Walk Away from Nuclear Deal

by Bradford Betz

Israel said it would make no further concessions to Iran and would continue to do everything in its power to prevent them from obtaining nuclear weapons.

Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid said Israel opposes a return to the Iran nuclear deal, and would not be obligated by such an agreement.

He also warned that the revised offer will pave the way for significant investment to flow into Iran’s terrorist network and to strengthening the Iranian military.

A senior Israeli official said: "The time has come for a new, stronger strategy to stop Iran from getting a nuclear bomb. Iran's terrorist regime should be treated as the tyrannical, extremist, and oppressive regime. The money they get from this deal will go directly into funding terrorism."

In current deal, Iran is poised to rake in an estimated $275 billion in the first year and balloon to an estimated $1 trillion by the early 2030s.

Military Option is the Only One Left


Former top intelligence officials warn that the military option is the only one left once the superpowers sign the nuclear deal.

"Iran is a major strategic threat to the state of Israel. You have to understand that we aren't just talking about a vision; the Iranians are investing a lot of resources to acquire very threatening abilities. According to foreign reports, they have 150 rockets pointed at Israel in Lebanon, long-range missiles, cyber and terror abilities, and worst of all they're on the brink of going nuclear," said Amos Gilad, former National Security Council chief.

"This is a bad deal and it's good that Israel stated clearly that they aren't bound by it," added Amidror. "Once the Americans decided that they will work towards a deal at almost any cost, the diplomatic 'options' were exhausted. I don't see any way to convince the Iranians other than force since Iran isn't being stopped by diplomatic or financial pressure. This obligates us to ensure that we're ready for a military option".

If Iran achieves a nuclear weapon," he adds, "they will terrorize the whole Middle East, and the whole area will be forced into a nuclear arms race. Our advantage is that we seem to have strategic abilities, and we will be looked at differently in a nuclear middle east." (On the other hand, the continuation of the 'negotiations’ will also help Iran to achieve its nuclear ambition.)

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Quite often I see postings: "ISRAEL HAS THE RIGHTS TO DEFEND ITSELF". I am sure they are made, most of the times with good intentions, but not by some ‘Israel-loving’ Western politicians. Stop stating the obvious - all countries have this right! Why is Israel singled out?

'Palestinians' do not Understand what Peace is

The anti-Semitic world closes its eyes and is not ready to look at reality as it is, because the Palestinian Authority encourages terrorism and the Palestinians glorify the murderers of Jews and make the murderers into heroes. Enemies of Jews and Israel do not understand the concept of peace at all, and their main desire is to eliminate the State of Israel and the Jews who live in it.

Israel is Reducing the Threat from the North

Airstrikes in Syria were attributed to Israel and struck a factory converted by Iranian forces into ammunition warehouses. Russia's removal of S-300 batteries from northwest Syria clears way for Israel’s strikes on arms depots and Hezbollah in Syria. An Israeli airstrike on the western Syrian city of Masyaf on Thursday destroyed more than 1,000 Iranian-made missiles.

What does Iran Hide?

Iranian president Ebrahim Raisi said there won’t be nuclear deal with world powers if IAEA inspectors continue to investigate man-made uranium particles found at undeclared sites in the country. President Ebrahim Raisi also issued threats against Israel.

Biden Snubs Lapid

The National Security Council has been working in recent days to facilitate a telephone conversation between Prime Minister Yair Lapid and US President Joe Biden as the renewal of the nuclear deal with Iran appears imminent. US officials have denied Lapid's request with the explanation that Biden is on vacation. “We have made it clear to everyone: if a deal is signed, it does not obligate Israel. We will act to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear state,” Lapid said. (Israel has no other options but to deal with Iran on its own. 'There is nobody' in the White House.)

