The ME Conflict Needs a Dog Trainer!

by Eve Demian.

I think the escalation of the Middle East conflict and boldness of so-called Palestinians in particular should be very easy for everyone to understand, if they consider the most basic rules of behaviour:  

1) Reward behaviour and it will be repeated.  Reward it again, and it will be *reinforced*, with every repetition of this. Even negative attention is attention, and attention is a reward.

2) If you want behaviour to stop, you must consistently stop rewardingit. 

3) Inconsistency (of a trainer) fosters persistence (of bad behaviour a dog)!!

These are three basic behavioural *facts* common to every living thing on this planet!  (Even a bacteria knows how and where they received rewards of nutrition. If they didn't - they would not survive!)

I gave you these simple DOG TRAINING instructions to my clients in dogs training service! And, when they were willing to follow those instructions, they succeeded!

No UN Condemnation - No Demand for Compensation! A group of 25 armed and masked men attacked and set fire to an UN-sponsored summer camp in Gaza on Monday morning. This is the second case of a summer camp set in fire in Gaza this year. In May masked militants burned another UN-sponsored summer camp hours before it was due to open. Both camps were attacked by (HAMAS supervised) Muslim extremists who apparently object to boys and girls going to camp together.

Four Years since Shalit Abduction. Hundreds of people set sail in New York City on Thursday in what they dubbed the True Freedom Flotilla. Ten boats sailed past the Statue of Liberty, around Manhattan, and past the United Nations, waving signs calling to free kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Several decades ago, before and during WW2, some people in Europe tried to use ‘scientific’ arguments and racial profiling to prove the inferiority of Jewish people due to their Semitic origin. Since the creation of Israel, Jews were screamed at - in Europe, Russia and even the US - “go back to your Palestine!” Now, the same kind of people, should I say scum, are trying to delegitimize Israel by questioning the origins of Jewish people.

Netanyahu’s Epiphany: PA Doesn't Want Peace. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu (Likud) accused the American-backed PA of being unwilling to enter into peace talks with Israel. "Why are there only proximity talks? There is no willingness on the part of the Palestinian Authority to enter direct talks. I say to Abu Mazen: 'There is no way to solve the conflict without direct discussion.'" (They have never wanted peace with Israel) Speaking in front of the Knesset, the premier added, "The world says we have a right for self defense, but every time we are about to fulfil our right, we are accused of war crimes."

Fatah (Arab) Style Democracy. PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, leader of the Fatah party, has again cancelled elections that were supposed to be held next month, because of fears that Hamas supporters or independent parties will fill the growing leadership vacuum in the PA. The Obama administration has pressured Israel to agree to a long line of concessions to the PA illegitimate government in order to bolster the popularity of Abbas.

There Would be no Need for a Blockade. Israel’s President Shimon Peres warned that delegitimizing Israel only strengthens terror organizations such as Hamas, Hezbollah and Al Qaida and there would be no need for a blockade on Gaza or flotillas, if Gaza would agree to peace, release Gilad Shalit and stop shooting missiles at Israel.

Quote of the Week: “…as demonstrated by the UN's unusually speedy condemnation of the flotilla incident and the British government's expressions of outrage, anti-Israel sentiment is extremely useful for Western governments and international bodies, too. It allows them to take the moral high ground on the international stage at a time when, post-Iraq, it is increasingly difficult for them to do so. It allows them to brush over their own acts of aggression by going along with the idea that Israel is a uniquely colonialist, belligerent nation whom they, being whiter than white, have the right to lecture and hector. When Israel is continually said to have crossed a "boundary of civilisation", governments can conveniently pose as civilised by posturing against it.” - Brendan O'Neill - Honest person, although not a friend of Israel.

Political Blindness. Opposition Chairwoman Tzipi Livni slammed Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for his decision to ease the siege on Gaza. "Your remarks point to political blindness and giving up. Hamas is getting legitimacy, while Israel is losing it. No one believes you." (Why couldn’t her party, Kadima, have this political clarity when it was in power?)

Saudi Arabia: No Mingling Allowed. A Saudi court has convicted four women and 11 men for mingling at a party and sentenced them to flogging and up to two year prison terms each. (Where are international outcries and boycott of Saudi products - like oil?)

