Letting Terror off the Hook.

Israel has granted, for the first time, an amnesty to 178 wanted Fatah-affiliated terrorists in the West Bank. Additionally, 256 Arab terrorists have been released from jail.

It has also given extraordinary permission for several exiled officials of the PLO to attend a meeting of the group’s central council this week in Ramallah, in the Israeli-controlled West Bank.

One of the PLO exiles whose entry has been approved is Nayef Hawatmeh, the leader of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, notorious for an attack carried out by his organisation on the northern town of Ma’alot in 1974, in which 22 Israeli schoolchildren were killed.

The scores of Fatah militiamen who will no longer be pursued by Israel have agreed to cease all activities against Israel and to lay down their arms, according to Israeli officials. “They were active terrorists who have chosen to deactivate themselves,” said Miri Eisin, a spokeswoman for Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. (When pigs fly! This is another low of Olmert’s government. And I thought that it had hit the bottom of self-hate and treachery!)

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

It is not only 'poor Palestinians'! What about Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Wahabistic Saudi Arabia, Jamal Islamia, Al Qaida, Muslim Brotherhood, Syria, Fatah Islamia, Hisbollah etc...? It is deeply entrenched culture of death and terror! The sooner the West realizes this, the more quickly and effectively we'll be able to deal with the threat of Islamic invasion!

Beware of Enemy’s Prase! Saudi King Abdullah praised US President George W. Bush initiative for a summit designed to revive the "peace process" in the Middle East. Arab League Secretary General Amru Moussa also voiced satisfaction with "positive sections" in Bush's speech. The PA Chairman's spokesman, Nabil Abu Rdeina, said Bush's speech was an important step and the summit is needed to create a mechanism for implementing the Road Map to Peace and the Arab Peace Initiative. (…and we have to question who our friends are after so many traitorous statements and deeds!)

Hamas’s Martyrdom Child Abuse. Nahoul the bee is a new character on "Pioneers of Tomorrow" a children's television show aired by a Hamas station, and urges youngsters to follow the path to martyrdom when they get older. "I want to continue in the path of Farfour - the path of Islam, of heroism, of martyrdom, and of the mujahideen," Nahoul declared. (Child abuse comes in various forms. Raising children willing to die and kill others is the ugliest one!)

Gov't Protects Illegal Bedouin Housing. Israel’s Housing Minister Zev Boim has urged Attorney General Menachem Mazuz to delay for one year the planned 34 demolitions in illegal Bedouin villages in return for a promise by Bedouin to cease further building. (What kind of deal is this? – the government did not give an extra year to the Jews in Gaza who were there legally!)

Quote of the Week:

"Peres proved on his first day [as President] that he has no intention of uniting the nation, but instead wants to continue to undermine and endanger Israel's security… We call upon the Eretz Yisrael faithful to boycott the current President, who has proved he is not everyone's president.” - Saving the Nation and the Land statement.

Release Jewish Political Prisoners. In the wake of the government decision to release 256 convicted terrorist prisoners from Israeli jails, the families of 25 imprisoned Jews are demanding the release of Jews currently in jail due to offences committed in defence of Jewish cause. (Israel holding Jewish patriots as political prisoners! Harassment of Zionists in Israel is on going ugly ‘normality’.)

Single-Minded Stupidity. US President George Bush announced his intention (again) to convene an international conference for "the establishment of a Palestinian state." (With such a one-track-mind, it is no wonder that the US is stuck in Iraq. Israel is used to deflect attention from the president’s ‘brilliance’!)

Back to the Same Game. The PA is keen to start final status negotiations, while Israel wants to focus on security issues and confidence-building measures. (How much more ‘confidence-building’ do we need to realise that Arabs will not change their terror-driven nature!)

Another Look at the Law of Return is Needed. “The law, in its current form, is being taken advantage of by people who forge documents.” The MK Sheetrit declared at a conference in Jerusalem. “Today the law grants any grandchild of a Jew, even if he or she is not Jewish, the right to immigrate. We should give that some thought.”

Peres Vows to Pursue Peace – Traitor for a President! Shimon Peres, architect of the Oslo accords, was sworn in as Israel's president and pledged to seize the opportunity to encourage long-delayed efforts to achieve a diplomatic resolution to conflict in the Middle East. He has not changed his opinions: "We have to get rid of the territories (Judea, Samaria, Gaza)" he said.  (With his peace, who needs war. Remember his “The Olso War”! Peres would be a good replacement to Abas.)

Hamas Hand in Kidnapping. Israeli soldiers and secret service operatives captured a member of Hamas terrorist cell, Muhammad Salameh Abed Soufi, 30, who had participated in the kidnapping of IDF Corporal Gilad Shalit in June of 2006. (Terror must be eradicated from Jewish land. The first step is to clear all ‘rubbish’ from Gaza!)

Jewish Contribution to Humanity:

David Schwarz (December, 1852, Zalaegerszeg, Hungary – January, 1897, Vienna) An aviation pioneer of Jewish ancestry. Commissioned by the German army, he had constructed the first dirigible airship in 1896. (The pride of German Empire!)

Hizballah, One Year after the War. By now, after the last Lebanon War, Hizballah has 50% more rockets and an air defence system. By the end of the year, Hizballah will have some 2,000 highly trained commando troops and 15,000-16,000 fighting men in all. (All of this is due to the ‘diligent’ work of the UN – ‘Useless Nothing’!)

Another ‘Friend’ of Israel. The World Bank representative in the PA says Gaza’s economy is at risk of “irreversible collapse” – and blames Israel. Israel is accused of creating the conditions for an “irreversible” economic collapse in Hamas-controlled Gaza, blaming Israel for closures of the border crossings with the (enemy) region. (The bloodthirsty terrorist organisation, Hamas, has nothing to do with the problem, does it? Why must Israel care for and feed her enemies?)

Olmert is still Delusional. On the first anniversary of the war Mr Olmert tried to strike an upbeat note in spite of the fact that two Israeli soldiers remain in the hands of Hizbullah. "We had great achievements in this war." (4,000 rockets were fired by Hizbullah into Israel last summer have already been replaced!)

Destruction of Jewish Heritage. The Islamic Wakf is digging large ditches on the Temple Mount without archaeological supervision to protect antiquities at Judaism's holiest site. (For years Wakf has been destroying the holiest Jewish place, but politically paralysed Israeli lawmakers do nothing the stop cultural and religious Holocaust!)

We are all Sderot. Some 30,000 people attended the "We are all Sderot" solidarity concert at Rabin Square in Tel Aviv week ago, to show support for the residents of Sderot and other communities bordering the Gaza Strip, who live under the constant threat of Qassam rocket fire. (…living in our own country under rain of Arabs’ rockets, in fear of being deported by our own government!)

Jerusalem the Capital? A Canadian Court of Appeal has upheld a lower court decision against the Jerusalem-born son of a Toronto rabbi who wanted his passport to show that that his birthplace is located in Israel. The judge reasoned that the Arab-Israeli conflict over the sovereignty of Jerusalem allows the Foreign Affairs Department to leave the city without a country. (Time to end the conflict, for our own sake. Forget about “Foreign Affairs” idiots!)

Israeli Left Praised by Enemy. Former Israeli Arab Member of Knesset (enemy within) Azmi Bishara said in his speech in Qatar that certain figures in the Israeli left wing (self-hating fools) who support the "right of return" of Arabs to Israel make it possible to bring about an Israeli retreat to pre-1967 borders. Bishara sharply attacked the Fatah faction and identified with Hamas.