Happy New Year, 5770!

С Новым Годом!

Hag Samayach and שנה טובה

Message from a Venomous Enemy.

A message from a ‘friendly’ Islamic reader:

I believe that Jews will leave Palestine and emigration figures already show it.  They will be exiled from Palestine because they have been ungrateful to their Arab hosts and instead of being good neighbours; they came as foreign colonial occupiers.  Only Arab Jews will remain where they've always been.  It seems now clear that Jews are the ones to bring "exile" upon themselves with their totally unacceptable behaviour. Instead of showing gratitude to the Palestinians, Arabs and the Muslims for hosting them, Jews chose to forcibly transfer Palestinians, to steel their territories and properties, their homes and even jewellery and money, to murder them in the most awful of ways, to even trade their organs without their knowledge... and all along, Jews tried to portray themselves as "innocent victims" surrounded by "nasty terrorist" Arabs.

Answer: Dear Cherifa, It seems that you have completely ‘forgotten’ that it was Arab leaders who had urged Muslims, in order to ease the planned slaughter of the Jews, to leave Palestine in 1948!

You have also conveniently forgotten about the higher taxes Jews paid in the Islamic world, as we did in Christian kingdoms. The practice of abduction of Jewish orphans, even if they had living relatives, and housing them with Muslim families has also eluded your memory.

I can see that history does not impress you, but you refuse to look at the present treatment of Jews in Arab countries like in Iran and Syria! No, you are not anti-Semite, the term was exclusively created to describe anti-Jew phenomena. You are an Islamo-Fascist and ordinary hater, who just loves to hate, if not Jews then “Crusaders”, Hindus, Buddhists – anyone will do!

The latest anti-Israel incitement from the PA: Israelis wield attack snakes to harm innocent Arabs.Ingenious Jews! They are even able to ‘weaponize’ snakes :)

Hezbollah Attacks Galilee, North of Israel, with Two Katyusha Rockets! - Israeli intelligence and military officials have said that the terrorist organization has stockpiled at least 60,000 rockets, supplied by Iran and Syria, more than twice the number in its arsenal before the Second Lebanon War in 2006.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Everybody has been asking what so-called Palestinians need? But hardly anyone, even Israeli politicians, asks what Jews need in order to live in peace on Jewish land in their own country!

Government Must Do its Job! For the first time, the High Court of Justice on Wednesday ordered the state to demolish illegal structures built by Palestinians in the West Bank. Until now, the court had only ordered the state to implement demolition orders against Jews. The decision came in response to a petition filed by Regavim, "a non-political movement whose aim is to protect national lands and properties and to prevent other elements from illegally taking over national land resources." There will be more petitions filed against illegal construction and Palestinian outposts [a reference to clusters of illegally built housing] in Judea and Samaria." (Illegal occupation of Jewish land by Arabs must be stopped!)

No Rebuke from Obama. While condemning Jewish building in Judea and Samaria, the Palestinian Authority announced a new construction project of its own, for the construction of 30,000 new housing units. (Why would only the building of Jewish homes bother the President of the United States?)

Jordan Purge of Palestinians. Jordan's king Abdullah, who has always claimed to be an ardent champion of the so-called Palestinians, just over 50% of Jordan's six million citizens of the country, is quietly acting to cut down their numbers and influence in his kingdom. "Anyone who thinks of threatening Jordan, its identity, stability and national unity, does not know Jordan or Jordanians and has not read their history" Abdullah said, referencing to domestic and foreign plots to stir unrest among the Jordan Palestinian-Arabs majority community. The king has ordered a massive purge of the Jordanian military - None of the officers dismissed from active duty bear Bedouin tribal names, refugees from Saudi Arabia. He is conducting the same process in the top levels of government. (There is no international outcry against this chauvinistic policy!)

 ‘Apogee’ of Peace Process. The second Israeli cabinet-level discussion in the last few days on the Iranian threat - nuclear and regional - took place on Monday, Sept. 7, which reviewed Israel’s military and homeland security preparations for a missile attack from four sources, Iran, Syria, the Lebanese Hezbollah and the Palestinian Hamas in Gaza. (This is what Israel faces as a result of the so-called peace process!)

Quote of the Week: "A majority of the Palestinian leaders with whom we met are seriously considering acceptance of one state, between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea." - Former US president Jimmy Carter - Actually, they have never abandoned the idea of the annihilation of Israel and many of them still consider Jordan as part of Palestine, which is true according to the League of Nations resolution. Jordan is part of Eretz-Israel! A former president, if not the peanut farmer, should know this basic fact.

Nuclear Iran - Clock is Ticking. 1. As the clock continues to tick towards a nuclear Iran, the International Atomic Energy Agency has admitted that the situation over Iran's nuclear program has reached a "stalemate." 2. The United States has (reluctantly) confirmed long-time Israeli intelligence reports that Iran is close to being able to produce a nuclear bomb. Less than a year ago, American intelligence officials dismissed Israeli reports as being inaccurate.

