the Israeli government to expropriate private land where Jewish outpost homes have been built ex-post facto, provided that the outposts were built in good faith or have government support. Analysts say the law could pave the way for the government to recognize some 4,000 illegally built Israeli homes. Under the law, the Arab landowners will be compensated financially or with other land.

Is Netanyahu Ready for a Change of Direction Now?

President Reuven Rivlin reacted to the State Comptroller's report on Operation Protective Edge and called to learn the lessons, to implement what needs implementing, and to strengthen the army. Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked (Jewish Home) said that "the comptroller's report states that [Education Minister Naftali] Bennett demonstrated leadership on security, presented the tunnel threat to the Cabinet in detail, demanded that they be dealt with, and thus prevented strategic terrorism against Israel." (Fast moving change is coming – Netanyahu must be ready to show leadership or step down for the sake of the future of the Jewish people!)


Support Shamrak Report

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

Zionism is the Jewish national liberation movement! Liberal anti-Semites and self-hating Jews support any 'liberation' movement, even Islamic ones that present clear threats to our democratic values, but not the Jewish one! With President Trump in the White House, the Israeli government must be ready to take decisive steps to realise the Zion dream of the Jewish people and free Jewish land, Eretz-Israel, from enemy occupation!

Another Useless 'Personality' Party

Former Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon (Likud) said at a "Shabbat Tarbut" event in Tel Aviv on Saturday that he intends to form a new party and to run for the Prime Minister's office in the next Israeli elections. (Israel will only make progress on the Zionist front and resolve the issues with the enemies when political ‘personalities’ start thinking about the future of the Jewish people first t!)

J-Street is in a Political Jail!

Anti-Israel hate group J-Street tried to get someone, anyone, from the current administration to come to its Israel-bashing fest. While in the past the Soros-funded hate group had been able to count on a star roster of Obama people, this time they've been turned down by everyone at the White House.

Time for Israel to do the Same

Egyptian airport security denied entry to senior Palestinian Authority (PA) official Jibril Rajoub and deported him. Rajoub is a confidant of PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas and a high-ranking member of the central committee of Fatah movement, who in the past called for use of nukes against Israel. No reason for the deportation was given. (Israel has many reasons to remove enemy population, which supports terror and hate, from Jewish land!)

Move is Long Overdue – No haste!

Jewish-American diplomat Dennis Ross, who among his many roles served as former President Barack Obama's Middle East adviser, revealed “In 1989, Rabin asked me to act to move the embassy to Jerusalem.” “I think we need to prepare the ground and the public opinion around the world for this. The Trump administration realizes that moving the embassy is an emotional issue and should not be done in haste,” he added. (The US Congress made the move of the US Embassy to Jerusalem a law in 1995. One can hardly can call it haste, only self-hating, anti-Zionist Jew do so!)

UNHRC Must End Obsession with Israel

A US deputy assistant secretary of state tells the top UN human rights body that, “to have any credibility, let alone success,” it must reform its agenda. She guarantees America's opposition “to attempts to delegitimize or isolate Israel, not just in the HRC, but wherever it occurs.” The US Trump administration is reviewing its participation in the top United Nations human rights body, with an eye to reform and a balanced agenda that ends the forum's "obsession with Israel"

State Department has Always been anti-Semitic

Donald Trump's nominee to be his ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, accused the State Department during a speech last October of having been anti-Semitic since Israel's founding. "In 1995, Congress enacted a law that required the embassy of the United States to move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem," Friedman told a crowd at a Jerusalem rally for the Trump campaign. "That's 21 years ago. Hasn't happened! Why? Because the law provides that the obligation to move the embassy to Jerusalem can be waived at the desire of the State Department, the same State Department that has been anti-Israel and anti-Semitic for the past 70 years."

Israel Begins Exporting Gas to Jordan

The exports to Jordan began in January, by a consortium which leading the development of Israel's offshore gas reserves. There was no formal announcement at the time, but it is the first time Israel has ever exported natural gas. In September 2016, a larger deal worth an estimated $10 billion was signed to export gas from the Leviathan offshore field to Jordan.

Idiotic Warning from Hamas

After the IDF has been forcefully responding to Hamas fire from Gaza, Hamas warned Israel that they will impose a new 'mechanism of action' in response to the rocket attacks, which could ultimately escalate the regional situation to the point of conflict. (Hamas has been systematically waging war against Israel, but Israel is just ‘responding’. it is time to remove hostile population from Gaza - Sinai is just a few miles away!)

