Never Surrender Jewish Land.

In recent weeks, the United Nations has expressed its interest in "redoubl[ing]" attempts to provoke Israel to withdraw from the northern part of Ghajar, which Israel annexed in 1967. In 2000, the IDF pulled out of northern Ghajar, but re-entered in 2006 as part of the Second Lebanon War. The United Nations aims to place northern Ghajar in the hands of Syria. (Britain and France, in violation of the rules of the Mandate system, illegally ceded 5% of Jewish land to Syria, as well 77% to trans-Jordan, in 1922. No other country in the world gave up a land it had concurred during a defensive war from an enemy. Specially its own land!)

Ghajar is inhabited by Alawite Muslims, a minority sect of Shi'ite Muslims who hold an eclectic array of beliefs largely drawing from Islam, but also including some Christian and some secret beliefs.

Israel must not create a precedent of surrendering Jewish land to the enemies. At the same time, Villagers, fearing a humanitarian and security disaster if the pullout takes place, have said they want to remain residents of Israel and recently held marathon meetings with the President, Prime Minister, Defense Minister, and various ministers and Knesset members in an effort to garner support and prevent the withdrawal.

Hypocrisy of the Headlines.

Hamas says killed Israeli civilians by mistake Systematic bombardment of civilian areas in Israel for many years is just a ‘little’ mistake!

‘The War on Terror’ – The Bigots’ Style. The international police cooperation organization Interpol added the passport names and pictures of the 11 suspects in the killing of senior Hamas terrorist Mahmud Mabhouh to its wanted list.

Admission of the Traitor. Speaking at a conference at Tel Aviv University, former Prime Minster Ehud Olmert said that he was willing to surrender Jerusalem’s Holy Places, including the Temple Mount, to international control in order to reach an agreement with the PA. (Thank G-d that the PA is not willing to accept peace with Israel in any way, otherwise the self-hating traitors would give up all Jewish land for the illusion of peace!)

When Archaeology becomes Threat to Fake Policy. The United States-based Time Magazine complained last week that the archaeological activities of the “City of David Foundation” are hijacking Israel's political agenda, implying the organization is forcing Muslims to accept the Jewish truth of Biblical historical statements through archaeological discoveries in the Ir David neighbourhood, south of Jerusalem's Old City. (One can’t change archaeological artefacts for political reasons but can hide them or forbid even talk about them. Saudi Arabia and Jordan, to prevent Jewish discoveries, are very restrictive of any archaeological diggings. Egypt disallows scientific debate on the origin of the Pyramids and the Sphinx.)

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

All spy agencies use fake or stolen identities, as well as foreign passports, in order to protect their agents during covert operations. Only Israeli Mossad, consistently the most successful security organization in the war against Islamic terror, is chastised by the media and some countries for doing its job well using common practice. This is another example of the anti-Semitic double standards of international bigots!

Israel Funds Anti-Israel Rhetoric via PA. Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman told the Knesset's Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee that much of the international delegitimization against Israel is carried out by the Palestinian Authority (PA), adding that some of it is paid for by cash that Israel supplies to the PA. Most of the legal motions filed against IDF officers are financed and initiated by the PA. Lieberman said: “We must examine, as a society, whether we consent to accept these rules of the game – that allow them to negotiate with us while turning many of their resources against us.” (Appeasement of international bigots and idiotic policies must end!)

Political Campaigning in Israel is Empty Rhetoric. An Iranian attack on Israel would be considered an attack on Canada, according to Peter Kent, Canada's Minister of State for Foreign Affairs of the Americas and a legislator from an Ontario community with a large Jewish population. (Politicians such as this, like Barack Obama before him, are campaigning in Israel only to win Jewish votes.  Talk is cheap!)

Israeli Labor Party Fears Democracy. Labor party Chairman Ehud Barak again expressed his strong opposition to a proposal to give Israeli citizens living abroad the right to vote in Israeli elections.

Another Anti-Israel Bigot Angered by Snub. Speaking to reporters in Tel Aviv a visiting U.S. congressman William Delahunt, a Democrat from Massachusetts, lashed out at Israel's number two diplomat, saying he was snubbed by the Foreign Ministry and demanding an official clarification. The trip is hosted by J Street, a liberal, anti-Zionist Jewish lobbying group. (Not every anti-Israel bigot must be welcomed in Jerusalem. It would be even better not to let them in at all. Anti-Jewish political bigots must not be allowed to use trips to Israel for self-promotion!)