An Independent State Can be Tough with UN. The Sri Lankan government has ordered a UNICEF official, who told press that children as young as 4 months old were being treated in hospitals for shrapnel injuries and other wounds of war and that the fighting created a "nightmarish" situation for civilians in the conflict zone, to leave the country, accusing him of spreading propaganda supporting Tamil rebels. (Israel must learn that sovereignty gave rights to the Jewish state which Jews had never had! It is time to start using them with pride.)

Europe has Begun Worrying about Iran. NATO's interest in Iran has dramatically increased in recent months as the Islamic Republic works to upgrade its ballistic missiles and increase their range so they can penetrate deep into Europe. "Iran can now reach Israel but still wants to develop longer ranges," the official said. "We believe that in the foreseeable future, Iran could fire conventional or nuclear-tipped missiles into Europe." (Until now the threat to lives of Jews in Israel was irrelevant!)

Declaration of No Peace. French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner expressed agreement with PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas following their meeting in Paris that unless Israel freezes all Jewish construction, development and halt all activity in the territories in Judea and Samaria, there will be no peace between the Jewish State and the PA. (They did not say that unless Arabs stop terror attacks and recognize Israel’s rights as a Jewish state there will be no peace. What has France done to give independence to the Basque people? Time to end the ‘peace’ charade and Israel bashing!)

"Obvious" Deal or Prostitution for Oil. British Prime Minister Gordon Brown paid a dictator's ransom when he released the Lockerbie bomber Al-Megrahi who served only 8 years of his life sentence - just 11 days in prison for each of his victims. The Libyan strongman's son said it was "obvious" that release of the killer was tied to lucrative oil contracts. (This kind of indignity is common to most developed countries. But they still feel the moral right to teach Israel morality!)

Faking Defiance. According to an investigation by Haaretz, a leftist paper, the latest construction permits are no more than another layer of permits on top of others already given. In some places building work is already underway. And this may be the reason that the Americans are not going nuts over the building explosion before the freeze.

The Quest for a Greater Israel.

by Ian Black.

(Another subliminally, anti-Israel article published by major UK paper)

It was Israel’s stunning military victory over its Arab enemies in 1967 that opened up Judea and Samaria – the Hebrew names for the West Bank and the heart of the biblical land of Israel ("the cradle of the nation") for settlement by Jews. (Let’s not forget that in 1922 the League of Nations designated all of the Palestinian Mandate, including Transjordan, to the creation of the Jewish state, Eretz-Israel!)

In the background, Naomi Shemer, Israel's Vera Lynn, sang her haunting anthem "Jerusalem of Gold" – in a euphoric and for some almost messianic atmosphere in which peace with the newly occupied Palestinians was barely considered. (Beautiful song! But, what peace? Have those so-called Palestinians ever wanted peace with Israel?)

The idea of "Greater Israel" (more accurately the "whole land of Israel") appealed to both religious and secular rightwing nationalists who sought to fulfil divine commandments about the "beginning of redemption", as well as create "facts on the ground" to enhance Israel's security. (and fulfilling the 2000 years’ dream of the Jewish people to be reunited in their G-d given land!)

Settler ideology made the sanctity of the land a central tenet and effectively turned the Palestinians into aliens on their own soil. (Rightfully so; most of them moved to Eretz-Israel during past 120 years in order to prevent the establishment of the Jewish state. This policy was encouraged by the Turks first and later adopted by British.)

Weeks after the war the first settlers came to Kfar Etzion near Bethlehem, where Jews had lived before 1948; at Passover 1968 others moved "temporarily" to Hebron, where members of the Orthodox Jewish community were massacred during the British mandate period. (and conveniently for the Arabs from where Jews had been moved out by the British! Those systematic pogroms of Jews throughout the Palestinian mandate, including Transjordan, were instigated and coordinated by the British authorities!)

Under the Labor governments that ruled Israel for the first decade of the occupation 30 settlements housing 5,000 people were established for "security reasons". (Under pressure from international, anti-Semitic hypocrisy, Israel, due to a lack of self respect, is forced to make up justifications to moves toward reclaiming Jewish land.)

When Menachem Begin's rightwing Likud, allied with religious nationalist parties, came to power in 1977 the effort moved far deeper into the West Bank. The settlements "were intended to prevent the partition of the country based on the principle of two states for two peoples," says Israel's Peace Now Movement. (Jewish people must stop our own traitors from sabotaging our national dream. It is time to end the delusion of a so-called peace process with our enemies, whose goal is the destruction of Israel and killing of Jews, and focus on reunification of Eretz-Israel!)