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Loyalists are Arrested.

by Hillel Fendel

Ehud Olmert spoke often of the need for post-Disengagement "internal reconciliation" with the pro-Land of Israel public. His government is now busy arresting many of that public's active members. Close to 20 reserve soldiers living in Judea and Samaria have been arrested - for refusing, a year ago, to take part in the expulsion of Jews (from Gaza).

Teenaged Girl Remains in Jail. A 15-year-old girl who has been in jail for two months, arrested on charges of interfering with Arab olive growers, was nearly released - but in the end, was merely transferred to the N'vei Tirtzah prison for women.

Mother-of-six (and daughter of a long-time Soviet refusenik from Moscow) Miriam Adler was in court, after having been violently arrested several weeks ago. Her story: "When they arrested me, it was very violent; the police charged me with violence, and I charged them with the same. My complaint was of course (political interference with judicial system has become an acceptable norm even among the Zionist activists) ignored, but their charges that I had attacked a policeman were taken very seriously…”

Silencing the Jewish Patriots. The indictment of Women in Green chief Nadia Matar for her fiery letter to Disengagement Authority chief Yonatan Bassi has been expunged, implicitly citing politics in the original decision to indict Matar. After the text of the letter was widely publicized in the media, AG Menachem Mazuz (the stooge of the Labour party) announced that Matar would be indicted. Jerusalem Magistrates Court Justice David Mintz ordered the indictment expunged Sunday, explaining, “…Any time we are dealing with freedom of speech, criminal law does not present the correct and effective tool. I am therefore ordering the erasing of the charge.”

(Often I am asked a question: “Why don’t you live in Israel?” The answer is quite simple. Israel is not a true democracy yet! The country is ruled by a corrupt political mafia, which does not care about the future of Israel or Jewish people. The political elite do everything possible to suppress the voice of Jewish patriots! I was able to resist and even fight anti-Semitism in the former Soviet Union, but what to do with the Jewish enemies within, our own apathy and disunity? Unfortunately, the criminal persecution is a common practice used by Israel government to silence the opposition. This does remind me the methods used by KGB in the Soviet Union!)

A restrained statement of MK Effi Eitam, head of a National Union faction in Knesset, on Sunday that Israel should expel West Bank Palestinians and bar Israeli Arabs from political life, since the latter are "a fifth column, a league of traitors," raised a storm. Why does the statement of the obvious truth about Arabs meet such hostility, while Arab treachery and terror is accepted almost as the norm? In a poll taken last December, in spite of the atmosphere of “political correctness”, 40 percent of Israeli Jews said that the state should "encourage Arab citizens to emigrate."

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

One of the reasons for the war with Iraq is to divert attention from the real culprit behind Islamic terror - Saudi Arabia. This is a ploy by the Bush government to keep the public happy by conducting a fake war against terror and to protect the interests of International oil barons, both Americans and Arabs.

Deception of Hamas-PLO Unity. A special report published Wednesday reveals the terms of the Fatah-Hamas deal, which the terror groups hope will renew international funding to the Palestinian Authority. A statement issued by Hamas last Tuesday stated: "The political program of the [proposed Palestinian] unity government does not contain any explicit or implicit recognition of the legitimacy of the Zionist entity." (They do not try to hide it, knowing that the Jew-hating West will give them money anyway!)

Must face Reality. Islam History Professor Moshe Sharon of Hebrew University told a counter-terrorism conference that, "There is no possibility of peace between Israel and the Palestinians whatsoever - ever.” He said that Western officials fail to grasp that the Arab and Islamic world is intrinsically unable to ever accept peaceful relations with Israel. “…everyone who thinks Tel Aviv is safe is making a grave mistake...” (Does any one listen?)

Even Iranians Know the Truth. An exhibition of cartoons about Holocaust denial has been a flop in Tehran. It drew audiences of fewer than 300 a day in its first week and three weeks later attracts just 50 people a day.

Amnesty accuses Hezbollah of War Crimes. “The scale of Hezbollah's attacks on Israeli cities, towns and villages, their intent to target civilians make it all too clear that Hezbollah violated the laws of war," said Amnesty's Secretary-General Irene Khan. Amnesty's claims come less than a month after it accused Israel of "indiscriminate and disproportionate" attacks.

