Egypt Has no Plan for Peace with Israel

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi omitted from his United Nations speech an affirmation of the Arab League peace plan that was in the advance text of his address.

Morsi's remarks, as prepared for delivery and distributed by the Egyptian mission to the United Nations on 26 Sept, included an endorsement of the Saudi-initiated Arab plan, which would exchange pan-Arab recognition of Israel for Israel's return to the 1967 lines and a solution to the Palestinian refugee issue.

It also included a recommitment to Egypt's prior international agreements, which include the 1979 peace accords with Israel.

Morsi removed these two elements in his spoken remarks, instead endorsing Palestinian statehood without noting whether his vision would accommodate Israel. Morsi, a Muslim Brotherhood leader who assumed the presidency in June, has made a point of not mentioning Israel in his public pronouncements.

Why Israel is still not a Self-respecting Sovereign State?

1.      Three Syrian mortar shells landed in Israel, on the Golan Heights. Several days ago gun fire from Syria destroyed Israeli military.

2.      Big explosives-packed tunnel blown up against IDF unit in Gaza. The blast was powerful enough to blow a military jeep over.

3.      Bahrain Revoked the Citizenship of 31 Shiite activists, including a former member of parliament. The Interior Ministry statement Tuesday said the country's Citizenship Act "allows the kingdom the right to revoke the citizenship of anyone who is charged with being a threat to the state's security."

(Israel needs to learn and implement some effective national security measures and attitude that is used by our enemies)

PA Fireworks for Obama!

Another 10 missiles hit Eshkol district on Sunday night,

after 106 rockets were fired from Gaza in 24 hours.

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

The last presidential election in the United States exposed the problem which, for a long time nobody wants to admit - Americans are racist! And it is not what you think. Overwhelming, the majority of African Americans, 93%, have voted for the colour of the president’s skin! The international community is refusing to face a similar problem - Arabs/Muslims hate our democratic values, terrorising and killing us (not just Jews) but we still think that it is our fault!

Israel will Attack Iran Alone if Necessary

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu promised that by the time his term as Prime Minister is over, Iran will not have a nuclear weapons program. Netanyahu said that if it is necessary, he will lead an independent Israeli attack against Iran, even without the support of the United States. “When former Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion declared the establishment of the State of Israel, was it with the consent of the Americans? When former Prime Minister Menachem Begin bombed the Iraqi nuclear reactor, was that with the consent of the Americans?”

Firebombs Most Common Form of Terrorism

Firebomb attacks continued to be the most common form of terrorism in Judea and Samaria during the month of October, according to the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet). The report found that that 68 out of 70 terror attacks in Judea and Samaria during October were firebomb attacks.

Obama Spying on Jews in Jerusalem

While thousands of homes are uninhabitable in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, Obama administration diplomats have been monitoring Jewish housing construction projects in two Jerusalem neighbourhoods. The Obama administration had set up an apparatus to closely monitor Jewish construction in Jerusalem and the strategic West Bank to the point of watching Israelis moving house-to-house in certain key neighbourhoods. Under the Bush administration, the consulate kept a general eye on Jewish Jerusalem and West Bank construction, receiving much of its information from non-government organisations. A PA negotiator said the White House had asked the Palestinians to slow their drive for the unilateral declaration of a state at the UN General Assembly. The negotiator further said Obama had promised the PA that the establishment of a Palestinian state will be one of the main priorities for a second term.

Is It a New Alliance?

Israel, France and the UK lined up this week for possible military action on Syria and Iran after the US presidential election. Binyamin Netanyahu spent two days (31 Oct-1 Nov) talking to President Francois Holland in France and Defence Minister Ehud Barak landed in London, after the top US soldier Gen. Martin Dempsey spent several days in Israel. They all agreed on the unsustainability of the current US Mid-East on-hold policy after 6 Nov– regardless of who was elected.

Fighting Terror - Egypt Style

Egyptian forces desert North Sinai positions amid multiple terror alerts. Attacks are believed heading for Egyptian and Israeli targets as well as US contingents of the Multinational Force peacekeeping force. The Egyptian soldiers complain they have not been properly equipped or armed for combating the terrorists. Their desertion gives the Islamist terrorists a free run. (Where has the US military aid to Egypt gone - into the pockets of corrupt politicians and generals?)