Is Obama Muslim? That was the claim of Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit, as reported in the May 2010 issue of Israel Today. According to article, Gheit appeared on Nile TV's "Round Table Show" in January, on which he said that "he had had a one-on-one meeting with Obama who swore to him that he was a Moslem, the son of a Moslem father and step-son of Moslem step-father, that his half-brothers in Kenya were Moslems, and that he was loyal to the Moslem agenda." (The issue is not whether Obama is Muslim or not. The problem that he most likely is and is hiding it – and is covertly implementing an Islamic agenda as the policy of the United States?)

Another Excuse to Dump ‘Peace Process’. Chairman Saeb Erekat of the PA's diplomatic negotiating team said that the Jerusalem local planning commission's decision to destroy 22 illegally-built Arab homes as part of the King's Garden reclamation project "proves that Israel has decided to destroy the indirect talks with the Palestinians." (Why must only ‘illegally’ built Jewish homes be destroyed?)

Turkey: Organiser of Martyrdom Flotilla!

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that “Israel was losing its greatest friend in the region” with its actions (Quite a cynical statement from a delusional ‘friend’. Wasn’t Turkey the major organizer of the flotilla?) Erdogan made the statement after an announcement that all nine of the people, who achieved their life goal and became Islamic martyrs by willingly dying creating an anti-Israel publicity stunt, killed in the Gaza flotilla raid were Turks. (Turkey has always played a game of fake friendship with Israel in order to receive financial help from the US. And it has also never been a good member of NATO. Remember that Turkey did not allow US troops to move through to Northern Iraq several years ago! Why aren’t American anti-Semites demanding to end US aid to Turkey?)

Mission Accomplished! - Turkey emerges as Middle East Islamic leader.

Martyrs Welcome. Thousands of mourners hailed activists killed in an Israeli commando mission as martyrs on Thursday, hoisting their coffins to cheers of "God is great," while Turkish President Abdullah Gul said "Turkey will never forget this attack."

Flotilla was an Islamic Terror Operation. Evidence released by the IDF on Monday night, June 1, described how the Turkish Marmara, the flotilla's lead vessel, had been commandeered by terrorists indirectly supported by the Ankara government's subsidy to the Turkish Insani Yardim Vakfi - IHH, which is listed by the American CIA as an al Qaeda-linked Islamist terrorist organization with bases in Turkey, Bosnia and Bulgaria. Those passengers attested to more than a hundred members of terrorist organizations aboard acting like a quasi-military group with a command hierarchy… Although they appeared to hail from different terrorist organizations from various countries, they were all ordered to say they belonged to the IHH.

Activist: I Tried Three Times to be a 'Shaheed'. The IDF released footage showing one of the passengers on the Marmora ferry telling an interviewer that “he looked forward to becoming a shaheed, a martyr,” during the course of the voyage. “The first time I sailed to Gaza I wanted to become a shaheed, but I didn't have any luck,” he said, speaking in English, apparently to a fellow passenger taking the footage with a video camera. “The second time I tried, but it didn't work. This time, the third, I hope to have more luck,” he said. (This Islamic terror flotilla was organised by Turkey and supported by brainless Jew-haters or political opportunists who are building their political careers on anti-Semitism!)

World Complacent to Genocide Again? Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan demanded that his European allies cut off funding for Kurdish rebels and extradite suspected rebels to Turkey. (In order to destroy the Kurdish people’s wish to live free, Turkey is quite happy with world indifference, just like Nazi Germany before committing the Holocaust!) The United States ambassador to Turkey said earlier this week that the US supports Turkey's efforts to clamp down on Kurdish resistance: "We stand ready to review urgently any new requests from the Turkish military or government regarding the PKK," (The leading democracy has already signed up with the genocide perpetrator!)

Why not Independent Kurdistan? Turkey admitted to slaughtering as many as 120 Kurdish rebels in raids on their hideouts in northern Iraq last month. (Still there is no UN condemnation of Turkey or at least any call for an international investigation of the conflict.) Speaking at the funeral of Turkish soldiers killed in a battle against Kurdish rebels fighting the Turkish occupation - Prime Minister Erdogan said that Turkey would ‘wipe out” all the Kurdish fighters. Erdogan’s words come only two weeks after he reminded Israel that it’s said in the Torah “Don’t Murder”. (Hypocrisy is the main trait of Israel’s enemies! Kurds are true freedom fighters against occupation of Kurdistan by Turkey! But so-called Palestinians are opportunistic, blood-thirsty Arab terrorists.)