Look Who US is Supporting Now

by Aaron Klein

At lease 500 hardcore mujahedeen from Afghanistan, many of whom were spearheading efforts to fight the U. there, have been killed in clashes with Syrian forces this week.

The claim comes as Reuters reported that President Obama had signed a secret order authorising US support for rebels fighting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his government. According to the report, Obama’s order was approved earlier this year and gives the CIA and other US agencies authority to provide broad support that could help the rebels oust Assad.

Any US aid to the rebels is highly controversial. The Syrian official claimed the Afghan mujahedeen died fighting Syrian troops in Aleppo… A group that represents al-Qaida in the coastal territory, earlier this week declared three days of mourning for its own jihadists who died in Syria in recent days. There are now widespread reports of al-Qaida fighters among the ranks of the opposition, with some jihadist branches reportedly officially joining the US-supported Free Syrian Army.

Amid the fighting in Aleppo, former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan announced he is quitting as international peace envoy for Syria. Annan said he is frustrated by “finger-pointing” at the United Nations while the armed rebellion against Assad becomes increasingly bloody. (First Obama gave support to Islamists in Libya, next to Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. What is next - Iran’s nuclear weapon program?)

Duplicity of the Olympic Games

Aboriginal boxer Damien Hooper was officially warned by Australian team boss for breaching Olympic rules for wearing a T-shirt featuring the Aboriginal flag at his opening fight at the London Olympics. It is understood the flag shirt breaches chapter 5 of the Olympic charter: “No kind of demonstration or political, religious or racial propaganda is permitted in the Olympic areas” (This is the third time representatives of the fake non-existent nation, Palestinian, are invited to participate in the Olympic Games, violating the Olympic charter!)

True Olympic Spirit still Lives, in Spite of IOC Hypocrisy

Despite the refusal of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to hold a moment of silence in commemoration of the Israeli athletes who were murdered at the 1972 Games in Munich approximately 30 members of the Italian Olympic team held their own moment of. Fabian Gilot, a member of France’s 4x100-meter freestyle swimming team raised his arm in celebration after the win, revealing a tattoo in Hebrew that read, “I am nothing without them.” The tattoo is a tribute to his grandmother’s Jewish husband, Max Goldschmidt, a Holocaust survivor who has greatly influenced his life.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Quite often intelligent people behave stupidly and self-destructively. This is mainly due to low self-esteem and the inability to stand up to bullies. Israeli political elite’s failure to end Arab-Israel conflict and reclaim Jewish land is the best example.

No One Dares to Name Arsonists

Israel is on fire: every other week this summer sees at least one major fire, and small ones occur daily. It is general knowledge, though rarely admitted by authorities or most news sources, that Israeli Arabs are the ones lighting most of the fires expressing their hate for Israel.

Playing Israel Card in a Cynical Political Game

In what might be called a pre-emptive strike, President Obama chose to hold a White House ceremony signing into law the US-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act on Friday - two days before Republican challenger Mitt Romney visits the Jewish state. Romney’s objective: to cut into the whopping 78 precent of the Jewish vote that Mr. Obama won in 2008. After Vice President Joe Biden said this week that Obama “has done more for Israel’s security than any president since Harry Truman,” former US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton called Mr. Biden’s statement “ridiculous” - and offered his own superlative. “This is the most hostile president since the state of Israel was created.” (In order to keep control over oil supply, the US has been actively preventing Israel from ending Arab aggression and achieving the Jewish dream of reunification of all Jewish land)

Turkey Plans Further International Aggression

An emergency session of Turkey’s military, intelligence and administrative bodies approved cross-border attacks against Kurds in Syrian Kurdistan. Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan stated that the country would do everything necessary to defend itself against terrorist attacks - whether internal or external. (When Israel does it “all hell breaks loose”! Kurdistan is a nation of up to 35 million people, whose land is occupied by five Muslim countries. Kurds have legitimate rights to fight for their independence. Turkey regularly attacks PKK fighters in Iraq with the support of international silence)

“Wind Jacket” Intercepts PA Anti-tank Missile

An anti-tank missile fired from Gaza on Wednesday was bounced off an Israel tank by the “Wind Jacket” active defence system, which Israel has developed to identify and repel enemy missile attack on its tanks. No one was hurt.

International ‘Humanitarian’ Idiots are Silent!

Hamas has begun demolishing houses, a move that will leave 120 ‘Palestinian’ families homeless. While the demolitions have been reported in the PA media, they have been virtually ignored internationally. The land is near al-Azhar University in central Gaza City. It's alleged that Hamas officials want the land for personal gain.

