Muslims Need to Confront Islamic Evil

With this weekend’s massacre by Muslim terrorists at a mall in Nairobi, Kenya, and Muslim terrorists killing about 80 Christians at a Christian church in Pakistan, most people wonder what, if anything in addition to a continuing war on terror, can be done to minimize the scourge of Islamic terror.

The answer lies with Muslims themselves. Specifically, it means that Muslim religious leaders around the world must announce that any Muslim who deliberately targets non-combatants for death goes to hell...

Whenever non-Muslims ask Muslim organizations about Muslim terrorism, these organizations trot out the various anti-terrorism statements they have issued. But these are largely useless because: a) they are usually issued by Western Muslim organizations; b) even when they are issued by Middle Eastern Muslims, they almost always include condemnation of “state terrorism,” which is Muslim-speak for condemnation of any use of force by Israel; and c) these statements usually also condemn non-Muslim terror, as if Christian or Jewish or Buddhist terrorism is as great a threat to humanity as is Muslim terrorism.

Therefore the statements that need to be made by every Muslim teacher, school, mosque and organization that does not support Muslim terror must be unequivocal. They need to state that any Muslim who targets any civilian for death - whether that civilian is Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Hindu or of no religion - goes to hell.

In addition, there need to be large Muslim demonstrations against Muslim terrorism... There have been huge Muslim demonstrations against cartoons depicting Muhammad and any other perceived “insult” against Islam. But I am unaware of a single demonstration of Muslims against Muslim terror directed at non-Muslims... the protestations by Muslim spokesmen that “Islam is religion of peace” are beginning to wear thin! (So far, the leadership of Muslim countries have expressed just fake concerns. Religious leaders haven’t done even that. Not fighting and not condemning Islamic international terror, they are engrossed in the crime against humanity committed by their Islamists brothers!)

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

Why is it OK for Muslim regimes and the US to kill Islamic terrorists and their supporters? Targeting killing, abductions of terrorists and even bombings of terrorist targets, causing the civilian casualties and ignoring sovereignty of countries is expectable and not even protested by international human rights bigots when it is not done by Israel! The Jewish state must not tolerate international hypocrisy!

US: Dual Raids in Africa - no Protests!

US special forces have captured alive Abu Anas al Libi in Tripoli, Libya. Libi, also known as Nazih Abdul-Hamed al-Ruqai, was wanted in connection with the 1998 bombings of the American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. The other Africa operation targeted the Al Shabaab militant group in Somalia linked to last month’s Kenya mall attack that killed more than 60 people. Secretary of State John Kerry said that a pair of raids conducted in Africa by US special forces signaled the ongoing determination of the United States to bring terrorists to justice and sent the message that “members of Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations literally can run but they can’t hide.” (Nice spin - When Israel does this all hell breaks lose!)

Chinese Appreciate Jewish Know-how

Tycoon Li Ka-shing has donated US$130 million (HK$1 billion) to an Israeli university to build a facility in Guangdong in partnership with Shantou University. The grant from the Li Ka Shing Foundation is the largest ever to the Israel Institute of Technology - Technion.

Europe Returns to Its anti-Semitic Roots

The Israeli Foreign Ministry is calling on the Council of Europe to immediately rescind a resolution calling male ritual circumcision a "violation of the physical integrity of children." In a statement, the ministry said: "This resolution casts a moral stain on the Council of Europe, and fosters hate and racist trends in Europe." (EU is using the fight against female genital mutilation as an excuse for adopting anti-Jewish policy)

The Peace Talks Are Going Nowhere

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said, during his visit to the United States this past week, that the peace talks with the Palestinian Authority are going nowhere. A recent leak involved a PA official saying that during the negotiations, Israel agreed to a wholesale deportation of thousands of Jews from Judea and Samaria and the transfer of their property to PA Arabs. However, the PA official who reported on that Israeli offer added that the PA side had rejected it as not going far enough. (Why is deportation - population transfer - of Jews, which is violation of international law, even an option? Does it mean that Israel can transfer all so-called Palestinians from Jewish land as well?)

Why are We still Talking about Recognition?

The Israeli Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, has said there will never be peace with the Palestinians until they recognise Israel as a Jewish state, and has dismissed Israel's military occupation of Palestinian land and the growth of Israeli settlements as the root cause of the conflict. (Wasn’t it a pivotal point of Oslo Accords?)

