Must Know Who the Enemy is!

by David J. Rusin (Spring 2013, still valid!)

To win a war one must know the enemy and have clear objectives, for quite a while neither the US army, nor IDF have had them!

As US service members risk their lives to combat violent jihadists abroad, military leaders, both uniformed and civilian, capitulate to stealth jihadists at home. By bending to Islamists’ appeals for religious sensitivity, these leaders ignore the most crucial lesson of the Fort Hood massacre: Political correctness can kill.

The US Army seems to have succumbed to PC-Islamist sensitivities. It has issued a special handbook for soldiers that appears to justify jihad as “communal military defense… when (Muslims) are threatened or under attack.” In addition, US servicewomen have been urged to don head scarves when interacting with Afghan locals while all soldiers are warned to “respect Islam” in order to prevent violence there.

The Pentagon’s verbal tiptoeing is not limited to the Fort Hood rampage. The Defense Department-produced “Quadrennial Defense Review” (QDR) provides a measure of current trends. Whereas the 2006 QDR features more than a dozen instances of “Islam,” “Muslim,” and their variants, the 2010 QDR has none, instead describing challenges in vague terms such as “violent extremists.” Then there was the testimony of Paul Stockton, an assistant secretary of defense, on December 7, 2011. When Congressman Dan Lungren (Republican, Calif.) asked if America is “at war with violent Islamist extremism,” Stockton replied, “No, sir. We are at war with al-Qaeda, its affiliates.” Questioned whether al-Qaeda is “an exponent of violent Islamist extremism,” Stockton could muster only that these “murderers” are “dedicated to overthrowing the values that we intend to advance.” He added, “I don’t believe it’s helpful to frame our adversary as Islamic with any set of qualifiers.”

A full accounting of the military’s myriad concessions to Islamists and its disturbing relationships with them could fill several articles, but the following examples offer some taste of their variety. In 2010, the Army rescinded an invitation to evangelist Franklin Graham to participate in the Pentagon’s National Day of Prayer service, citing his comments critical of Islam. A year later, the Defense Department gave in to CAIR’s demands that high school students in the Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps be allowed to wear hijabs with their uniforms. (A war without a clearly identified objective and enemy is bad for an army’s morale and leads nowhere but defeat! These are the main reasons why the US army personnel are having so many cases of PTSD, left Iraq in disarray and are still stuck in Afghanistan after 12 years of useless war! Denying Islam’s role in terror is bad for army morale.)

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Turkey is conducting ethnic cleansing of Kurds again; Russia has annexed Ukrainian region of Crimea; China has been conducting cultural genocide in its west and is still occupying Tibet! All of them do not care about international condemnation! At the same time, the UN Security Council is unable/unwilling to come to unanimous denunciation of those crimes. On the other hand, Israel is not allowed by international anti-Semites to end terror attacks from so-called Palestinians, not even talking about ending occupation of the Jewish land by removing the enemy, terror supporting population.

Fragmented Zionism

After series of delays, Knesset committee unanimously approves split of Yamina into 2 factions: New Right and Jewish Home-National Union. (Too many aimless political 'personalities' - no unified direction!)

Defunding 'Ugly Nazi'!

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned that the United Nations is facing its “worst cash crisis” in nearly a decade because 64 of its 193 members have not paid their annual dues - including the United States, its largest contributor, and Israel. The UN's looming $230 million shortfall and the possibility that its 37,000 employees may not get a paycheck on time.

Exposing Truth is not Racism

Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan attributed a recent wave of brutality in Arab Israeli communities to residents’ culture of violence, drawing accusations of racism from Arab lawmakers. Police say there have been more than 70 killings in Arab communities so far this year. Arabs, who are 20 percent of the general population, made up more than half of all murder victims nationwide.

No Coexistence in PA Education

The Palestinian Authority has removed information about agreements signed with Israel from its textbooks. 2019 curriculum skips PLO statement calling for coexistence, peace and nonviolence; segments on Jewish history and connection to Jerusalem also missing. The only signed agreement still mentioned in books is the 1993 Oslo Accords. (This hate education is generously financed by the world’s anti-Semites!)

No Reason to have so Many Parties

Transportation Minister Bezalel Smotrich called for full unification of his party, the National Union, with Jewish Home in the near future. "Religious Zionism is multifaceted, vibrant, colorful and has different shades. It's a built-in product of the fact that it is an ideological movement and in ideological movements, there are always factions. The religious political system is a reflection of religious Zionism." (Israel has too many parties fragmented by religious affiliation, voters’ backgrounds or leader’s personality!)

Quote of the Week:

“The IDF is prepared to pre-empt any threat, defensively and offensively, with crushing strength, in weaponry and in spirit. This is the tremendous spirit that was instilled in us by the generation of the Yom Kippur War... Iran threatens to wipe us off the map. It says explicitly: ‘Israel will disappear.’ It has tried to attack us repeatedly; therefore, we must stand ready to defend ourselves against danger.” –  Prime Minister Netanyahu, at the state memorial ceremony for the fallen of the 1973 Yom Kippur War, when the Israeli government and the IDF ignored information about an imminent Arab attack, resulting in close to 3,000 Israelis dead.

Forgotten Jewish Refugees.

by Steven Shamrak

It is estimated that 850,000 Jews were forced from their homes in Arab and Muslim countries in the course of the 20th century. Even the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has twice affirmed that Jews who fled the persecution of Arab countries were indeed refugees in every legal sense of the word.

It is estimated that Jews were robbed of more than $100 billion in personal and communal assets by Arab and Muslim governments. The Israeli governments have ignored and refuse to use those facts to neutralize fictitious claims of the Arab propaganda war machine against Israel. As a result, unfortunately, the world only knows about so-called Arab refugees and their well-advertised fictitious claim on Jewish land.

Based on population poll information at the time (not Arab emotional propaganda) around 460,000 Arabs left currently controlled land by Israel, during the war of Independence in 1948. They left after the order from Arab political and religious leaders. The plan was to expose Jews, who were facing the might of Arab armies, to complete annihilation. It would make it easier to kill every Jew, without bothering about identification of Arabs. Another genocide of Jewish people was planned!

When Israel won the war of Independence, the number of so-called Arab refugees almost doubled overnight at the end of 1948, after the UN announced that they are entitled to refugee status and international assistance! For several more years after the war, the world was still betting that the tiny Jewish state would disappear. International anti-Semites were hoping that Arabs would finish what they started in Europe!

Since then the Arab Palestinians have been ‘milking’ the international community for almost 60 years. This is the longest running UN ‘humanitarian’ program, designed to perpetuate Middle East conflict and keep the international anti-Semitic flame running. It has been assisting the mob of professional refugees in their 3rd or even 4th generation.

The World War 2 in Europe created almost 50 million refugees. Many of them received assistance and/or have been resettled. Now they and their children are living productive and independent lives in their own countries or somewhere else! This approach has never been applied to Arabs who left Jewish land. They are still not absorbed by the Arab countries, that most of them had actually come from in the first place. The United Nations has never respected the state of Israel as an independent and equal state. Not according to the record of the adopted resolutions, nor by attitude. The need of Jewish people to live in peace in their independent state, on the land of their ancestors is completely ignored! Jews must realize this international hypocrisy, and start to be creators of their own destiny!