Netanyahu has Chosen Political Uncertainty

by David Brinn

Netanyahu is apparently unable to think rationally when it comes to his trial and the sense that he is a victim of persecution. The potential plea deal being touted for the past couple of weeks would see former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu avoid prison time but prevent him from remaining in politics for the next seven years.

In his first public statement regarding plea talks in his criminal trial, Israeli opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu tells his supporters he will continue to “fight for our path, truth and justice.”

The plea deal would have enabled the country to move past the trauma of having a former Prime Minister on trial and of that individual continuing to be a divisive figure in national politics. It would also have spared the country the humiliation of watching yet another Israeli leader possibly arriving at the gates of a prison to begin his sentence.

Likud Leadership Candidates Loyal to Netanyahu

Battling Likud leadership candidates folded their tents, following opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu’s announcement that he was rejecting a plea-bargain agreement in his corruption cases and remaining head of Likud. One by one, candidates Nir Barkat, Israel Katz, Miri Regev and Tzachi Hanegbi announced their perpetual loyalty on social media to Netanyahu. The only candidate who intends to challenge Netanyahu for the Likud leadership remains former Knesset speaker Yuli Edelstein. (Are they loyal or fearful of him?)

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

By rejecting a plea deal Benjamin Netanyahu revealed his selfish and narcissistic character again! It proves, as it was pointed out so many times, that his main focus is not the wellbeing of the country. Because of his personal ego, Israel has endured four inconclusive elections. In the end, an ‘impossible’ political alliance was formed, just to prevent him from being Prime Minister again. Does the Likud party still have any strong leadership material to replace him, and allow Israel to move forward?

Amnesty International - Anti-Semitism in Human-Rights Skin

The global human rights organization Amnesty International describes Israel as an "apartheid" state. The report states that, “almost all of Israel’s civilian administration and military authorities” are involved “in the enforcement of the system of apartheid against Palestinians across Israel” and in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. (No rockets fired from Gaza were mentioned in report, nor the daily terror attacks by fake Palestinians against Jews and IDF in Israel and Judea and Samaria!)

President of Israel Visits UAE

President Isaac Herzog opened Israel’s national day at Expo 2020 Dubai this morning. The President and the First Lady were welcomed with an honour guard, after which the Israeli flag was raised and the Israeli national anthem (HaTikvah) was played in the expo’s central plaza. “Israel is a country in which obstacles become opportunities, and where the impossible is a tantalizing challenge. This pavilion has provided a phenomenal taste of what we have to offer - from water tech and sustainable agriculture, to public health, to smart cities and ground-breaking solutions..." said President.

Creation of New Jewish Nationalist Government?

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is currently holding talks to create a new nationalist camp which will run in the upcoming elections. Bennett spoke about his decision to form the current government, saying, "If we had not succeeded, the country would have collapsed into chaos. I don't want to think what would be happening now if we had held fifth elections." (It would be prudent if those supposing Jewish religious parties join the current government now, replacing four unreliable Arab MKs.)

Moscow Playing Two-Face Game in Syria

For the first time, Moscow has allowed Iranian weapons-laden flights to land at the big Russian-controlled Hmeimim air base in western Syria. This follows the announcement of joint Russia-Syria air patrols over the Golan and the deployment of Russian military police units at the Syrian port of Latakia, after it was bombed by Israel, as a primary portal for the intake of Iranian weapons shipments for its surrogate forces.

Arabs Attack Jews in Israel

Police Arrests Jews for Defending Jews

A man was arrested by Israeli police for help his fellow Jews during Operation Guardian of the Walls, when Arab residents of mixed city Ramla were attacking their Jewish neighbours.

Arabs Attack Jews with Snowballs

Jerusalem is experienced an unusually heavy snowfall this past week, and local Arab rioters are taking advantage of the situation to attack innocent Jews with snowballs. Police were attacked with snowballs containing rocks.

Learn from Arabs how to Enforce “National Security”

Jordanian soldiers killed at least 27 armed amphetamine smugglers on Thursday and wounded others as they crossed the border from Syria during a dawn snowstorm. Jordanian officials say Lebanon's Iran-backed Hezbollah group and militias who control much of southern Syria are behind the surge in smuggling. "We will strike with an iron fist those who dare think of tampering with our national security," the army statement said. (Arab terrorists and smugglers are crossing Israel’s border almost daily – time to start dealing with them the Arab way.)

Israeli Air Force Held ‘Long-range’ Strike Drill

The Israeli Air Force held a drill to practice a long-range strike using a squadron of long-range F-15 fighter jets. The year 2022 has been designated as the year that the IAF prioritizes its long-range strike capabilities against Iran’s nuclear program sites at the top of its priority list.

Quote of the Week:

“Why would anyone legitimize their right to enrich uranium at a massive capacity? They (Iran) are now enriching at 60% grade in these huge factories. Why are they doing it? You don’t need 60% (enriched) uranium for anything but a nuclear weapon. I don’t see any rationale why it makes sense for the free world to sign a deal that would give them money and at the same time allow them to continue (enriching uranium at high levels). Effectively, Iran has to give up its nuclear-weapon program.” - Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett.

Nuclear Iran is not an Option

Iran is Weeks Away from a Nuclear Bomb

The Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) published its 2022 annual Strategic Report claiming Iran is only weeks away from achieving nuclear capability. The assessment presented to President Isaac Herzog indicated that Tehran is also determined to build and empower its military options to threaten Israel, by using its proxies, like Hezbollah and Hamas, in order launch simultaneous attacks against Israel from different borders, using surface-to-surface missiles, rockets, UAVs, and drones. (Conducting 'negotiation' with Iran the international anti-Semites are just facilitating its nuclear program to achieve its goal. Israel can't afford to wait any longer!)

The US Direct Talks with Iran is Another Delay ploy!

The United States is prepared to hold direct talks with Iran on its nuclear program. The comments came after Iran said Monday it will consider direct talks with the United States. "Iran is not currently talking with the US directly," Hossein Amir-Abdollahian said in televised remarks, adding, "But, if during the negotiation process we get to a point that reaching a good agreement with solid guarantees requires a level of talks with the US, we will not ignore that in our work schedule."

Demands for Tougher Stand on Iran

Three members of US negotiating team at Vienna talks with Iran quit, demanding a tougher stand on Iran. One of the members of the team, Richard Nephew, deputy special envoy to Iran, is said to have quit the team entirely. Two others have “stepped back from the talks” over frustrations with the soft negotiating stance taken in Vienna.

Israel Must have a Credible Military Plan to Stop Iran, even without help from the US!