Quote of the Week:

"Abu Mazen (Mahmoud Abbas) is an illegitimate leader. The PA does not exist. Hamas-stan is in the Gaza Strip, and in Judea and Samaria you find Fatah. Who will sign an agreement? I do not believe that it is possible to reach an agreement with the Palestinians without a comprehensive regional settlement with the moderate Sunni world." - Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman - He gave a generous compliment to Sunni Arabs. Only transfer of the enemies from Judea, Samaria and Gaza will bring peace to Israel!

Defensive War - legal Case

Ignorance of international law is not an excuse!

Since 1948, Israel has been the target of four major wars of extermination declared and waged by Arab states against it, has also been the target of two major intifadas, and unrelenting terrorist attacks by the NGO surrogates of Arab Nations. In short, in every conflict, Israel has been on the defensive.

Only a handful of people have a clear understanding of International Law, the Law of Nations, and the Geneva Convention. Many have chosen either to deliberately ignore them, to make inaccurate and obscure references to them, or to parrot what someone else said.

Here are the relevant aspects of these laws and how they affect the veracity of claims against Israel.

#1 - A country or nation that is fighting a defensive war, and that captures territory from the Belligerrent nation that attacked it, IS NOT OBLIGED IN ANY WAY TO RETURN THAT TERRITORY.

#2 - In the absence of any formal peace treaty, the nation that was attacked and that captured land in a defensive war, MAY LEGALLY ANNEX THAT TERRITORY.

#3 - In 1948, Egypt and Jordan ILLEGALLY CAPTURED, OCCUPIED, AND ANNEXED Gaza and the West Bank, respectively. BOTH Gaza and the West Bank were subsequently CEDED TO ISRAEL as part of several, formal peace treaties between these countries.

#4 - On November 22, 1967, the UN Security Council unanimously adopted Resolution 242, establishing the principles that were to guide the negotiations for an Arab-Israeli peace settlement. The "inadmissibility of the acquisition of territory by war" clause pertains to OFFENSIVE WARS ONLY! The resolution does not make Israeli withdrawal a prerequisite for Arab action. Moreover, it does not specify how much territory Israel is required to give up.

#5 - GAZA and the WEST BANK are "disputed territories," not "occupied territories." They were "occupied territories" prior to 1967 -- illegally occupied by Egypt and Jordan.

#6 - The Palestinians are not mentioned anywhere in Resolution 242. Nowhere does it require that Palestinians be given any political rights or territory. In fact, the resolution acknowledges that two refugee problems were products of Arab aggression. More Jewish refugees fled Arab countries than "Palestinian Arab" refugees left Israel. Jews, however, were never compensated by the Arab states, nor were any UN organizations ever established to help them.

#7 - In a statement to the General Assembly October 15, 1968, the PLO, rejecting Resolution 242, said "the implementation of said resolution will lead to the loss of every hope for the establishment of peace and security in Palestine and the Middle East region."

#8 - UN Resolutions made by the General Assembly carry no weight whatsoever. Even a cursory glance at them reveals how one-sided they all are.

#9 -Israel is the only country or NGO in the Middle East to comply with all resolutions made by the UN Security Council, which are legally binding. countries like Syria, Libya, Iraq, and Iran, and NGO's like the PLO/Fatah, Hamas, and Hezbollah have never complied with any of the major provisions of any Security Council resolution, and, if they initially had, they have subsequently violated them shortly after their passage.

#10 - The Geneva Convention has very clear and strict definitions, and guidelines of what it considers to be "an occupying force," and its responsibilities to the people and territories it occupies. According to these definitions and guidelines, Israel, throughout its 60-year existence, HAS NEVER BEEN an "occupying force" in any part of the globe.

#10 - The Geneva Convention, and other international laws regulating conduct during warfare, makes clear distinctions of what is, or is not a "war crime." Using human shields is a war crime. Conducting warfare from population centers is a war crime. Engaging in perfidy, such as having armed militants dressed as civilians, having armed militants dressed in the uniforms of their opponents, using fake surrenders as a pretext to attack, is a war crime. Deliberately firing upon civilians, or deliberately directing fire towards civilian centres in an effort to produce civilian casualties, is a war crime.

If one were to add up all of these actions committed by Hezbollah and Hamas since 2006 alone, the number of clearly defined war crimes that they committed against Israel would exceed 100,000 separate instances.