Obama Appointed Self-Hating Anti-Semitism Czar.

by Aaron Klein

In her first major interview since becoming President Obama's newly appointed anti-Semitism czar (it took Obama a while to find an ideologically compatible self-hating Jew to fill the position), Hannah Rosenthal blasted the Israeli government. She characterized as "most unfortunate" a decision by Michael Oren, Israel's ambassador to the United States, to not attend the annual dinner in September of J Street, a (self-appointed) lobby group that is mostly led by left-leaning (anti-Israel and anti-Jewish) Israelis and receives funds from Arab and Muslim Americans… J Street supports talks with Hamas, a terrorist group whose charter seeks the destruction of Israel. The group opposes sanctions against Iran and is harshly critical of Israeli offensive anti-terror military actions. (Rosenthal serves on the board of J Street)

Regarding a recent UN report, accusing Israel of war crimes during the Jewish state's defensive war in Gaza last year, Rosenthal told Haaretz, "it is not anti-Semitic to look at a certain policy of Israel and say – I disagree with it. Half of the population in Israel isn't anti-Semitic by not agreeing with policies." (If this is so, will she call for the investigation of war crimes allegedly committed by the US army in Afghanistan and Iraq?)

Increase in US Contempt and Disrespect. Israel's ire reached a new level after an incident on November 13 in which a five-car convoy of consulate vehicles with diplomatic plates arrived at the Gilboa crossing (the West Bank). The drivers refused to identify themselves or open a window or door. The drivers tried running over one of the Israeli security guards and made indecent gestures at female guards. Israel is also furious that one of the consulate cars was found to have transported a Palestinian without permits between Jerusalem and the West Bank. (There is a saying: “Fish starts to rot from the head”. By electing a president with an anti-Israel and anti-democratic agenda, who is still hiding his Islamic heritage, Americans have allowed ‘scummy’ behaviour - first at home and now in Israel!)

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

When civilians actively have been supporting Islamic terrorism against the state of Israel and actively participated in or covered the hostile actions of enemies during the war, as they have been doing in Afghanistan and Iraq. Therefore they became enemy combatants. Killing them is not a war crime! The UN’s high-priced international lawyers know this, but anti-Semitic international politicians are still waging an anti-Israel smear campaign!

Gaza Aid Convoy Heads Back to Syria. An aid convoy headed to Gaza says it has to detour through the Mediterranean port of El Arish after Egyptian authorities denied it permission to cross at Rafah. At the same time  The UN ‘independent expert’ on Palestinian rights, Richard Falk, has again called for a threat of economic sanctions against Israel to force it to lift its blockade of Gaza. (Sanctions against Egypt were not mentioned! Richard Falk, the special rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian controlled territories. The UN is subjecting only Israel to such discriminatory and humiliating scrutiny - not even Iran, North Korea or Saudi Arabia!)

Arabs and Druze are Most Murderous Israelis. While Arab and Druze Israelis constitute 20% of the country's population, they accounted for 59% of the country's murders. Out of 121 murders in Israel in 2009, 71 were committed by or among Arabs and Druze. The vast majority of criminal bombings occurred in the minority sector, particularly the Arab sector, where 85 events of planting bombs and 65 of throwing grenades at targets were recorded

Keep Traitors Out of Likud. Deputy Minister Ayoub Kara joined with MK Tsipi Hotoveli in opposing efforts to encourage Kadima Mks to join the Likud, or to encourage Kadima to join the government. "Those who tried to destroy the Likud have no place in it," Kara said. "The traitors who jumped ship have no place among us. We will not take back those who tried to wreck our party"

It is Only Egypt. A humanitarian convoy, around 210 trucks and 500 people, loaded with food and medical supplies and intended for the Gaza strip is stuck in Jordan, trying to access the Egyptian-controlled Rafah Terminal, but Egypt is not allowing to convoy to move on to Rafah. (No international outcry or condemnations – Not big news!)

Israel Must Follow US’s Lead and End Hamas/Fatah Charade! The air strike in Eastern Yemen Thursday, Dec. 24, which left more than 30 dead, was in fact a US drone attack which wiped out a large part of al Qaeda's leadership in Yemen and Saudi Arabia. Among them were two high-ranking Yemen al Qaeda operatives Saud al Qahtani, Mohammed Amir, al Qaeda's commander in Saudi Arabia, Saad Shahani, and Anwar al Awkali, the American imam who preached to US. Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, the gunman who murdered 13 US military personnel at Ford Hood, Texas last month.