Erdogan Supports the 'Palestinian Cause'

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Turkey’s reconciliation efforts with Israel will in no way diminish its support for the “Palestinian cause”. Erdogan made the comments during a visit by Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas, who arrived in Ankara just one week after Turkey and Israel announced their decision to restore full diplomatic relations and reappoint ambassadors for the first time since 2018. Erdogan said. “On the contrary, our Palestinian brothers also express that these steps will contribute to a solution to the Palestinian issue and improve the situation of the Palestinian people.” (That means that Turkey is supporting the destruction of Israel - this is the only goal the enemies of Israel have in mind!)

Russia Removed S-300 from Syria

Russia has shipped its advanced S-300 air defense system in Syria back home amid its invasion of Ukraine. The S-300 system stationed near the city of Masyaf in north-western Syria had been taken apart in recent weeks and loaded onto a Russian ship bound for the Black Sea port of Novorossiysk. In recent years, Israel and Russia established a so-called de-confliction hotline to keep the sides from getting tangled up and accidentally clashing over Syria.

Israeli F-35s Penetrated Iranian Airspace

Israeli F-35 stealth fighters penetrated Iranian airspace on multiple occasions in the last two months, a Saudi-run news outlet reported. The jets successfully evaded Russian and Iranian radars during the exercises. Drones and mid-air refuelling tankers were also reported to have participated in the “massive” drills.

Quote of the Week:

“Complete horse manure. The Iran nuclear deal is designed to let the Ayatollah cheat his way to a nuclear arsenal. These so-called ‘most rigorous and intensive’ inspections failed in the last deal - and will be even weaker this time.” - Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX)

The US Friendship and Jewish Assertiveness

by Steven Shamrak.

Quite often an idea is expressed that the United States is a strong supporter of the State of Israel and Jewish people. Many Jews feel quite nervous when the United States is criticised by Jews and US friendship toward Israel is questioned.

I would like to state clearly and without any reservation: I am a strong admirer of US democracy. I spent half of my life living in the Soviet Union. Therefore, the notion of equality of every individual, freedom of speech and self-expression are very dear to me. I even appreciate the American government’s selfishness, as they put the interests of their own country and people first.

If Israel is to become a true democracy, I can only hope that the purity of all these principles will be adopted by the Jewish State.

But let us be truthful and face the reality of historical facts:

1. Knowing the German policy toward Jews before WW2, Jews were not permitted to immigrate to America. The US state department reprimanded and scared Hollywood Jewish producers by accusing them of “War mongering”. It was Charlie Chaplin, a non-Jew, who broke the taboo by making the comedy “The Great Dictator” exposing fascism. Not a single bomb was dropped on concentration camps, railroad lines, or bridges leading to them. After the war, American officials were actively involved in providing safe passage to Nazi criminals!

2. The United States supported the UN embargo of arms sales to the region after Israel declared independence in 1948. In the 50's, the US abandoned Israel. And Israel was forced to find ‘new masters' - France and UK - and fought the Sinai War on their behalf.

3. Consistent sabotage of Israel’s military successes through the years effectively perpetuated the Arab-Israeli conflict and prevented Israel from attaining decisive victory over her enemies. Past pressure on Israel by President Bush and Condoleezza Rice was just another symptom of the same old ‘sickness’ (nothing has changed since – same is during Obama and Biden presidency, but with more disrespect).

I have stated many times that being pro-Jewish does not make me anti-anything. I am not against Arabs or Christians, nor against USA or Europe. I strongly believe that the Jewish people, in Israel and the Diaspora, must be united in pursuit of their own National Goal: “The right of Jews to live in peace on all Jewish land!”

This goal is completely justifiable morally, historically, religiously and even legally. We must not pay any attention and disregard what the anti-Israel demagogues and spin-masters are saying or fabricating. Their interests are in conflict with Jewish goals and should not be our concern! For too long, Jews have been accommodating and pleasing others with the detrimental effect to their own needs and interests. It is time to become assertive and give high priority and consideration to Jewish national aspirations. History teaches us that nobody else did, does or will do!