Church Must Pay Its Bills

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre is ‘struggling’ with a 9-million shekel ($2.3-million) unpaid bill owed to the Jerusalem water company. The Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem, which has extensive and valuable property holdings in the Holy Land and maintains a headquarters in the ancient church, had its bank account frozen, said an official at water company Hagihon. (If the Church is ‘struggling’ with paying its bills to the Jewish state, it can sell the ‘Knesset’ land it owns, which it refused to do, in spite of several very generous offers made by Israel!)

Liar Liar Pants on Fire!

Almost immediately after Abbas told Channel 2 that he did not want to return to his former hometown of Safed and that a Palestinian state would be established only within the pre-1967 lines, the PA announced that its president, Mahmoud Abbas, has not relinquished the plan to implement the Palestinian refugees’ “right to return” to inside Israel. (They make hollow statements and sign fake agreements, lie all the time, terrorizing and killing Jews, but Israel still negotiating with its enemies, whose sole purpose is to destruction of the Jewish state!)

Why Give Honour to anti-Zionist/Jewish Bigot?

Almost half a century after his death, Winston Churchill was honoured in Jerusalem with a statue and a tribute proclaiming him a friend of the Jewish people and the Zionist cause. (Why is Israel still unable to gain self-respect! Churchill did everything possible to accommodate Arabs in order to prevent the creation of the Jewish state. Before WWII the United Kingdom was behind the blockade of Jewish immigration from Europe. During the war he did nothing to stop the Holocaust and wanted to open the second front in Greece. Even after the war, the UK blocked the arrival of Jews to the Promised Land.)

Traitors Must be Removed from Knesset!

Arab MK Ibrahim Sarsour (Ra’am), who has called to establish an Islamic Caliphate centered in Jerusalem, criticised the remarks made by Abbas, which Abbas promptly reneged, that he had given up on the “right of return”. (Arab Members of Knesset are working against the state they supposed to represent!)

Quote of the Week:

“It is the total annihilation of Israel and the Jews. This is what the center of the educational system in the whole Arab world is. We were taught Jerusalem is a Muslim city; Jews had nothing to do with it, and we have to liberate it… This is now coming to the West, this fear that I used to live in the Muslim world - with the fear of speaking my mind, fear of saying the truth - is now following me to America… My culture of origin is now infecting America with fear of speaking the truth.” - Nonie Darwish, former Muslim from Egypt - This is an example of when the policy of good intention, ie political correctness, went wrong and has been exploited by the international Islamist movement!

Imagine it is America

by Steven Shamrak (Jul 2006)

In 1964 a Mexican Liberation Organization (MLO) for Independence of the South-West states of the USA - was created with the help of the Mexican Government.

In 1972 the MLO murdered the members of the US wrestling team at the Munich Olympic Games.

Since then, the citizens of the United States have been subjected to random acts of terror by the members of various factions of the MLO.

1993: Mexican and US representatives met in Oslo and signed a breakthrough agreement of mutual recognition between the USA and the MLO, which began the US-Mexican peace process.

The chain of agreements that followed, were facilitated by Israel - Wye River Memorandum, Camp David, summit at Sharm El Sheikh, Tenet Plan, the Road Map.

During all this time the MLO continued terrorist activity against the USA and ignored all agreements it had signed.

The UN and EU observed the suicide bombings, kidnappings and homemade rockets fired across the border by the MLO, but financially, politically and morally supported the MLO and the Mexican Government’s struggle against the USA.

Ten months ago the US government announced its decision to withdraw from New Mexico and transferred full control of the territory to the MLO.

Six months ago the US government ignored the protest of its people and deported the non-Mexican population from New Mexico, hoping to save lives and reduce the cost of the conflict.

The MLO responded with an escalation of the terror. Katusha rockets landed on soil of the United States. Suicide bombings and kidnappings never stopped.

A week ago MLO members used a tunnel to attack a US military border post. Two US soldiers were killed, 4 wounded and one kidnapped.

The MLO made a demand to release Mexican terrorists from US jails.

The US army in order to free the kidnapped solder and punish the MLO entered New Mexico. A power station, bridges and the Interior ministry building was bombed.

An Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman called for restraint and advised that diplomacy is a viable option.

The President of Mexico asked the United Nations for help in freeing the MLO members. The UN special envoy for the Middle East, Alvaro de Soto, says he will discuss the issue with the US government.

The US's four-day military offensive in New Mexico prompted recriminations during a UN Security Council debate sought by Spanish speaking countries.

For how long would the United States tolerate this situation?

At least the Mexican people have a legitimate historical right to claim the south-west of the USA - Arabs, so-called Palestinians, have none!