Silence Doesn’t Work!

by Steven Shamrak.

Someone must scream because the lives of Jewish people are in danger again! You have to ask:

1. Where does the policy of endless concessions, uncertainty and stupidity of withdrawal lead Israel to? – Self-destruction!

2. What results have previous concessions brought to Israel and Jewish people? – Escalation of terror and an increase of anti-Semitism world-wide!

Only strong, decisive, actions against our enemies can stop terror and re-gain self-respect and respect of others, including anti-Semites.

The rights of Jewish people to live in peace on all Jewish land must not be the subject of the Left or Right of politics, or be subjected to political revisionism of history.

People have to consider the history (ancient and modern), knowledge of facts, human psychology before they form an opinion about the Arab-Israel conflict. The time has come to say - Enough!

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Likud would have had clear majority in Knesset for a long time if only Netanyahu had real Zionist vision and will to implement it! Instead, he plays both sides of politics to keep himself in power. Bibi has improved Israel’s economy, but he has done nothing to end the Arab-Israel conflict. He has been fighting/fearing true Zionists, more than anti-Zionist Left. (It was mainly Labor party before, now they are deceitfully called “Blue and White”, and there were many in between.) He needs to step down and let true Zionists return to Likud and bring the dream of Jewish people – reunification of Eretz-Israel to realisation!


Sinai Option - Road to Permanent Peace!

Please, read and forward this article!

Nasrallah - Delusional Dog is still Barking!

In a speech marking Iran’s “Jerusalem Day”, Hizballah’s Hassan Nasrallah again boasted, “Israel is afraid of us and keeps talking about our rocket capabilities. We will be able to take over large areas inside Israel in the next war.” Despite its military capabilities, he said, Israel “fears missiles from Lebanon, Gaza and Syria.” The Hizballah chief turning to the US said: “Trump, his administration, and his intelligence know well that any war on Iran will not remain confined to its borders, but engulf the whole region. and American forces and American interests will be permissible targets.”

Netanyahu Fears Political Competition

PM rebuffs requests from within Likud to allow Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked to run for Knesset on party list in upcoming elections. Netanyahu intends to make several changes in the cabinet's composition, including dismissing ministers Naftali Bennett and Ayelet Shaked. (His main focus is to make sure that there is no challenge to his party leadership - many true Zionists left or were pushed out of Likud by Netanyahu!)

Why Wait for Next Attack - Remove Them Now from Gaza!

Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar thanked Iran for providing his terror group the rockets it used to strike deep into Israel and warned the Jewish state that Tel Aviv would be struck again in response to any offensive against the Gaza Strip. “Iran provided us with rockets, and we surprised the world when our resistance targeted Beersheba,” Sinwar said. (The "surprised" attack was without any "offensive" from Israel. Gaza must be free from enemy occupation - Only then will attacks end!)

Hague Court has no Jurisdiction in Israel

The IDF’s senior military prosecutor, Brig. Sharon Afek, asserted on Tuesday that the international war crimes court has no jurisdiction in issues pertaining to the Israeli-Palestinian despite.  Israel is a law-abiding country, he explained, with an independent, strong and well-developed court system, which does not need scrutiny from an external judicial authority. (So-called Palestinians have been occupying Jewish land, and they must be prosecuted by ICC for war crimes - like using civilians as human shields, targeting Jewish civilians in Israel, using and killing children in digging terror tunnels and in terror acts!)

Anti-Semites of All Dominations are United!

Three male students smashed the headstones at the Portuguese Jewish Cemetery of the south-western French city Bordeaux. A police official said: “At face value, this had nothing to do with anti-Semitism”. In France, Jewish community organizations have in recent years protested over police’s handling of several crimes committed against Jews and Jewish institutions as ordinary cases of violence or vandalism. (Anti-Semitism is unique factor, which is widely and eagerly practiced by Nazis, Communists, Liberals, the UN bureaucrats, many political parties and governments around the world, Islamic groups and common idiots!)

