Netanyahu - Likud Politics in a Nutshell

by Steven Shamrak

We must remember that the Likud party was founded in 1973 as a Zionist alliance by uniting several Zionist parties and groups, like Herut (or "Freedom") party! Likud won the 1977 elections decisively, marking the first time the left had lost power, because it had abandoned the major aspiration of the Jewish people – reunification of Eretz-Israel!

Netanyahu has always played a political game with the Israel anti-Zionist leftist parties (like creating national unity government), politically blackmailing Likud natural partners to submission. By consistently doing so, he made Likud supporters frustrated, cynical, apathetic and disillusioned!

He consistently suppressed and pushed out Zionist-minded people/leaders from Likud, perceiving them as a threat to his position, leaving Likud with no candidate/challenger to his dictate/rule!

Likud would have had clear majority in Knesset for a long time if only Netanyahu had real Zionist vision and the will to implement it! Instead, Netanyahu plays both sides of politics to keep himself in power. Bibi has improved Israel’s economy, but he has done nothing to end the Arab-Israel conflict. He has been fighting good members of Likud, fearing the challenge from true Zionists, more than the anti-Zionist Left. He needs to step down and let true Zionists return to Likud and bring the dream of Jewish people – reunification of Eretz-Israel to realization!

If Likud wants to have a political future, and not to vanish like the Labor, Avoda party, from the Israeli political scene, it needs to elect Zionist leadership, which would inspire people toward achieving our national goal, ending occupation of Jewish land by enemies and re-establish our rightful ownership of Jewish ancestral land!

It can only be accomplished by Israel alone! History has proven that reliance and expectation of support from others is self-delusion - it will never come! Our enemies and so-called friends have never and will never agree to removal of the enemies from Jewish land and let Israel/Jews to be a true independent nation!

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

ISIS has been barbarically killing thousands of Christians, Yazidis, Kurds, Shi’ite Muslims and removing all ‘infidels’ from IS controlled land; Kurds have begun ethnic cleansing by Arabs from Northern Syria; Myanmar is conducting systematic ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya Muslims. Population transfer and ethnic cleansing has been used all over the world, even in Europe (after the breakup of Yugoslavia), in spite that it was ‘outlawed’ immediately after Israel had won the War of Independence to prevent Jews from reclaiming Jewish land and remove Arab occupiers from it. Only Israel is not allowed to end enemy terror and occupation of Eretz-Israel! When will it be really ENOUGH?


Sinai Option - Road to Permanent Peace!

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Iranian Attacks on Tankers are Self-Destructive

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tweeted: “It is the assessment of the U.S. government that Iran is responsible for today’s attacks in the Gulf of Oman. These attacks are a threat to international peace and security, a blatant assault on the freedom of navigation, and an unacceptable escalation of tension by Iran.” One of the tankers sustained a hole at the water line from a torpedo or a similar projectile; the other, a Japanese tanker, was hit with projectiles in several assaults. Tanker attacks in Gulf of Oman fuel security, oil supply fears‏. (This is the second attack of this kind. For how long Iran does expects that the world, at least the US, will do nothing about it?)

Liberman’s Irreconcilable Stupidity

Yisrael Beytenu head Avigdor Liberman said Saturday that after the upcoming elections he would force an “emergency” coalition with the Likud and Blue and White parties to block ultra-Orthodox parties from entering the government. (He has never been a true Zionist! The time of political stagnation and fake unity governments has gone!)

PA has NO Interest in any Peace or Friendship with Jews!

Fatah booted the council chief of the West Bank village of Deir Kadis after four Israelis, from nearby Jewish settlements, showed up at his son’s wedding celebration. Radi Nasser was also removed from his job at the Palestinian Authority education ministry after videos emerged showing the Jewish men at the event. (Hamas fires rockets at Israel; Fatah plays politics with the same aim - destruction of the Jewish state!)

Illegal Mosque Must be Removed

Israel all but admits Waqf added Mosque on Temple Mount, disobeys Court shutdown Order. The state claimed that the Jordanian caretaker agency Waqf has so far carried out only “a few minor jobs”, but the police stated that the work was not so minor. The High Court of Justice is demanding the immediate closure of the mosque! (Israeli government is not so shy when it comes to destroying Jewish 'settlements'! Enemies have no respect for Jewish history in the Holy Land!)

Democrats are NOT Friends of the Jewish State

More than half of House Democrats slam any Mideast plan without 2 states. The non-binding resolution, so far has garnered 123 co-sponsors out of 235 in the Democratic caucus.

Jewish Life under 'Normality' of Terror

1. There were 44 stone-throwing incidents, 19 firebombs and 15 arson attacks were recorded against Jews in Judea and Samaria, adding up to

2. 1,029 terror incidents since the beginning of 2019.

3. Eshkol region’s fields blazed with 8 fires Wednesday on the second day of massive Palestinian incendiary balloon attacks from the Gaza Strip. The IDF declared a naval blockade (again) on the Gaza Strip as punishment.

4. Chabad House/Hesder Yeshiva in Sderot hit by Rocket fired from Gaza. A few students had remained and were in the building learning at the time the rocket slammed into the building.

