Negotiating with non-Representative 'Partner'

by Joel Gilbert

Once upon a time at the White House, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thought he saw a two-state solution that would achieve peace in the Middle East. “President Abbas, you are my partner in peace.”

While Netanyahu was the duly elected leader of his country, three strange characters who did not represent their people were standing next to him at the White House - Jordan’s King Abdullah, Egypt’s President Mubarak, and the former Palestinian Authority President, PLO chief Mahmoud Abbas.Beginning in 1983, support amongst Palestinians for the secular Palestinian Liberation Organization steadily declined as an Islamist Palestinian leadership emerged. By the end of the nineties, the PLO was irrelevant to most Muslims. In January 2005, Palestinians made their choice official when the Islamist group HAMAS won a decisive victory over the PLO, capturing over two-thirds of the vote in free elections. Abbas’ term as President of the Palestinian Authority quietly expired in January 2009.

In his statement at the White House, Abbas declared his hopes for successful negotiations “in the name of the PLO.” He did not even pretend to represent the Palestinian Authority...

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

For many centuries Jews pledged loyalty, in accordance with Jewish law, to host rules or countries. Now, in our own state, some disgusting self-haters and traitors are opposing loyalty oath to Jewish states.

Look Who is Talking?

Commenting on the change to people's oath of loyalty to Israel, opposition leader Tzipi Livni said: "We have seen today politics at its worst. The sensitive issue of Israel's existence as a Jewish and democratic state has become subject to political horse-trading.” (Most countries are trying to preserve their own national identity, demand loyalty and respect for the law. Why shouldn’t Israel?)

Europe Must Fix Own Problem First

Israel's foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman hosted counterparts Bernard Kouchner of France and Miguel Moratinos of Spain in Jerusalem a week ago. He admonished them, saying that Israel is not Czechoslovakia surrendering to Germany and pointedly told his guests that, "Before you teach us how to resolve conflicts here, I expect, at the very least, that you solve all the problems in Europe." Lieberman reportedly accused the international community of trying to "make up for its failure to resolve conflicts in Somalia, Afghanistan, North Korea, Zimbabwe, Sudan and other places by trying to bring about an Israeli-Palestinian agreement within a year." (At least one minister of the Israeli’s government is able to keep bigots at bay. Reminder: France and Spain are still occupying the Basque region!)

Undemocratic First Democracy

A poll conducted by McLaughlin and Associates found that the majority of American adults support Israel, and oppose U.S. President Barack Obama's Middle East Policy - 50.9% said Jerusalem should remain Israel's undivided capital, compared to just 20.4% who disagreed. 77.9% said that Palestinian Authority leaders should recognize Israel as the Jewish state, compared to just 6% who said they should not. (Americans are consistently pro-Israel, but where Jews are concerned democracy is ignored!)

Ugliness of the US Administration anti-Israel Attitude.

Support of the Jewish state or just Love for the Game?

“The region needs to accept Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people,” State Department spokesperson Philip Crowley said. “The desire that Prime Minister Netanyahu expressed” when he spoke in the Knesset about the offer he had made – continuing the freeze in exchange for PA recognition of Israel as a Jewish state - “is a core demand of Israel, one we support. Israel must be recognized as part of the region, and the region must accept Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people,” Crowley said.

Quote of the Week:

"This is a fight for the homeland. It is either us or the Israelis. There is no middle road. The Jews of Palestine will have to leave. We will facilitate their departure to their former homes. Any of the old Palestine Jewish population who survive may stay, but it is my impression that none of them will survive... We shall destroy Israel and its inhabitants and as for the survivors - if there are any - the boats are ready to deport them." – from a speech of PLO leader Shukairy, on June 1, 1967 – The objectives of this our enemy are clear. By rejecting all peace initiatives and concessions made by Israel, Arabs prove that there their intentions remain the same!

Barbaric State in 21st Century

A Saudi couple tortured their Sri Lankan maid, Ariyawathi, 49, (after she complained of a heavy workload) by hammering 24 nails into her hands, legs and forehead. Nearly 2 million Sri Lankans sought employment overseas last year and around 1.4 million, mostly maids, were employed in the Middle East. Many have complained of physical abuse or harassment. (This is the true face of ‘moderate’ Islamic bastardry, which is flourishing amongst the despicable silence of the free press and ‘sensitive’ politics conducted by democratic countries!)