Self-Hating Jews More Dangerous than Enemies!

Matt Duss, a vehemently anti-Israel foreign policy adviser to Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, recently met with Palestinian spokesperson Hanan Ashrawi and reportedly denounced President Donald Trump.

Financial Crisis? PA Ministers Got a Raise

The new ministers of the PA have given themselves a $2,000 raise, a move which was done illegally and at a time that PA officials are not being paid their full wages, and the average salary in the PA stands at $20 a day.

Germany Calls for Show of National Dignity

The German government has called on people to wear the kippah ahead of an anti-Israel protest as a demonstration of solidarity and as Jews face a spike in anti-Semitism, withdrawing an earlier warning against wearing the traditional skullcap. (Are German people able to reject traditional anti-Semitism, as the king of Denmark did during WW2, and say no to Islamic hate?)

Political Chameleons only Care about Self!

1. Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party will convene to approve a merger with Moshe Kahlon’s Kulanu. Likud lawmakers were reportedly fuming over the plan, which gives Kahlon’s party four reserved slots on the Likud slate in the next election.

2. Shaked is joining Likud. Bennett is planning to create "new connections" and run for Knesset.

Nothing has Changed – Arabs are Singing the Same 'Song'

Speaking at an emergency Arab summit in Mecca, the Saudi Arabia’s King Salman called for the establishment of “an independent state with east Jerusalem as its capital”. His comments come ahead of the upcoming US-led economic workshop in Bahrain. (Not on Jewish land!)

European Union Created Fake Historic Village

The Palestinian Authority, with the support of the European Union, is expanding its program of illegal land-seizure. Over the past two years, the PA has created, out of thin air, an “historic” village – which just happens to be located on a strategic point adjacent to the Jerusalem-Hebron highway. The signs posted on the refurbished buildings, proudly bearing the European Union emblem, explain that the site is an ancient village – Shoshahleh. (This is not funny anymore; it has never been! Why political idiots in Israel do nothing to stop occupation of Jewish land by enemies?)

Quote of the Week:

"UNRWA has been empowering the refugee problem for years, instead of trying to solve it while adopting a unilateral political position. The organization's schools have been transformed into terror and incitement infrastructures, with textbooks distributed on the ground denying Israel's existence, and underground tunnels dug by Hamas. UNRWA failed to rehabilitate the Gaza Strip and succeeded only in inciting violence against the State of Israel. UNRWA's mandate must come to an end." - Israel's ambassador to the United Nations, Danny Danon

Good, Bad and Ugly anti-Semites

by Steven Shamrak.

Dear human beings. It has become apparent that a phenomenon of anti-Semitism, in old and modern forms, is on the rise again.  At the same time, according to one of the EU directors there is "…a problem with the definition of anti-Semitism…” For that reason, I would like to focus on the definition of the people who subscribe, perform and propagate anti-Semitism. They are anti-Semites:

1. Good anti-Semites: They express freely their prejudicial feelings toward Jews. I admire people who have an opinion and openly express it, regardless of their political inclinations. I welcome and respect any opinion, even if it is based on lack of factual knowledge. When an opinion is expressed it is opened for discussion. Discussions facilitate growth and change for the better.

2. Bad anti-Semites: They actually act on their prejudicial belief system. They paint graffiti, smash Jewish tombstones, brake windows in Synagogues or even sacrifice themselves in suicide attacks. The rule of law must be indiscriminately applied to any act of violence against individuals, organizations and government institutions regardless of their political, racial or religious affiliation!

3. Ugly anti-Semites: They are the worst kind. Many of them are, seemingly, nice people. They could be beggars or multi-billionaires, your neighbors or Prime Ministers. Most of them are nice, polite and very illusive. They are quiet when their voice must be raised but vocal when it is not. The silence facilitates the rise of any ugly discrimination and prejudice, not just anti-Semitism.   

Only simple human decency and intolerance to “killer silence” can stop the sickening circle of hate.