UNRWA Promoting Terrorism. An UNRWA (the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees) educational program has honored the terrorist Abu Jihad with a football tournament in his name. The tournament was organized by the Fatah Students' Youth Movement at UNRWA's Women's Training Center in Ramallah. (This is not the first time UNRWA has helped the PA to promote terrorism among so-called Palestinians.)

Quote of the Week: "Stabbing [of IDF soldier Ihab Chatib] proves that there is no strategic difference between Hamas and Fatah, both of which share the goal of the elimination of Israel. Both organizations are wolves but one of them is disguised as a lamb and we must fight them harshly." - Deputy Minister of the Development of the Negev and Galilee.

It Pays to be a Terrorist. The Palestinian Authority (PA) Prime Minister has enhanced regular monthly stipends for the families of slain terrorists. Funds are deposited into the bank accounts of the “shahids” (martyrs) families at the same time that salaries are transferred to the accounts of PA government workers. It is believed that at least part of payout is derived from the internationally-donated funds that are transferred to the PA via the Bank of Israel for humanitarian purposes only.

No Concessions before Negotiations. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said at the weekly Cabinet meeting on Sunday that Israel will not make major concessions before negotiations. “First, we will conduct negotiations without preconditions. We do not accept the idea that Israel must always make extraordinary concessions…” (He should say: “Israel will not make any concessions”! The enemies of Israel have offered only rocket  fire and random terror attacks as concessions.)

US is Subsidising Terror. The United States announced on Thursday that it will donate $40 million to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, UNRWA, for Arabs in the Palestinian Authority-assigned areas, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. (The American funding comes despite a report that Hamas terrorists are employed by the agency. That is why Canada decided last month to stop its UNRWA funding. The US’s huge international debt has also not stopped this stupidity!)

What Diplomatic Relation? The Egyptian Journalists' Union has sanctioned two journalists who interviewed Israel's ambassador to Egypt, Shalom Cohen. Hussein Sarang, a veteran reporter, was suspended from his job for three months. Israeli officials said that the sanctions were evidence that Egypt was "trying to erase the presence of Israel from the Egyptian consciousness." (The presence Egypt has never really allowed!)

Saudi Control Media and Education.

Ever wonder why CNN and Time are so blatantly pro-Islamic? Ever wonder why they are so eager to transmit Islamic propaganda?

Rupert Murdoch's efforts to retain control over his News Corp media empire were boosted today when a billionaire Saudi prince Talal, friend of Rupert, upped his stake in the company. Such a role would appear to give the Prince some say over the way the business is run…

The Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, a nephew of the Saudi king - son of the founding King of Saudi Arabia Abdul Aziz Al Saud, is already the second largest stakeholder in the News Corp., with 5.7 percent of the shares of the media company. The stake is held through Kingdom Holding. With surprisingly little media attention, Saudi Arabia has bought a stake in the company that owns what has been, until now, arguably its most visible and influential critic: the Fox News Network… In December 2005 Prince boasted about his ability to change what viewers see: "I picked up the phone and called Murdoch... (and told him) these are not Muslim riots, these are riots out of poverty. Within 30 minutes, the title was changed from Muslim riots to civil riots."

…Bin Talal is a big backer of Islamist organizations in the US, including the Islamic Society of North America, an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation trial, the largest terrorism financing trial in US history. It should also be noted that ISNA has been revealed to be a front for the Muslim Brotherhood, the original Jihadist organization

Harvard University and Georgetown University have received $20 million donations from Prince bin Talal to finance Islamic studies. Yale University selected Muna Abu Sulayman, general secretary of the charitable foundation of Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal, as a world fellow for 2009. The Yale World Fellow Program seeks to build a network of global decision makers who have a fundamental, mutual understanding born of common experience and information. Ms. Muna Abu Sulayman is the daughter of Dr. AbdulHamid Abu Sulayman, one of the most important figures in the history of the global Muslim Brotherhood.

Prince has also raised his stake in Citigroup to 5 percent in late 2008 from less than 4 percent in a move that came as the company was facing a possible collapse. His Kingdom Holding is the single largest shareholder in Citigroup.

PS: 1987 Bill Ayers solicited Khalid Abdullah Tariq al-Mansour (a.k.a. Donald Warden - an orthodox Muslim, a black nationalist, an outspoken enemy of Israel) to raise money for Obama’s Harvard Law School education. At the time al-Mansour associate Percy Sutton was raising money for Obama’s education, al-Mansour was the top financial advisor to mega-billionaire Prince Alwaleed (Alwalid) bin Talal of the Saudi royal family. 1988-1991 Obama attended Harvard Law School.