Madness of self-Destructive World!

by Steven Shamrak

I can’t understand how the family of Mohammed (be it in Lebanon, Gaza, the West Bank, Syria, Jordan or Egypt) can afford to have 8 children. He and his wife have not worked a day of their lives. They have been given a house or an apartment and food. Their children go to school and even a college. For 60 years his family has been benefiting from the generosity of the international community delivered by the United Nations. The family has been receiving education and medical care that most Arabs in the region can only dream about. The family is a part of the so-called Palestinians refugees’ scam. They became the best-educated and looked after group in the Muslim world!

Mohammed’s father did not work either. The only thing he had to do was to sit and smoke his pipe, as his son does now. Mohammed’s wife, as her mother before her, is a willing participant of this global charade. Her main job is to reproduce and make more professional refugees, like Mohammed, in order to boost the legitimacy of the bogus claim of the fake Palestinian people and provide demographic ammunition to an arsenal of the anti-Israel ‘coalition’. And she is proud that some of her sons, instead of finding a job, are willing to martyr themselves at any time by killing Jews and bring perverted and warped honor to the family, as well as money donated by Iraq in the past and by Saudi Arabia and Iran now.

Sixty years have passed since Israel won her independence. During this time Israel absorbed several millions of Jewish refugees, including 850,000 from Muslim countries. When WW2 ended, 50 million refugees were scattered across Europe. All of them have found a country where they can live and work, for themselves and their families. All this time the international community has already willingly and quite eagerly subsidized four generations of these professional refugees. For some perverted, deeply imbedded anti-Semitic reason, it makes sure that Mohammed and his family are the best cared for refugees in the world!

Mohammed does not need to do anything but sit and smoke his pipe and wait, as his father and grandfather did. By doing so he gives permission to Islamic political expansionistic machinery and traditional international anti-Semitism to make claims, on his behalf, that Jews took his land, and to prevent Israel from regaining full control over all Jewish land. Continuation of this travesty gives them an opportunity to maintain instability in the region, manipulate the price of oil at any time they wish, sell the arms to the Muslim countries with a high profit margin, build nuclear reactors for a huge amount of money, knowing that Israel will bomb them. In return Mohammed receives free shelter, food, education for his children and medical services. Not bad for a day of no work!

I just would like to ask American and European taxpayers: Do all of you receive free housing, food, education and medical treatment from your own government? If not, why do you allow your government to subsidize these professional international parasites? So-called Palestinians are the nuts and bolts of a huge machine called Islamic expansionism. Their goal is global domination of the world by Islam. Don’t make mistake, they hate you (‘Crusaders’, fascists, communists etc…) even more than Jews!

Their brothers in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and in Saudi Arabia, the nest of Wahabee Islam and the major sponsor of international Jihad, have already declared holy war against you. They have bombed you in New York and Washington, Bali, many towns of India, London and Madrid and they are planning to do so until all of you bow and submit to Islam! Until all of you shout with them: “Allah, Hu Akbar!”

Your governments, due to stupidity or impotence, are pretending that the Muslim threat is under control or just a nuisance. Is your hatred toward Jews and Israel so uncontrollable that you, knowing what Islamic terrorists are capable of and are planning for you, are still willing to allow your government to facilitate your own demise? Israel is your first and quite frankly your last line of defence!

The Arab Message of Peace: At the time when American President George W. Bush was arriving at Ben Gurion Airport, two Grad Katyusha missiles were fired from Gaza at southern Ashkelon, one rocket scored a direct hit on a children's medical clinic inside a shopping center. 15 wounded, including a mother, baby and a doctor and at least 90 other people had been rushed to Barzilai Medical Center. Hamas has taken responsibility for launching the attack.

Food for Thought-1. by Steven Shamrak

Disregarding the fact that Gaza, Judea and Samaria are part of the land which was allocated for the creation of the Jewish state by the League of Nations, the US pressures Israel to negotiate with the enemy and expedite a two-state solution. Strangely, president Bush does not negotiate with Mexico the return of Mexican land occupied by the US including his own state, Texas!

