Limited Retaliation does not Work!

The IDF General Command conferred on Wednesday night, Aug. 8, on a full-scale military operation against Hamas after it launched a non-stop barrage of 150 (over 200 now) rockets against Israel. The town of Sderot took four direct hits and 8 injured casualties. Iron Dome intercepted four. The others landed in the Eshkol, Shear Hanegev, and Hof Ashkelon councils, most on open ground. However, a dozen people were taken to hospital with trauma symptoms as the sirens blared hour after hour. 

Israel’s air strikes targeted a factory for tunnel components, a marine terror tunnel on the shore, various military compounds including a facility for manufacturing rockets and other weapons, as well as a central logistic depot. (It sounds like IDF generals are almost apologetic for defending Israel’s citizens against enemy attacks. Idiotic procrastination, of dealing with the enemy, and 'measured’ response to endless terror attacks do not work! This weak and inept performance of IDF leadership and Israeli government only encourage Hamas to more bold attacks!)

Israeli Government is a 'Weak Link'!

Hamas Calling All the Shots, Netanyahu Cabinet Has No Plan!

Truce (another useless one) mediated by Egypt went into effect at 10:45pm on Thursday evening, after 24 hours of hostilities, with nearly 200 rockets fired from Gaza at Israel. Amid lull in fighting, Hamas says Gazans will resume border protests!

On the Same Day - Gaza Truce Talks ‘Advanced’

UN and Egyptian-mediated talks on a deal to tamp down tensions between Israel and the Gaza Strip are in "advanced stages", a senior member of the Palestinian enclave's dominant Islamist Hamas group said on Wednesday. The remarks were echoed by a top Israeli lawmaker, suggesting a possible breakthrough after four months of confrontations and clashes that stirred mutual threats of war. (It is well known that Hamas’ objective is to destroy Israel, any way possible, including lying! Are Israel’s representatives and political elite idiotically and deliberately delusional?)

PA Flags in Tel Aviv Proves - Enemies Within!

A Palestinian flags that were flown at a rally in Rabin Square on Saturday night are all the proof needed as to why the Nation-State Law is a necessity! "With blood and fire we will redeem Palestine... It is for precisely this that we passed the Nation-State Law. We are proud of our state, our flag and our national anthem. Israel is a Jewish and democratic state,” Netanyahu said.

"Sinai Option – The Road to Permanent Peace!"

Please, read and forward!

FOOD for THOUGHT. by Steven Shamrak

Nothing is impressive about Israel’s retaliation and string of fake ceasefires with Hamas! Hamas leadership is still alive and enemy population is still occupying Jewish land. Nothing has changed. The next time will be the same as many times before!

Protest Most Israeli-Arabs do not Care About

Arab protesters voiced anger on Saturday evening at what they said was a poor turnout at a mass demonstration against the Nationality Law in Tel Aviv, stating that the rally should have attracted more than the tens of thousands of people who showed up. (They protest and say “apartheid”, but Jews are not allowed to live in Gaza!)

Fake "Alarmed" of the UN is not Condemnation!

UN envoy Nickolay Mladenov expresses concern over the latest escalation in Gaza “I am deeply alarmed by the recent escalation of violence between Gaza and Israel, and particularly by today’s multiple rockets fired towards communities in southern Israel.” “We will continue working hard to ensure that Gaza steps back from the brink, that all humanitarian issues are addressed and that Egyptian-led efforts to achieve intra-Palestinian reconciliation succeed,” concluded the UN envoy. (So-called Palestinian "Humanitarian issues" have been deliberately created and artificially maintained. They are used as justification for terror against Israel by the PA, and condemnation of Israel by the UN!)

Hamas Snipers are not Welcomed

Israeli troops have killed two Hamas commandos in an exchange of fire across the Gaza Strip barrier. A video released by the IDF appears to show a three-man Hamas sniper team on an observation tower. There were no injuries to Israeli soldiers. The IDF said it is “prepared to target any aggression against Israel, holding Hamas responsible.

Two Terrorist 'Authorities' - no Peace Partner!

The Palestinian Authority (PA) cabinet says it invested $96 million in Gaza in July. No agreement yet on reconciliation with Hamas. The cabinet called on Hamas to abandon its stance against unity and end its control over Gaza. Hamas and PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah faction have been at odds since 2007, when Hamas violently took over Gaza from Fatah in a bloody coup. (Regardless, if it is Fatah, Hamas of Islamic Jihad – the aim the same, only tactics vary!)

EU to Cease Funding to a anti-Israel Organization

Following efforts by PM Netanyahu, EU agrees to cease funding a radical organization which works to undermine Israel. The association, operating in Israel, is called the "Freedom Protection Council." It undermines Israel's right to exist and acts to blacken the country's face in the world. (This is the first step. There are many more anti-Israel groups supported by anti-Semitic Europe!)