Gutless New Justice Minister!

Newly appointed Justice Minister Amir Ohana clarified that he would respect High Court rulings! With the appointment of Likud ally Amir Ohana - the first openly gay MK in a right-wing party - as justice minister, Prime Minister and Likud Chairman Benjamin Netanyahu continues to undermine the generation of politicians set to succeed him.

BDS Fund’s Terror Ties

Strategic Affairs Ministry says it quietly targets finances of anti-Israel groups in effort to expose connections to Hamas, Islamic Jihad, PFLP. Israel shutters 30 BDS fundraising accounts by revealing alleged terror ties.

Netanyahu is a Big 'Talker', Small 'Doer'

PM Netanyahu said that Israel will act preemptively and will not wait for its enemies to attack "...We are acting methodically and consistently to prevent our enemies from establishing offensive bases against us in our vicinity." (For years Israel has been under attack from Gaza - enemies still have not been removed from it! 'Proportional' response and caring what our anti-Semitic international 'friends' would think does not work!)

Car ‘Revolution’ Underway

Bill Ford, the executive chairman of the Ford Motor Company and the great-grandson of the US company’s founder, Henry Ford, said in Tel Aviv on Tuesday that in the “revolution” rocking the automobile industry. Ford is in Israel to inaugurate the carmaker’s new research center in Tel Aviv, like other tech giants - Google and Intel, and car manufacturersincluding Honda, GM, BMW and Volkswagen, all scouting and investing in Israeli tech in this field. (Henry Ford, the anti-Semite, is rolling in his grave!)

Self-Haters of Meretz Seeking for Arab Support

Two members of Meretz launched a joint bid to head the left-wing party, saying they were looking to bring it a “shared Arab-Jewish leadership.”

Meretz is said to be mulling a merger with the center-left Labor Party ahead of the September 17 elections.

Jordan is Fed up with Abbas

Jordanian officials are fuming over Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas' management of the PA's financial crisis. Abbas has ordered PA officials not to meet Israeli officials to attempt to solve the problem.  Jordan is concerned that a collapse of the PA will lead to violence, including towards Jordanians. Such a scenario would threaten the Hashemite kingdom's stability. (They do not care about peace, just the kingdom’s survival - so-called Palestinians are a threat to it!)

Israel Baffled by Hamas-led Resurgence of Violence - Why?

Israeli officials resort to ineffective response measures - contested by the military - as they struggle to understand why the terror group has intensified incendiary balloon attacks even as talks underway for broad ceasefire deal.

Last Tuesday alone there were at least seven fires that broke out in the Gaza border area. All the fires were caused by incendiary balloons flown from Gaza. (What a 'surprise'! Hamas, and all enemies of Jews, will not be satisfied until Israel no more!) Israel Defense Force aircraft opened fire against Hamas subterranean positions in the southern Gaza Strip following a rocket attack aimed at southern Israel. (Business as usual!)

Quote of the Week:

“Tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil.” - Thomas Mann

Terminology - Jewish Dictionary

by Steven Shamrak.

Quite often Israel-bashers throw accusations and use terminology without any interest for the facts. It is done deliberately in order to create a perception of impropriety committed by the Jewish state.

At the same time they knowingly ignore: the obvious human right violations, abuse of the women, slavery etc… committed by the Palestinian Authority and by many other Muslim countries. These issues are not questioned or scrutinised by the international press and Jew-haters.

Here are some examples of obscure terminology these hypocrites have been using to muddle the issues of the Arab-Israel conflict. I hope that ‘Jewish dictionary’ clarifications will bring a better understanding of the obscure terminology:

Confiscation of Arab land - This is Jewish land. The Government of Israel is in its right to appropriate the land in the interest of national security or to accommodate the need for development.

House demolition - Arabs have been building thousands of illegal houses in Israel and territories. They must not be exempted from construction and property laws. Many countries used demolition as a common practice of deterrent or punishment too.

Targeted killings - Arab terrorists want to be rewarded by 72 virgins and to sit next to Mohamed at the table in heaven facing Allah. The Israeli army just facilitates their desire. It is better to target and kill terrorists than let innocent people die!  

Building Jewish settlement - It is the right of Jewish people to live on the Jewish land of their ancestors! For the moment, at least on paper, Israel is still an independent state.

Administrative detention - It would be preferable to transfer the Arab terrorists and their extended families to Arab states as an anti-terror deterrent. But 'the world' made too much noise when Israel did it!

Torture - If it is done, it would be for the sake of saving lives, when the time factor is imperative. Israeli security prevents 9 out of 10 terrorist attacks, including random drive-by shootings, kidnappings and suicide bombings! But Arab terrorists behead and kill people for pleasure!

Relative calm - It is used as a sinister attempt to cover up the daily barrage of shells and rockets from the Gaza, West Bank and Lebanon. As well as sniper attacks, drive-by shootings, knifings and suicide bombings in Israel! There is not a “Peace Process” in Israel. There is a preparation for another war!

Please, for a better understanding of the Arab-Israeli conflict change your vocabulary and use the Jewish dictionary!