Lies and Hypocrisy Have no Limit. United States President George W. Bush called Prime Minister Ehud Olmert (who is under the fifth corruption investigation at the moment) "an honest guy" and labelled PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas (one of orchestrators of the Munich attack) as an authentic peace partner. He also said a Palestinian state is a necessity for Israel's existence (knowing that it is just another step for the PLO toward the destruction of Israel).

Will UN Investigate? Last week: For seven-hours Hezbollah barraged a Druze village near Beirut, killing 11 people. (Does ‘Useless Nothing’ has the integrity to expose the ugliness of Islamic militancy?)

Another 'Dead Arab' Lives. Mohammed al-Harrani is suspected of being involved with terrorist activities. International media widely reported the claim of his son that his father died while waiting for a permit to enter Israel, but was discovered alive and well. (The international media often enthusiastically publish anti-Israel claims without checking the facts.)

Quote of the Week:

"Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth." - Omar M. Ahmad, founder of Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)They are coming after you too!

Vatican: Business as Usual. 1) Archbishop Antonio Franco, the Vatican’s ambassador to Israel, has made the unprecedented announcement that he will boycott the April 16 memorial events at Yad Vashem, Israel’s national memorial to the Holocaust. (Repentance and making confession of sins are major Catholic stuff, but not where Jews are concerned! From 1939 until his death in 1958, Pope Pius XII remained silent during the mass murder of six million Jews. Recently, the Vatican’s inclusion of a prayer for the conversion of Jews in the Latin Mass is another sign of ‘love’ for Jews!) 2) Pope Benedict is urging Israel to help the dwindling Christian community in the Middle East by assuring them of a secure future in the region. (Hypocrisy again: He did not make the same request to Muslim countries and did not ask them to stop ‘ethnic cleansing’ of Christian populations!)

Self-Hating Jews and Arab Enemies Within. Dozens of left-wing Jewish activists joined with Israeli Arab students rally at Haifa University marking what Arabs call the "catastrophe", "Nakba", Day of the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948. Jewish and Arab students began fighting at Tel Aviv University on Thursday after the Arab students began waving Palestinian Authority flags.

Food for Thought-2. by Steven Shamrak

Recent disasters in Asia have reviled that the International Red Cross, one of the international facilitators of the Holocaust, conveniently ‘forgot’ that it had changed its corporate name to The International Red Crystal, which it adopted due to legal technicality, when Magen Adom David was accepted as a member, after almost of 60 years history of bogus excuses and delays. Please, think twice before you donate to this anti-Semitic organization.

What Ceasefire? A 70 year old Israeli woman, Shuli Katz, was killed by a rocket fired from Gaza, at the same time as senior Hamas terrorists warned that they would increase their efforts to attack Israelis if Israel were to delay in accepting the group’s request for a temporary ceasefire, Hudna. (Israelis are experiencing daily stone throwing at their cars, fire bombs, attacks with knives, sniper fire, kidnapping attempts and rocket attacks perpetrated by the members of Hamas and Fatah. Hudna will only help them to rearm and regroup!)

Iranian-Made Terror. 1) The mortars that are being fired at Israeli communities by Gaza terrorists are Iranian made, according to defence officials quoted by IDF. 2) Before Hizballah seized western Beirut, the Shiite terrorist group took delivery of 35 fast speedboats. The crafts can be used against US Sixth Fleet.

Bush is More pro-Israel than Olmert.

Communications Minister Ariel Attias criticized Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, saying Olmert had shown less support for the Jewish state of Israel in a recent speech to the Knesset than had United States President George Bush, as Bush repeatedly mentioned God and the fact that God gave the land of Israel to the Jewish people. Attias also slammed the government for failing to respond to rocket attacks from Gaza: “We don’t need to count how many were killed. The very fact that there are cities under attack means the situation cannot continue”.