Egypt’s Peace Intention is Fabrication

Egypt has denied reports saying President Mohamed Morsi sent his Israeli counterpart Shimon Peres a letter in which he expressed his hope for regional peace. "There is no truth to these (reports). President Morsi did not send any letter to the Israeli president," Presidential spokesman Yasser Ali said. "Everything that was published by the Israeli media is unfounded fabrications." (After vigorous denial Egypt confirmed Morsi's letter to Peres. Peace with Egypt is a farce created in order for Egypt to receive the US aid, while waiting for an opportunity to strike Israel again.)

Iran’s Drums of War

On July 27, just before Friday prayers, Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei summoned top Iranian military chiefs for what he called “their last war council.” “We’ll be at war within weeks,” he told the gathering. The war council endorsed a battery of paybacks for potential US and Israeli pre-emptive strikes against its nuclear program. Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas and Jihad Islami in Gaza stand ready to pitch in against Israel with attacks from the north and the southwest. Saudi oil export terminals would be blown up and mines sown in the Strait of Hormuz to impede the export of one-fifth of the world’s oil. (All of this is just to protect production of isotopes for medical use?)


AI Condone War Crime Committed by ‘Rebels’ in Syria

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says a video posted on the internet shows the rebels executing captured government loyalists last Tuesday. In the footage, fighters shouting "God is Great" shove the detainees against the outside of a building before opening fire with rifles in the city of Aleppo. Amnesty International justified the violence as the culmination of months of a "brutal crackdown" against dissidents: “…is a predictable development which follows the disturbing pattern of abuses by state forces across the country” said Amnesty's senior crisis response adviser, Donatella Rovera. (International bigots use terms like “war crimes” and “human rights” as a tool in order to conduct their dirty politics. They have been justifying terror against Jews committed by Arabs and so-called Palestinians, even since before Israel gained independence!)

Egyptian Policemen are Killed by Islamic Terrorists

Islamist terrorists blew up the Egyptian post in North Sinai on Sunday, killing at least 15 Egyptian commandos, injuring many and kidnapping an unknown number, before seizing the two APCs and heavy weapons. Then they made an attempt to storm Israel border. The attack on the Egyptian position came shortly after dozens of missiles and mortar shells rained down from the Gaza Strip on the Eshkol region.

Quote of the Week:

“The recent discovery of huge oil and gas fields off shore enables Israel to become energy independent and earn income from energy exports… Israel’s adversaries, who profit from their oil and gas, will still be earning huge incomes to continue funding their hostility.” - Bertram Cohen - Anti-Israel international politics is based on anti-semitism. Supply of oil is just an excuse!

Scolding and the Biblical Law

by Steven Shamrak.

Real Zionists are often criticised for their strong, uncompromising points of view. Israel is criticised for not doing enough for peace, too. But the same people are able to find any inconceivable justification for the horrendous actions of Jewish enemies. Many critics are Jewish and, in their strange way, they do care about the Jewish state. Regrettably, a well-designed and executed propaganda campaign, supported by terror acts does affect people on a deep psychological level. Therefore even decent members of the public, who have been exposed to and brainwashed by anti-Israel propaganda for a long time, are unable to evaluate the reality and the facts behind the news.

Even committed Zionists have become indifferent and cynical, due to self-destructive policies and inaction by successive Israel governments. There is an atmosphere of despair among many staunch Zionists and supporters of the state of Israel. Even they began to use ‘politically correct’ terminology and self-limiting ideas. This creates the perception of hopelessness and facilitates an inability to follow through the realisation of the Jewish national goal. I would like to address the most commonly expressed scoldings:

“We can’t have everything” - We do not want ‘everything’! It is ‘others’ that have been ‘acquiring’ all they could for centuries. And now, they are imposing limitations on Jews, so we wouldn’t even try to return what is rightfully ours!

“One must be pragmatic and realistic” - The reality is a perceived illusion. It is created by action. Why should we accept ‘sh***y’ reality imposed on us by our ‘friends’ and enemies? Only by setting big goals can anything great be achieved!

“What about 3 million Arabs living in Israel and territories” - What about them? Most of them came to Palestine after Zionists started reclaiming Jewish land. The goal of their masters, Arab and British, was to prevent the creation of the state of Israel. There are 22 Arab countries. It is time for them to return home. The message must be clear: Their sinister ‘peace’ plan has failed!

“They will not allow us…” – Those mysterious ‘They’ again: ‘They’ were silent and did not want Jews to survive the Holocaust, ‘They’ did everything possible to prevent creation of the only Jewish state. ‘They’ have been doing nothing to stop Arab terror against Israel. Must we care what ‘They’ think? We must do what is right for us. Nobody else will. This is the only way!

It is written in Torah that if a thief is trying to tunnel into your house at night, you are allowed to kill him (The reasoning is that your life is without a doubt endangered). Arabs have continually said that they want to remove all Jews from Palestine. Only recently, they actually spent 4 months digging a 730 meter long tunnel and killed 5 Israelis. For two thousand years Jews let robbery and killings go unpunished. We closed our eyes on too many ‘tunnels’. The time has come to invoke the biblical law!