Egyptian President Fumes at Abbas

Palestinian Authority's Abbas infuriates Egypt's Pres. El-Sisi. He is furious as Egypt tries to broker peace between Hamas, PA, and Israel. Abbas sees el-Sisi's plan as including some aspects of US President Donald Trump's "deal of the century." Meanwhile, Hamas official Hussam Badran has said that "calm, war, and peace are a national decision and nothing will be implemented without the agreement of all Palestinian parties," (This means that terror will continue unless Israel take real action and removes the 'cancer' from Jewish land!)

To Condemn Israel the 'Ugly Nazi' Needs NO Appeals!

Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations, Danny Danon, has appealed to the Secretary General of the United Nations and the Security Council to condemn Hamas for the unprovoked terrorist attack on Israel’s southern communities in the past twenty-four hours.

Gas Re-Exporting Saga

The private Egyptian company Dolphinus Holdings plans to begin importing natural gas from Israel in the first quarter of 2019, for the purpose of re-export. Until a few years ago, Egypt was the one who exported gas to Israel. The Cairo government, however, hopes the deal will help the country become a new regional energy hub.

Clean Water for Gazans

Israel’s defense ministry has approved the delivery of equipment to the Gaza Strip for completing a large desalination plant and eight large water reservoirs. The project, with international funding, will ease the acute shortage of water for the Gazan population of 1.8 million. This and other humanitarian projects are designed to bypass the Hamas rulers of Gaza, who remain focused on their latest campaign of terror against Israel.

QUOTE of the WEEK:

If Israel wants to destroy Hamas, and liberate the Gaza Strip from its iron-fisted Islamist rule - now more than a decade old - there will never be a better time. President Donald Trump is the most pro-Israel leader the United States has ever produced, and his team of Middle East negotiators are so frustrated with Palestinian intransigence that they have called for cutting economic aid to Gaza. If Israel were to undertake a tough ground assault, with Hamas hiding behind (willingly participating) civilians in hospitals and in booby-trapped buildings, it would - finally - have a friend in the White House who would withstand international pressure and allow it to fight until victory. - Joel B. Pollak, Senior Editor-at-Large at Breitbart News

War in Gaza Approaching

A senior army official warned Thursday morning that Israel was nearing a full-blown military confrontation in the Gaza Strip after hundreds of rockets were launched overnight by Palestinian terror groups, adding that the government could begin evacuating communities near the coastal enclave in preparation. (Only a decisive operation, providing it will eliminate leadership of Hamas and other terror groups, as well as it will move terror-supporting population of Gaza to Sinai, will end terror attacks at Israel on this front!)

Authorities said over 150 rockets and mortar shells were launched at Israeli communities since Wednesday evening. The barrages by the Hamas terror group continued throughout the night and into Thursday.

At least seven people in total were injured in southern Israel by the Gaza rocket attacks.

In response to the attacks, the Israeli army said it struck over 140 Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip overnight. The military said its raids targeted training compounds as well as weapons manufacturing facilities and storage warehouses.

The Cycle will Continue!

“I highly doubt this latest "ceasefire" announced by HAMAS will last through Shabbat, I'll be shocked if residents of Southern Israel won't be rushing to bomb shelters tonight, instead of enjoying the Sabbath in the comfort of their families' homes. Then the IAF will bomb a few a dozen "terror training" and weapons storage facilities in Gaza, and proclaim it has deterred the terror group from launching more rockets. Then the UN will state how concerned it is over the rising tensions and hostilities. A few hours later Egypt will broker another ceasefire... and the cycle will continue.

This is like watching Tom & Jerry or Wile E. Coyote & the Road Runner, forever chasing and antagonizing each other. The only problem is, we are dealing with REAL lives! The people living in the communities around the Gaza Strip have been terrorized for years, a generation of children have been traumatized by thousands of rockets, forcing them to sprint to bomb shelters, where they frequently spend entire nights.

This cartoon must come to end. Israel owes it to its citizens to put an end to the threats emanating from Gaza, not just respond with retaliatory strikes against uninhabited buildings. As long as Israel does not extract a severe price from the Gaza terror leaders, they will continue to terrorize Israelis. They have not been forced to pay the consequences of their commands, Israel must make them feel the pain, personally. We're tired of watching the same cartoons, it's time to cancel the show and let the people of Southern Israel attempt to lead "normal" lives. Israel needs to drop the anvil on the head of the HAMAS snake.” – a FaceBook posting.

Hamas Continues Arson Terror Attacks

Hamas terrorists continued attacks Friday with launches of arson kites and incendiary balloons attached to Molotov cocktails over the border at Israel. At least a dozen fires were started in the area surrounding Jewish communities along the Gaza border. The arson attacks were launched despite an alleged ceasefire agreement between Hamas and Israel.