Happy Hanukah!

Hanukah is the only Jewish spiritual and national holiday.

It commemorates the Eretz-Israel, the Land of Israel, and the

Jewish national liberation struggle - Zionism!

Loopholes Favoring Iran Nuclear Program

Parchin: This long-suspected facility remains out of UN oversight.

Secret nuclear locations: These locations are not mentioned in the Geneva interim accord, nor was it addressed in the negotiations.

Dirty bombs: Iran doesn’t need a full-scale nuclear bomb or missile warhead for attacking Israel. For decades, Tehran has been working on perfecting hundreds of dirty bombs as part of its nuclear program.

Rollback: The fact remains that, so long as Iran is permitted to enrich uranium, even though this is restricted to a low 5 percent grade, it is free to produce as much fissile material as it wants, whenever it wants.

Enrichment: Obama and Kerry said the new deal does not recognize Iran’s right to enrich uranium. They were contradicted by the Iranian president and senior negotiator as well as Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

Centrifuges: There is nothing to stop Iran from keeping up uranium production. In the six-month interregnum for negotiating a comprehensive nuclear deal, Tehran wins time to turn out enough centrifuges to substantially expand its production of enriched uranium. Therefore, producing enough weapons-grade uranium to break through to a nuclear bomb rapidly enough to defy detection by the IAEA or Western intelligence until it is too late.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that "as more and more details are being attached to the deal that was reached yesterday in Geneva, it's becoming clearer that this is a bad a deal and a dangerous one for the world, the region and Israel." "Iran is receiving billions of dollars in relief in the sanctions without paying any sort of price. Iran is receiving written approval to violate UN Security Council resolutions."

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

Western liberals (communists, capitalists and the ones in between) compromised their integrity by supporting a fake, terror infested people, the so-called Palestinians, and their aim of destroying the Jewish state. They have wasted over a trillion dollars, pretending that they are conducting “the war on terror”. They still ignore the danger of Islamization of the world through rapid reproduction, immigration and conversions to Islam! The most disturbing and alarming side of all of this is that most people in the West are oblivious of the dangerous future awaiting them and their children - “like lambs to the slaughter”!

Khamenei Vows no Change to Nuclear Program

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei told commanders of the Basij force, a volunteer militia of young Iranians: "I insist on stabilising the rights of the Iranian nation, including the nuclear rights," he said. "I insist on not retreating one step from the rights of the Iranian nation." He said Iran's negotiators "must respect these limits" when talking about the nuclear programme with "enemies and opponents". His comments came hours before diplomats from the US, Britain, France, China, Russia and Germany opened a new round of talks in Geneva with Iranian negotiators.

Obama Has Been Easing Iran Sanctions for 5 Months

A report indicates that US President Barack Obama has been easing sanctions on Iran for the past five months without Congressional approval. An unnamed House staffer stated that “orders to stop the designations (for new sanctions) came from the White House and State," adding "this has not gone down well in Treasury.” The Congressional sources added that Obama's policy has allowed Iran to maintain its crude oil exports.

Islam Against Elephants

A growing number of terrorist groups in Africa are turning to the illegal trade of elephant tusks to finance their operations. “For al-Shabab, ivory, like charcoal, is just a fast and relatively easy way to make some cash, which is needed first of all to pay a salary to its militants, estimated at around 5,000 people,” said Andrea Crosta, executive director of Elephant Action League. Al-Shabab’s monthly ivory income is estimated to be $200,000 to $600,000.

Fake Promises Mean Nothing

Facing growing congressional scepticism, Secretary of State John Kerry made (bogus) reassurances that the United States (Obama administration) is firmly allied with Israel in its negotiations with Iran. “What’s important here is we stand with Israel firmly - 100 percent… There’s no distance between us about the danger of a program (Iran’s nuclear - he could not even specifically name it) and the endgame for us is exactly the same.”

Time to Free Gaza from Occupation by Terrorist ‘Nation’

Mushir al-Masri, a top Hamas terrorist and member of the PA parliament, declared that a 'calm' or cease-fire period with Israel was the best time to prepare new tactics against Israel's alleged "aggression" - both above and below ground. Al-Masri also added that the terror organization now has missiles capable of a 100-km radius - capable of reaching Jerusalem and Tel Aviv - in its possession.

Hamas Tells Fatah to Prepare for War

During an Al-Qassam Brigade military parade Hamas officials called on Fatah to prepare for war with Israel, and threatened to declare war if Jews are allowed to pray at the Temple Mount. Sa'ad, a high-ranking commander of Al-Qassam, called on Fatah and its military branch in Judea and Samaria to prepare for the next clash with Israel, saying that "jihad and struggle" were the only way to confront Israel.

Time to Cancel New York Times Subscription

The paper published a picture of not a grieving family of Israeli victims of terror but an image of the Arab mother of the terrorist responsible for murdering Eden Atias, presumably mourning the fact that her son is now in Israeli custody. The 16-year-old terrorist has told interrogators that his intention was to murder an Israeli soldier. (Anti-Semitic bigots and self-hating Jews, like Isabel Kershner and her editors of New York Times, will only change their behavior when Jews stop sponsoring their hateful endeavor!)

