Tehran is not Looking for a New Nuclear Accord


Three days into the Vienna negotiations with world powers, Iran is plainly not after a new or revamped nuclear accord,

Tehran has made its intentions plain by three actions:

    1. Abandoning the ambiguity surrounding its nuclear program and frankly admitting for the first time that Tehran is intent on building a nuclear bomb.

    2. Iran’s 2022-2023 state budget provides for another two years of international sanctions, thereby taking aboard the economic consequences of weaponizing its nuclear program. Tehran is therefore not holding its breath for the prospect of sanctions relief.

    3. Extra-fast centrifuges are being pressed into service for the rapid accumulation of sufficient 60% pure enriched uranium to fuel a number of nuclear warheads.

Tehran’s final admission of its true intent, after years of claiming that Islam only allows nuclear power for peaceful purposes, came from the highly authoritative Chairman of Iran’s Atomic Agency, Fereydun Abbasi-Davani, who revealed that the late Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, the father of the national nuclear program, who was assassinated last year, “had created a nuclear weapons ‘system’ for offensive purposes.”

While most of the local media agree that the Vienna talks are likely to go nowhere, most have failed to cite these ground-breaking admissions by Iranian officials. They have instead highlighted the optimism voiced by the world powers facing Iran. (Iran has admitted the talks are only for sanctions relief, not for ending or even slowing down the nuclear program.)

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

In 1988, Jordan ceded its claim to Judea and Samaria, which Jordan and other six Muslim countries seized in 1948 in an aggressive offensive against the newly reborn Jewish state in an attempt to destroy Israel. The Palestine Mandate was adopted by the League of Nations in July 1922. The League of Nations Mandate system in the Middle East had allocated land, including the land East of the Jordan River, in order to re-establish the Jewish state. Therefore Gaza, Judea and Samaria are integral parts of Eretz-Israel - any other claims are just international anti-Semitic fakery and a deliberate distortion of legal and historic truth!

Anti-Semitic Ugliness of the 'Ugly Nazi'

The United Nations General Assembly approved a resolution, 129-11, that disavowed Jewish ties to the Temple Mount and called it solely by its Muslim name of al-Haram al-Sharif. The text, referred to as the “Jerusalem resolution,” is part of a push by the Palestinian Authority and the Arab states across the UN system to rebrand Judaism’s most holy site as an exclusively Islamic one. The US has not been the only country to voice concern over the lack of inclusive language. (The biggest hypocrites are the countries which have abstained. They all know what the resolution is about!)

Tel Aviv World's Priciest City

Tel Aviv is the world's most expensive city in which to live. The city climbed five rungs compared to 2020 report, which had Paris, Hong Kong and Zurich tie for first place. Tel Aviv has climbed in the rankings due to the strength of the Israeli shekel against the dollar, as well as increases in transport and grocery prices. (Nothing to be proud about)

The US Recognise Occupation of the Western Sahara

The US decision to recognize Morocco’s full sovereignty over its (Western) Sahara is a paradigmatic shift in international positions in favour of the kingdom's cause. It strongly pushes the process towards a political solution based on the autonomy initiative within the framework of Moroccan sovereignty. (But reunification of Judea and Samaria with Israel is still problematic!)

Palestinian Authority still Playing Poor

Financial reports released by the Palestinian Authority (PA) show that its revenues during the first 10 months of 2021 were the highest in its history. However, this fact was absent from the report released by the World Bank, whose primary function is to coordinate the delivery of international aid to the PA. Other missing details included the fact that the PA spends hundreds of millions of shekels every year paying financial rewards to terrorists. In the last decade, the PA has transferred over 8 billion shekels to the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) which was also not mentioned. Part of the money transferred to the PLO has been used to fund internationally designated terror organizations, such as the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), which is still a member of the PLO.

Egged Bus Pelted with Stones by Enemy Within

An Egged (Israeli) bus on its way to Eilat was stoned by Bedouins, near the town of Nevatim. Bedouins have recently been attacking buses on a regular basis in the northern Negev, for nationalistic reasons. (It means because they hate Jews and Israel.)

