My Narrow-minded Attitude.

by Steven Shamrak.

I am sometimes criticised for covering only one subject in my editorial letters, namely the Middle East conflict in general, and the right of the Jews to live in peace on their ancestral land in particular. My critics are quite right! I can’t help it. I am passionate about the rights of my people.

I could write about colonialism and the effect it had on the lives of millions of Indians who were shipped throughout the British Empire as cheap slave labour, plus the adverse social and cultural impact it brought to the indigenous nations. The devastation of environment, due to colonial exploitation, would also make a big and interesting subject to explore.

I could write about the Church, its persecution of not only Jews, but millions of Christians who had stepped out of the official line or tried to be a good G-d-respecting human being. Nobody wants to seriously and systematically contest the devastation and destruction to other cultures and religions brought by the Church to many nations around the world. Then there’s always the systematic child abuse by priests, monks and nuns, and efficient cover-up by the Church’s official and legal system to write about. Cultural genocide of many nations and legalization of the slavery was also done in the name of Christ and the superiority of the Church-led nations!

Political hypocrisy and stupidity could be another favourite subject of mine. A lot could be written about forging of the state of Panama by and for the economic benefit of the United States; Creating political minefields by dividing Africa and the Middle East along colonial control lines, with no consideration for tribal interests and historical information; How about the betrayal of Tibet and Czechoslovakia! Most people don’t even know that the war in Vietnam could have easily been avoided if not for the arrogance and stupidity of the French and US governments. What about occupation of West Papua by Indonesia; the Basque region by Spain and France; Northern Cyprus by Turkey; Western Sahara by Algiers, as well as the misfortune of the people of Kurdistan and Kashmir.

Yes, there are hundreds of issues I care about and could easily write about. I have chosen only one – Eretz-Israel, the land of Israel! Please, choose the one that you are truly passionate about. If all of us start to care, it will make the life of corrupt political systems intolerable, and the lazy and hypocritical journalists might start to do their jobs properly and honestly. And G-d forbid if in the process we are able to change the world into a better place!

The US House of Representatives is scheduled to vote on Tuesday of next week on a resolution to move the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to the capital of Israel, Jerusalem, in accordance with the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995.Will it be another hypocritical 6 months delay?

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Hypocrisy of International Aid: No international aid or moral support has been offered by any country or non-Jewish organization to the residents of Israeli town Sderot, victims of Arab terrorists’ rocket attacks, during the past two years!

Sderot takes 310 Qassam missiles from Gaza 16 days in a row.While Israeli government continues the pretence of current military tactic - INACTION!

Fake Regrets for Disengagement. The Yesha Council of the Judea, Samaria and Gaza communities has published a collection of statements by public figures who supported or helped implement the unilateral withdrawal from Gaza and northern Samaria and have since expressed regret: 1) Maj.-Gen (ret.) Yiftah Ron-Tal, IDF ground forces commander at the time of the Disengagement. 2) Ilana Dayan, Journalist, Host of Popular ‘Uvda’(Fact) Program. 3) Maj.-Gen. (res.) Giora Eiland, Chairman of the National Security Council and one of the Disengagement’s chief architects. 4) Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, a major backer of the Disengagement. (It is just a fake PR work of political parasites. They must start actively supporting a Jewish Gaza! How often must true Zionists say: “I told you so”?)

Still Sitting on the Fence. Former IDF Chief of Staff Moshe Ya'alon stated that the Disengagement is what led to the Second Lebanon War and brought southern Israel under fire from Gaza. Ya’alon was replaced as Chief of Staff just before the 2005 Disengagement due to his semi-public disapproval of the plan. “The unilateral approach that drove the Disengagement Plan has failed and Israel must abandon it,” he said. (But he is still sitting on the fence, as in 2005, and is not advocating re-establishment of a Jewish Gaza.)

Peres to Run for President. Shimon Peres, 83, confirmed he would stand for election to be the country's next president. "I have occupied almost every senior position in the land," Mr Peres said. "I have known failures but have also had successes that I hope have contributed to building (more like destroying) the nation." During five decades in Israeli politics he has never won a national election. (In fear of persecution for corruption, Israeli political self-hating dinosaurs do not retire! The sick, corrupt and traitorous immorality of governance must be stopped!)