Quote of the Week: "We are not seeking revenge against the Arabs. The difference between us and them is that we are human beings. We won't shoot them in the head for no reason. We are Jews, holy people, human beings." - Eliyahu, 16, one of Meir Avshalom Hai's seven children - It is the duty of the Israeli government to support Zionism, the Jewish independence movement, and to clear Jewish land from hostile Arab occupation.

Iran Became Arabs’ Worst Enemy. Iran’s nuclear threat to regional security has replaced Israel as the Arab world’s public enemy number one, according to an Arab survey commissioned by the Doha Debates group. Nearly a third think that Tehran is just as likely to target them as Israel. (Israel and the US are in the perfect position to remove the nuclear threat to Arab countries from Iran – the time is now!)

Fatah Controlled PA Funds Hamas Terrorists. The PA pays monthly salaries to terrorists released from Israeli prisons. Abu Mazen's administration covertly funds Hamas terrorists, publicly claiming that it is committed to peace with Israel. Most of the PA's budget comes from billions of dollars donated to it by the US, EU and other governments. (who are pretending that they know nothing about the misuse of the funds they provide.)

Harassment of Jewish Patriots by Self-Hating System. Police have withdrawn charges against four Maon Farm residents. The charges refer to an event that took place four years ago when an Arab, who was not persecuted by police, tried to plough Jewish owned land in the South Hebron hills region and was blocked by four Jewish residents.

In Spite of Having Oil. A report published by the United Nations Development Program and the Arab League shows that 40% of people in Arab countries live under the poverty line, a figure that has not changed over the past 20 years. In addition, unemployment among young people in the Arab world ranks among the highest in the world.

Message to anti-Israel Objectors.

by Steven Shamrak

You would like to call and see yourself as genuine and objective supporters of a just cause but you never worry about the factual correctness of the anti-Israel information you are using. Quite often you knowingly using forged information and even deliberately make fake accusations or twist the facts in order to make an anti-Israel smear. When we show you factual proof that so-called Palestinians are a fake nation and are actually the occupiers of Jews’ land, you dismiss it as Zionist propaganda. Years of suicide bombings and rocket attacks against Jews in Israel are unable to shake off your support for terrorists and the murderous population, Palestinians, which sustain them!

If you are not anti-Semites, why don’t you care so much about the occupation of: Tibet by China; Basque region by Spain and France; Northern Ireland by the United Kingdom; Kurdistan by five countries; Kashmir by India and Pakistan; Western Sahara by Morocco? Where is your concern about the fate of refugees created by the war in Congo, the genocidal policy of the Sudanese government and so on?

You did not care that Indonesian Christians of Sulawesi have suffered 10,000 murders, 80,000 homes destroyed and 1,000 churches burnt down from 1998-2002.

You did not scream out when more than 1,100 people (including 777 children) were burned alive and slaughtered in Beslan, Russia, in 2004. Neither the UN nor the Vatican or others of the usual international anti-Semitic suspects were outraged by the many atrocities committed against Christians and even fellow Muslims in the name of Allah in Lebanon, Egypt, Pakistan, Iraq and many other Muslim countries. They are mute about discrimination and genocide committed against other ethnic and religious minorities in Muslim countries. Only lip service is paid to the abuse of women. Nothing is done about the education of children, which perpetuates the genocidal tradition of hate, when suicide bombers become role models. You do not care about any of it!

Do you care that every year there are about 50 million refugees all over the world who are deprived of help because for over 60 years billions of dollars have been given to professional ‘Palestinian refugees’ every year? Do you actually care about “poor Palestinians”? I don’t think so! What is most important for you is hate toward Jews and your need to feed and satisfy it. You are hiding it behind ‘politically correct’ anti-Israel campaigning. Don’t kid yourself - it does not absolve you from the ‘honourable’ title of anti-Semite! At least your predecessors were honest about this pathologically inherited hate that they sucked with the milk of their mothers and did not bother to hide this animalistic trait of human ugliness!