Opinion of Qualified Nobel Laureate 'They' Ignore

Prof. Yisrael Auman, Nobel Laureate and noted American-Israeli mathematician and game theorist commented about the ‘Peace process’: “The calls for peace, which we have been hearing (mainly from our side) for the past 90 years, do not bring us closer to peace but actually take us further from it.” “We think that posters with pigeons will bring about peace, but that isn’t true and will only bring about war,” added Aumann.

Conducting Undeclared Wars.

Tempers are running high in Islamabad since US officials intimated that additional remote-controlled aircraft and helicopters from other Afghan sectors were brought in to strengthen the major new front opening up against Taliban strongholds in Pakistan's North Waziristan. Pakistan blocked NATO Afghanistan-bound convoys which are regularly torched and attacked. (Turkey wages war on Iraq by attacking Kurds in the North. The US is conducting war in Pakistan, attack Taliban targets. International laws are not respected. The international ‘free’ media is silent! During the war in Vietnam there was at least some pretense to hide the US attacks on Laos!)

Awakening of Israeli Left?

Israel’s leading Hebrew news website Walla, founded by the Haaretz group and identified with the left, has surprised its readers with its latest editorial questioning the peace process: "Stop the Peace Process" it wrote: "You can argue with Ya'alon and Lieberman, but you should listen to them. Netanyahu does not want it, Abu Mazen cannot achieve it and the left knows there will not be peace here in the coming years. It is time to remove the mask.” (Our enemies are not interested in peace. Only by pursuing its own interests and rights, can Israel achieve peace!)

The Art of Jewish National Suicide

Writings of a rabbi.

For decades, large numbers of (not just) American Jews and the vast majority of their leadership have been practicing the art of national suicide.  Faced with the loss of an elementary understanding that …vital issues should be judged on the basis of national self-interest - Jews have consistently vowed fealty to ‘objectivity’, regularly placed liberal or “humanitarian” concepts over Jewish ones and worked tirelessly to destroy themselves.

Normal people realize that groups base decisions upon self-interest.  Normal people realize that democracy is a conglomerate of pressures and self-interest groups with farmers, consumers, unions, Catholics, Blacks (African American) and all kinds of lobbyists constantly striving to ensure that their interests be served.  Apparently, the Exile has so warped and terrified certain Jews that they strive to escape their Jewishness… thus gaining love and safety from anti-Semitism. 

It is insecurity, fear and drive to assimilate that lead certain Jews to back causes that are blatantly anti-Jewish.  Thus, some Jews become Marxists in face of the fact that Marxism means the elimination of Jews both as a religion and nation.  Certain Jews become “humanists” despite – or because of – the subsequent blurring of all division between Jew and non-Jew. Others retain their Jewishness, but insist upon being liberals before Jews and think a liberal world guarantees safety for the Jew.  All these groups have been proven wrong a thousand times over and the fact remains that the Jew can never purchase his safety, security and peace at the expense of his own identity, or specifically separate existence.  The one way to ensure their identity and the survival of the Jew as a separate entity is through Jewish self-interest.

 Liberal support for downtrodden people in no way necessarily ensures Jewish survival.  Being a liberal is not always synonymous with Jewish interests (and the same holds true for being a conservative).

It is vital for the Jew – if he wishes to survive – to understand a number of basic axioms:

1.      Unless the Jew aids himself there is no one else who will come to his rescue in time of great and critical need.  The fact is so historically true that it is inexplicable that it is not self-obvious.

2.      Jews, in order to survive, must continually gird their resources and strength for Jewish causes and aims since no one else will.

…inward national pulls are far more powerful than international and supranational movements.  It is little wonder that after 50 years of Soviet rule, Ukrainians and other groups retain and strengthen their own identity and the Great Russians retain their strangle hold on the Soviet Establishment.  It is not surprising that 27 years of Tito can do nothing about the rise of Serbian-Croat rivalry, and the Communist Albania and Yugoslavia have an Albanian ethnic problem.

 The solution to survival and respect in this world is not to attempt to lose oneself… One who does not know from whence he came will never know where he is going.  Some day we may build a better world but it will never come until each of us regains his own separate identity and self-respect. Only with that self-respect can we respect others and only when others respect us will they truly accept our hand in friendship.