The UN Erasing Jewish History

Israel’s permanent representative to the United Nations, Gilad Erdan, criticized the organization over what he said was an attempt to "erase the Jewish history". Gilad Erdan slammed the UN for commemorating the voting anniversary of the 1947 partition plan with an event held in solidarity with the Palestinians. The plan, known as Resolution 181, called to partition the area of British Mandatory Palestine into two states - one Jewish and one Arab. In 1947, the UN General Assembly approved the resolution, which was accepted by the mandate’s Jewish population, but rejected by the Arabs, who then tried to kill Jews and destroy Israel.

Iran Enriching Uranium to Weapons-Grade

Iran is preparing to enrich uranium to a 90 percent level of purity, bringing the Islamic Republic closer than ever to obtaining a nuclear weapon, Israeli intelligence agencies warned the US of this as nuclear talks resume. Defense Minister Benny Gantz said that Iran “is continuing to rush toward a nuclear” weapon. Even the head of the US Central Command, Kenneth McKenzie, said “Iran is now further along in its nuclear weapons program than ever, producing stocks of uranium enriched to 60% purity, edging closer towards 90% weapons-grade material.” (Israel must be ready to remove the Iranian nuclear program with or without the US.)

Israel Warns Biden on Iran

Israel warned President Biden that the new US approach to Iran, seeking to revive former president Obama’s 2015 nuclear weapons deal with the ayatollahs, is exceedingly dangerous. The Israelis warn of a “less for less” deal in which the US would offer Iran some relief from economic sanctions in return for some reduction in their development of nuclear weapons. The defects in the 2015 deal were obvious from the start. Iran wouldn’t allow IAEA inspection of several sites of nuclear weapons research - such as the development of nuclear bomb triggers - was continuing. The Iranians were, in secret, also operating enrichment centrifuges to enrich uranium to higher levels.

Israel Erased from the PA's School Maps

The PA Education Ministry posted images on social media from an event at the Kafr Qaddum High School for Girls in Qalqilya, which featured maps that did not include Israel or any references to the current Jewish State. regional maps were displayed with Israel erased, alongside banners reading “Palestine – the entire land is ours, from the (Mediterranean) Sea to the (Jordan) River.” (It is time, and long overdue, for Israel to remove this cancerous, terror-infected, fake nation from the Jewish lands!)

Quote of the Week:

“Israel stands at a crossroads. We have no more than three, four, five months at most for destroying Iran’s nuclear facilities. After that, Israel will be confronted for the first time by a fanatical country full of hate and armed with a weapon of mass destruction.” - Tzahi Hanegbi, former senior minister.

Mossad Sabotaged Iranian Nuclear Sites


The 10 Iranian scientists recruited by Israeli agents agreed to sabotage the underground A1000 centrifuge at Natanz in April believing they were acting for international dissident groups. (Otherwise they would not do it!)

The Mossad struck clandestinely four times, three against the Natanz central enrichment site between July 2020 and April 2021 and once against Iran’s centrifuge production center.

The incoming Mossad Director, David Barnea, stated firmly: “Iran will not get a nuclear bomb!” He went on to say: “The Mossad keeps its eyes open, we are on the ready, and together with our colleagues in the security establishment will do everything necessary to remove the Iranian threat from the state of Israel, to thwart it by all means.”

The four operations were planned together over an 18-month period by a team of 1,000 Mossad technicians, analysts and spies, as well as scores of agents on the ground.

This clandestine campaign to destroy Iranian nuclear infrastructure was carried out by Mossad acting alone – known in Israeli intelligence circles as a ‘blue-and-white operation’ – and not jointly with the United States, dubbed ‘blue-white-and-red’.

Fereydoon Abbasi Davani, the head of the Iranian parliament’s energy committee, grudgingly acknowledged to Iranian state television after the last attack that the plan was “rather beautiful.”

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken commented that chances of reviving the nuclear deal were decreasing. “I have to tell you, recent moves, recent rhetoric, don’t give us a lot of cause for optimism,” he said.

This week Iran officially confirmed that its nuclear program had “offensive objectives: and had created a system to develop an atomic weapon. It is meanwhile moving at high speed to stockpile 60% pure enriched uranium – not far short of weapons grade.

Israel may therefore be expected to continue its operations for targeting Iran’s fissile material project, especially the enrichment of uranium.