No Need for External Pressure!

Dr. David Wurmser of the Delphi Global Analysis Group, a Former Senior Advisor for Middle East and Strategic Affairs to US Vice President Dick Cheney, says that there is little truth to claims by Israeli leaders that they are being pressured by the US to make concessions in negotiations with the Arabs.

"I find it hard to believe that this president would ask Israel to do something it really did not want to do," Wurmser said. He implied that parties involved in Israeli politics may choose to give the impression of being pressured by the US rather than give take responsibility themselves (for their own stupidity, treachery and self-hate!)

'Moderate' Fatah. Fatah terrorists murdered one Jew northern of Jerusalem and wounded four others during infiltration at Kibbutz Kfar Etzion in nearly simultaneous attacks north and south of Jerusalem Thursday evening. Nine tons of potassium nitrate-based fertilizer, one of the ingredients used to manufacture explosives which is banned for use in PA areas, was discovered during a counter-terrorism operation in Jericho.

The two terrorists who attacked the high school in Kfar Etzion  on Thursday night had both been released from an Israeli jail last week.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Why must Israel provide water, electricity, medical care etc to the enemy, often not being paid and definitely not being appreciated for it, whose aim is the destruction of the only Jewish state? Let Arab brothers take care of the so-called Palestinians.

Hamas Faking Blackout. Arab journalists stated that many pictures showing Gaza reportedly suffering from a massive blackout had been staged. Gaza-based journalists said that on two occasions they were asked to cover Hamas events in which senior officials sat in dark rooms with lit candles.  Both events took place during the daytime with curtains drawn to give the impression of a blackout.

Jews Ejected from Temple Mount. A group of 40 Jews were forcibly removed from the Temple Mount Tuesday after being accused by police of praying at the site, Judaism's holiest. The Jews were told they will not be allowed to visit the site ever again. Police have been instructed to prevent Jewish prayer at the site. While the Muslim Wakf continues to carry out excavations at the site, using heavy equipment, tractors and trucks with no apparent supervision by Israeli authorities. (With a government like this, who needs…!)

Pre-emptive Warning. Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak warned PA Arab residents of Gaza not to start trouble with his nation's security forces at the border, saying "We know very well our national security considerations. We will not give them up and we will not let anyone harm them or attempt to harm them." (Two thirds of the Gaza strip, with its so-called Palestinian population, is under Egyptian control. Nobody wants even know about it. Mubarak made a clear warning to Egyptian ‘Palestinians’. And they know that the Egyptians will not hold back, like Israel does, when Egypt’s “national security considerations” are threatened!)

International Hypocrisy of Inaction. Though Congo’s civil war supposedly ended four years ago, rebel groups in eastern Congo have just signed a peace agreement with the government.  A new IRC, the International Rescue Committee, survey has found that 5,400,000 people have died from war-related causes in Congo since 1998, almost half of them children under the age of 5. This is the world’s deadliest documented conflict since WW II. About 30,000 children have been forced into militias, while untold thousands of girls have been raped, according to the UNICEF report. (And yet, the UN and other hypocritical international bodies are preoccupied only with providing moral and financial support to a terrorist entity - Palestinian Authority!)

Quote of the Week:

“one can imagine the integration of Israel into the Arab geographical entity (if Israel signed an Arab approved comprehensive peace)… We will start thinking of Israelis as Arab Jews rather than simply as Israelis." - Prince Turki al-Faisal, former Saudi ambassador to the US and UK. - What a disgusting but honest arrogance! I haven’t heard any international outburst against it.

"If we pull back to the 1967 borders, everyone should ask himself, what will happen the following day, Will the conflict stop, will the terror stop? Nothing will change." - Avigdor Lieberman, Yisrael Beiteinu faction. Lieberman is not a true Zionist, but at least his heart in the right place!

Israel Jump-starts Electric Car. Renault/Nissan and startup company Project Better Place soon will outline plans to blanket the Jewish state with half a million charging spots and battery-swap stations for electric cars. Drivers will be able to recharge or swap their batteries for fully recharged ones. (What have Arabs done for the world environment lately?)

‘Harmonious Palestinian’ State. Christians appear to be leaving Gaza, mostly for the West Bank, fearful of attacks by radical Muslims following the Hamas takeover. At the Baptist Church in Gaza, only eight people attended service on a recent Sunday morning. (Not long ago Christians have been terrorised in Bethlehem and Chuch of the Nativity was desecrated by ‘Palestinian’ thugs! Anyone care?)

New Satellite. The new satellite developed in Israel and launched in cooperation with India is the first to be equipped with Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) that allows its camera to see through clouds and provide images day and night. It ranks among the world's most advanced space systems.

Unadulterated Barbarism. The Iranian ayatollahs are planning on destroying the tomb of King Cyrus (Coresh), the Persian King known for authorizing the Jewish exiles to return to Jerusalem to rebuild the Holy Temple, as part of a general campaign to sever the Persian people from their non-Islamic heritage; Cyrus was thought to be a Zoroastrian and was one of the first rulers to enforce a policy of religious tolerance on his huge kingdom. (No respect for anything, even their own past!)

Israeli Doctors Restore Sight in Ivory Coast. Two ophthalmologists from the Wolfson Medical Center, Dr. Michael Paul and Dr. Alexander Weinstock, have restored sight to 61 residents of the Ivory Coast. (No fuss, just solid humanitarian work.)

What Referendum? Israel's President Shimon-Traitor Peres said that any peace deal with the ‘Palestinians’ should be put to a vote in the Jewish state either through a referendum or elections. (Jewish right to the land of our ancestors, Eretz-Israel, is fundamental and must not be questioned! Do Americans review and question their Bill of Rights every time an idiot or self-hater objects it?)

A Government with No Brains and No Balls.

by Mladen Andrijasevic

On June the 22, 1941, the day Nazi Germany attacked the USSR, Winston Churchill said this in his broadcast: "We shall bomb Germany by day as well as by night, in ever-increasing measure, …and making the German people taste and gulp each month a sharper dose of the miseries they have showered upon mankind."

How do Israeli leaders react to the 1500 rockets that have been showering Sderot since disengagement, especially the 220 the last weekend? - "Five Israeli tanker trucks parked at the Nahal Oz crossing on the Gaza border pumped 700,000 liters of fuel to the other side, enough to provide electricity to Gaza City for two days." Result: Palestinian terrorists in Gaza fired five Kassam rockets at the western Negev on Tuesday morning.

Have we all taken leave of our senses? Can the government once and for all make a point, show some resolve and make Hamas taste a dose of the miseries they have showered upon us? How does this government intend to achieve anything when it turns like a weather vane to every word of the ‘international community', the same community that remained silent while Sderot was bombed.

The farce with Abbas continues. The day after Israel was bombarded with 90 Kassams in two days, Abbas threatened to resign because of Israel's "escalation". No reaction by anybody. The question is not only that the rockets keep falling and the US and Israel keep living in fantasy of a moderate Palestinian leader. It is that we have utter nonsense thrown at us and say nothing. It is demeaning. Is there no dignity left in this population? What kind of civilization have we become to accept this?