Jewish Contribution to Humanity.

Albert Abraham Michelson ("Michael-son") (Dec 19, 1852 – May 9, 1931) was a Polish-born Americal physicist known for his work on the measurement of the speed of light. In 1907 he received the Nobel prize in Physics, the first American to receive the Nobel in the sciences.

Israeli Arabs are Syria´s Allies. Knesset Member Azmi Bishara, who chairs the Balad party, declared, upon his arrival in Syria, that Israeli Arabs are “Syria’s allies” and added that he and his constituency supported Syria’s “resistance to the occupation.”

Now They Have “blood on their hands”. A terror victims group published a report on Arab security prisoners “without blood on their hands,” who were released by Israel and returned to prison with “much blood on their hands.” At least 14 of the major terrorist attacks in recent years were carried out by terrorists released from prison in the context of various “good will gestures” and Israeli prisoner deals. All of them were released with assurances to the public that they did not have “blood on their hands,”

Different Shade - the Same Lies. Speaking at Harvard, a former Iranian president defended Hezbollah for fighting Israel by saing “Hezbollah today is a symbol of Lebanese resistance”.  He also denied that Iran funds the Shi’ite terror group, though that is widely accepted as fact around the globe. (And he is being paid handsomely for his lies. What a joke!)

Quote of the Week:

"The Oslo accord was a prelude to the Palestinian Authority, and the Palestinian Authority will be a prelude to the Palestinian state which, in its turn, will be a prelude to the liberation of the entire Palestinian land." Abdul Asis Shaheen, PNA Minister of Supply, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, January 4, 1998

Olmert is Warned by Israel’s Security Chiefs. Neither the Egyptian police contingents nor the European border inspectors have honored agreements signed last year and caught a single terrorist or stopped a single weapons delivery smuggled in from Sinai to Gaza. Intelligence leaders are warning that the same pattern is taking shape in south Lebanon. (Strangely, for clever people, Jews are unable to learn from their own mistakes of the past! We will learn only when we start to respect ourselves and believe in our right to the land of Eretz-Israel!)

Lt. Gen. Dan Halutz to step down. A large group of IDF reserve generals will ask Lt. Gen Dan Halutz to step down as chief off staff. Among the group are Uri Sagi, former AMAN chief, Doron Almog, former OC Southern Command, Haim Erez, former commander of the brigade which crossed the Suez Canal in the Yom Kippur War…

Shebaa Farms Handover.  The Israeli prime minister was quoted by Haaretz newspaper as telling Sergey Lavrov, the Russian foreign minister, that Israel could relinquish the tiny border area if the Lebanese enforce all of the cease-fire agreement. (Why do we have such brainless leadership?)

No More Freedom of Press. Ministers from Islamic countries heard at an Organization of the Islamic Conference meeting in Saudi Arabia on Wednesday: "Muslim investors must invest in the large media institutions of the that they have the ability to affect their policies via their administrative boards," OIC chief Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu told the gathering in Jeddah. (Muslim leaders are planning to officially combine terrorism with “Media War”.)

Surprising Honestly of the Pope.

Pope Benedict XV had dressed the issue of rapport between Islam and the West: He said that violence, embodied in the Muslim idea of jihad, or holy war, is contrary to reason and God's plan. He began his speech by quoting a 14th-century Byzantine emperor, Manuel II Paleologus: "Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached". The furore prompted several thousand flag-waving Palestinians to march in the Gaza Strip in protest against the Pope's comments. "This is another Crusader war against the Arab and Muslim world," said Hamas official Ismail Radwan as he addressed some 5,000 chanting demonstrators. (…followed by ugly and customary Muslim response!)

Churches Attacked – Arab Ugliness Exposed. Palestinians wielding guns and firebombs attacked five churches in the West Bank and Gaza on Saturday, following remarks by Pope Benedict XVI. Firebombings left black scorch marks on the walls and windows of Nablus' Anglican and Greek Orthodox churches. In Gaza City, militants opened fire from a car at a Greek Orthodox church. Explosive devices were set off at the same Gaza church on Friday. (Arabs offer no apologies and no regret!)

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