Control of Gaza Only Solution. Former General Security Service head Yaakov Perry stated that the only way Israel would be able to stop the incessant bombing of the south by Gaza terrorist was to control Gaza. Perry said, however, that a temporary Israeli entrance into Gaza to “clean house” would end up backfiring… (Just control of Gaza with Arabs remaining there is not enough! It is not the solution, but postponing the problem. Gaza must be completely cleared from enemies and reunited with Israel!)

Quote of the Week:

"[Israel will] create in the course of the next 10 or 20 years conditions which would attract natural and voluntary migration of the refugees from the Gaza Strip and the west Bank to Jordan. To achieve this we have to come to agreement with King Hussein and not with Yasser Arafat." - Yitzhak Rabin, Quoted by David Shipler in the New York Times, 04/04/1983. – It was good but naïve idea, thinking that in order to clear the Land of Israel of a hostile Arab population, Israel needs to rely only on someone’s blessing and Arabs’ good will.

Change without Change. Palestinian Fatah-al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades group splits, with 40 percent defecting to Hamas. The breakaway Fatah rebel group based in the West Bank has turned its back on PA leader Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) and established a separate suicide terrorist militia. Called the Martyr Abu Amar (Yasser Arafat) Brigades. (The name of the well-known child molester who, most likely, died from AIDS is symbolic! Is it because so-called Palestinians are the virus, which Israel must get rid off?) - The Bush administration is still telling a skeptical US Congress that training moderate Palestinian troops is a key to Israel's security and hopes for peace. (There are no “moderate Palestinian troops“! What hypocrisy!)

‘Misguided’ Focus. American Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice told reporters: "I don't...see my role as negotiating a ceasefire between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority." but to facilitate “…a political framework, a political horizon for those who want to pursue a two-state solution." (She is only interested in facilitation of Israel’s surrender!)

PA 'Honor killings' Up. Violence against women in Palestinian society is on the rise. At least 48 women have been killed in the last three years in the West Bank and the Gaza as a result of domestic violence. Most of the victims were murdered for allegedly bringing "shame" on male members of their families. Seventeen of the women had been murdered by their brothers, while five were slain by their fathers. (A society that is ugly outside and inside!)

Bishara: War Was Great Victory for Arab World. In an interview with Hizbullah media outlet Al-Manar, former Arab-Israeli MK Azmi Bishara said that the Arab world should “celebrate the Hizbullah victory over Israel. “It was the antidote to the '67 syndrome Arabs have suffered for many years,” (This is the call of Israeli Arabs, if there is such a thing, for the destruction of Israel! The war exposed the moral and military bankruptcy of any non-Zionist and non-Jewish solution of the conflict. All of them have been tried and failed many times!)

No One is Stopping Iran! "The international community must concentrate on preventing Iran from attaining nuclear weapons. The report shows that the time element is critical…" Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni said. The report reveals that instead of freezing the uranium enrichment program, Iran has widened its scope, with 1,300 centrifuges in operation in various nuclear facilities throughout the country.

Hamas: Islam Will Rule the World. The Hamas charter specifically mandates the murder of Jews. “We will liberate Palestine, all of Palestine... Palestine will not be liberated by negotiations, committees and decisions. It will only be liberated by the rifle and the al-Kassam. Therefore, prepare yourselves,” declared Hamas spokesman Dr. Ismail Radwan. Hamas leader Mahmoud Al-Zahhar said (March 25, 2007): "The prophetic foundation is the message of the prophet Muhammad, that Islam will enter every house and will spread over the entire world." (Western friends of Arabs and Jews-haters, beware! After Israel you will be next on the hit list!)

Here We Go Again. Jerusalem Police Chief Ilan Franco sent a letter granting his initial approval to a gay pride parade in Jerusalem. Last year, the parade was replaced by a demonstration on Hebrew University’s Givat Ram campus due to fears of violence. (Country under attack! People are suffering. But, self-hating Jews of all denominations are only concerned with destroying the fabric of Israel’s Jewishness.)