Arab-Israelis in Fatal Car Accidents

Some 45% of fatalities in car accidents since the beginning of the year are members of the Arab community in Israel. In 71% of accidents that took place during the evening of the month of Ramadan, Arab drivers were involved. (Is it another, hidden, form of Arab terrorism against Jews?)

Non-Existing Nation Voted at ‘Ugly Nothing’ Assembly

Palestine's delegation to the United Nations has cast a ballot for the first time in a routine General Assembly vote. It brings PA a step closer to full UN membership. The chief Palestinian UN observer, Riyad Mansour, participated in the 192+1-nation assembly's election of a judge for the International Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia.

Dogs are still Barking

Senior PA negotiator Saeb Erekat declared that the PA intends to sue Israel in the International Court of Justice in Hague over the death of PA Chairman Yasser Arafat in 2004 and take the matter to the Security Council of the United Nations. 

Quotes of the Week:

"Settlement activity must stop because it compromises the two-state solution... France's position is known: a negotiated settlement, with the State of Israel and (the State) of Palestine both having Jerusalem as capital, coexisting in peace and security," - French President Francois Hollande - We must remember: all Palestine is the Jewish land; Second: Israel does not have an honest peace partner; the PA is using negotiations as a step toward destruction of Israel. Just because he realizes the danger of a nuclear Iran it does not mean that he has the right to lecture Israel. Will he push for a “negotiated settlement” with people of French Guiana, New Caledonia and other remaining French colonies? Do France and Spain have plans to negotiate and allow independence to the Basque people?

AIDS is still Viable Suspect

by Steven Shamrak (Jan 2005)

A French hospital spokesman said there would be no details (released) about the cause of Arafat’s death because of French privacy laws. Why would Arabs, with cooperation of the Arafat family, need to invoke French privacy laws? Dr. Arafat (half brother) said that he met French Foreign Minister Michel Barnier on the day of his brother's death and discussed the issue with him: "He told me it is not in the interest of France or our (PA) interest to disclose the cause of his death. Holding any party criminally responsible for his death will create political trouble". Who will be in political trouble? Surely, if the trouble was meant for Israel the documents would be revealed immediately!

"The full medical report of President Arafat is a historical document for the Palestinian people," said Hassan Abu Libdeh, the PA cabinet secretary. "We will get the report and the Palestinian Authority will take the necessary decisions including informing the Palestinian people about the full details of the report". Yasser Arafat's nephew, Nasser al-Kidwa, obtained the medical records many weeks ago. The PA can’t blame the ‘evil widow’ for being silent anymore! How much do they pay her for silence?

Why has Arafat’s nephew, who was so eager to tell the truth about Arafat’s death, suddenly became mute and evasive? He has had plenty of time to study the official French report of his uncle's death. The only statement he has made, so far, is that his uncle had died of "unnatural" causes, implying Israel had poisoned Arafat. AIDS is also an "unnatural" cause of death!

The toxicology tests were conducted during Arafat's two-week stay in a French hospital but "no poisons known to doctors were found." PA Foreign Minister Nabil Shaath has said: "We know what it is not. It is not malignancy or cancer anywhere in his body." But, uncharacteristically for modern medical practice, no autopsy was conducted.

Years ago, Oriana Fallaci, an Arab sympathizer at the time, reported that Arafat’s headquarters in Tunis had a number of blonde German young men running around. She found that not only Arafat was homosexual, but that it was well known fact in his intimate circle. Later, as the rumors gathered force, Arafat arranged his pseudo marriage to his gold digging ‘wife’. The CIA had known about the AIDS for some time and encouraged Israel not to assassinate him.

This saga reminds me the rumors about the death of another legend - the Great Communist leader Lenin. When I was living in the Soviet Union, I heard whispers about the real cause of his death. Only recently, the team of German doctors reviewed the notes of Lenin’s doctors and they officially confirmed the rumors - “the great leader of the Socialist revolution” died from syphilis. For political reasons, this information, as well as, the possible cause of Arafat’s death has not been covered by international press!

This article is not about Arafat’s homosexuality, it is about lack of political and journalistic integrity! Only the release of the official report of French doctors will put a stop to the rumors about Arafat’s death! Why is this information still concealed?

Delusional Idiocy of PA

Senior Palestinian Authority (PA) and Fatah leader Jibril Rajoub has appeared on PA TV and accused the US of being behind former PA Chairman Yasser Arafat's supposed 'poisoning' by Israel. "It's obvious that Israel wasn't alone," said Rajoub in an interview aired last week, adding "the US was there. That fool known as (George) Bush took away Yasser Arafat's protection and gave (Israeli Prime Minister Ariel) Sharon the green light to liquidate Yasser Arafat." (Everyone is responsible but not blood-thirsty idiots!)