Star of David Not Allowed on Temple Mount

A volunteer with the Magen David Adom first aid service, was forced to remove his jacket with the organization’s emblem before he was allowed to enter the Temple Mount. He was called aside by an Israeli police officer, who ordered him to remove his jacket. The emblem of Magen David Adom is a red Star of David! (Israeli police, acting as a camp capo, by imposing self-censorship on Jews in order to appease enemies. Magen David Adom is a part of the international organization of Red Crystal, which the Red Cross adopted several years ago but widely ignores, even in while operating in Buddhist and Hindu countries!)

Kuwait to 'Detect' Gay Travelers - Nobody Protests!

A medical test being developed by the Kuwait Health ministry, will be used to 'detect' homosexuals and prevent them from entering the country - or any of the Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC) - and expel them. GCC member countries - Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates - already deem homosexual acts unlawful. (So-called liberals and members of supposingly free press are still criticizing Russia for its anti-gay propaganda law, but they do not ‘bark’ at their Islamic masters-paymasters for any Human rights violations!)

Enemies Within: Visit Rewards Terror

Eleven members of the Caucus to Promote Resolution of the Arab-Israeli Conflict, made the trip to pledge their support for ongoing negotiations with Israel. The caucus has some 40 members and seeks to demonstrate its support for negotiations to establish a Palestinian State as a resolution to regional conflict with PA Arabs. (Did you see any PA members of parliament visit Israel promoting peace?)

Traditional and Modern Anti-Semites Work Fast

Britain and Iran have agreed to exchange diplomats and begin talks aimed at further improving relations. British Foreign Secretary William Hague said that he and his Iranian counterpart, Javad Zarif, had agreed to appoint non-resident charge d'affaires offices which would discuss the eventual reopening of the British embassy in Iran and the Iranian one in Britain.

Iran has no Intention of Slowing Nuclear Program

Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee chairman Avigdor Lieberman said it was clear that Iran has no intention of slowing down its nuclear program. He added that it was better to fight alone and live, than to bow along with everyone else and explode in the sky.

Iran Appointed to UN Disarmament Committee

Israel is condemning the selection of Iran for a high-level position on a UN committee dealing with disarmament and international security issues. Israel's UN Ambassador Ron Prosor said: "Permitting Iran to serve on the UN's leading disarmament committee is like appointing a drug lord CEO of a pharmaceutical company." The 193-member committee chose Iran for the position soon after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the General Assembly on Oct. 2, accusing Iran of continuing to pursue nuclear weapons. (What a joke! The ‘Ugly Nothing’ at its best again!)

We are Our Own Worst Enemy

Police forces and Yassam tactical unit officers on Wednesday destroyed four homes in Geulat Tzion, a small agricultural community located near Shiloh in the Samaria (Shomron) region. Jewish-owned homes in the region are demolished from time to time by IDF forces acting under orders from the Civil Administration, claiming that the homes were built illegally.

Quotes of the Week:

"Iran's goal is to take over the entire Middle East and beyond, and destroy the State of Israel. This is not speculation, this is the goal." - Netanyahu, speaking at Bar-Ilan University's Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies.

The Biggest Threat to Jewish People Existence

by Laurie Goodstein

The first major survey of American Jews in more than 10 years finds a significant rise in those who are not religious, marry outside the faith and are not raising their children Jewish - resulting in rapid assimilation that is sweeping through every branch of Judaism except the Orthodox. (Even Orthodox Jews accept too many fake conversions to Judaism.)

The intermarriage rate, a bellwether statistic, has reached a high of 58 percent for all Jews, and 71 percent for non-Orthodox Jews - a huge change from before 1970 when only 17 percent of Jews married outside the faith. Two-thirds of Jews do not belong to a synagogue, one-fourth does not believe in God and one-third had a Christmas tree in their home last year.

“It’s a very grim portrait of the health of the American Jewish population in terms of their Jewish identification,” said Jack Wertheimer, a professor of American Jewish history at the Jewish Theological Seminary, in New York

But Jews without religion tend not to raise their children Jewish, so this secular trend has serious consequences for what Jewish leaders call “Jewish continuity.” Of the “Jews of no religion” who have children at home, two-thirds are not raising their children Jewish in any way. This is in contrast to the “Jews with religion,” of whom 93 percent said they are raising their children to have a Jewish identity…

(The problem began long time ago, when Jewish leadership adopted the idea, imposed on us by Christian ‘masters’, that Jewish means being religious only! This stupid notion contradicts Torah teachings and Jewish national traditions, like Sukkot customs - where bringing together all plants symbolize Jewish unity. Jewishness is the Peaplehood! Only in unity we’ll be able to survive and achieve our national goal of reunification of all Jewish land and live as a free people in the Eretz-Israel!)