Let the UNRWA Collapse

by Tovah Lazaroff

UNRWA services 5.7 million (fake) Palestinian refugees in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Gaza, the West Bank and east Jerusalem.

The UN Relief and Works Agency that services only Palestinian refugees (for 70 years) is close to collapse due to political attacks and lack of funding.

Member states have not been willing to back up their statements in support of the organization with actual funds.

Israel’s ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan, urged countries ahead of the conference not to donate to UNRWA.

“UNRWA has long been part of the problem and not part of the solution,” Erdan said in a statement from Jerusalem. “Instead of functioning as an agency for humanitarian and educational assistance, the agency functions as a political body that promotes the Hamas narrative, allows incitement against and delegitimization of Israel to be written into Palestinian (school) textbooks.”

UNRWA has faced a financial crisis this year, despite the Biden administration’s decision to restore funding to the agency, which had been halted by former president Donald Trump.

The Biden administration has pledged $318 million. The second top donor is the European Union, which has pledged $117 million, followed by Germany at $109 million, Sweden at $51 million and Japan at $49 million.

Germany, for example, reduced its donation by $100 million, the EU by $30 million and the United Kingdom by $25 million.

Saudi Arabia, which last year gave $28 million, didn’t even make it onto the list of countries that donated $8 million or more. (Each year, on average, there are 50 million genuine refugees word-wide, and they are all looked after by the UNHCR. The status of so-called Palestinians has been artificially maintained as ‘refugees’ to discredit the existence of the Jewish state. The UNRWA is a UN organization that serves one group only – fake Palestinian refugees!)



How many more Jews must be murdered?

Israel needs Leadership with Jewish National Vision!

One Jew, Eliyahu David Kay, was killed and four injured by Palestinian terrorist, who opened fire in Jerusalem’s Old City near the Chain Gate entrance to the Temple Mount.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Thanks G-d that Arabs rejected the UN Partition plan in 1947 – now they have no legal claim, under international law, to the land of Israel – Judea, Samaria and Gaza! Arabs were so sure that Jews, who had not recovered yet from the trauma of the Holocaust, would not be able to defend a little scrap of land that the UN (the ‘Ugly Nazi’) so 'generously' gave to them, so they arrogantly attacked the newly created Jewish state, which had no army or real weapons! And the rest of the world was eagerly waiting in anticipation that seven advancing Arab/Muslim armies would at last finish what European Nazis started. It is time to reunite Eretz-Israel!

No Age Limitation for Terrorists

Two Border Police officers in their early 20s were wounded in a stabbing attack by sixteen year old terrorists in the Old City of Jerusalem. The terrorist, Omar Ibrahim Abu Assav from the Arab neighbourhood of Issawiya in eastern Jerusalem, was neutralised.

Israel Convicted Spanish Citizen for Terror-Funding

A Spanish citizen, Juana Ruiz Rishwami, who is married to a Palestinian and admitted to raising funds for a Palestinian NGO that were diverted to a terrorist organization agreed to a plea bargain in an Israeli military court, which calls for a 13-month prison sentence (minus time served, 7 months) and a NIS 50,000 ($16,250) fine.

PA Evacuates Illegal Arab Village in Samaria

After Jewish residents protested and the Civil Administration announcement of the evacuation of an illegal Arab encampment, which had been set up on Jewish-owned land in Samaria, the Palestinian Authority carried out the evacuation itself. In recent months, 70 illegal Arab structures have been built on state lands in the western bloc area. About 20 of them have been built in the last two months. (But the attention of international anti-Semites and Israeli justice system, unfortunately, is on Jewish patriots who are living on our ancestral land.)

Schalit Deal was a Mistake

Ten years after the deal to free IDF soldier Gilad Schalit from Hamas captivity, former Cabinet Secretary Oved Yehezkel claims that the deal was a mistake. There were 1,027 Arab prisoners were released from Israeli prisons in return for Schalit, including terrorists responsible for the murder of 569 Israelis. "If I was making the decisions, I would have left him in Hamas captivity and not approved the deal. Leadership is not just a measure of compassion, but the common good," Yehezkel said. (There was another option - the military one. But for that Israel needs solid, self-respecting, Jewish, Zionist leadership!)

Israel Turned Down ‘Road Map’ for Prisoner Swap

A senior Hamas official claimed on Monday that Israel has turned down an offer to receive information about the condition of four Israelis held in the Gaza Strip in return for the release of Palestinian prisoners.  (Release of terrorists for "information" is too high price to pay! Like all other previous ‘road maps’ this also will not work in Israel’s favour.)

Is Jordan Violating Israeli Sovereignty?

The Jordan Engineers Association has recently concluded a campaign in which it collected donations totalling 2.9 million shekels (nearly $1 million) for the renovation of Arab homes in Jerusalem. Jordan’s Hayat FM radio, which sponsored the campaign and promoted it in the Arab media, said that the residents of the Old City “are the first line of defense for the Al-Aqsa Mosque,” and “supporting the Old City families brings us one step closer to prayer inside the Al-Aqsa Mosque." The capital of Israel must not become the center of foreign involvement for hostile states whose purpose is to infringe on our sovereignty.

Assimilation Bigger Threat than Terrorism

Assimilation isn't just a problem in the Diaspora. There are currently nearly 90,000 intermarried couples registered in Israel. A majority (close to 53,000) of the Jews married to non-Jews are men, while 32,000 are women married to non-Jewish men. This is the first time in years that the Israeli government has disclosed the official number of intermarried couples listed in the marriage registrar.

Twitter Hired anti-Israel News Curator

A new Twitter hire responsible for curating news coverage of the Middle East and North Africa has apologized for tweets harshly critical of Israel made in 2010 and 2011 after they generated controversy on social media. Fadah Jassem, a former journalist who lives in London, also apologized for not including Israel’s flag alongside those of 17 other Middle Eastern and North African countries, including the Palestinian Authority flag, in a tweet announcing her appointment. (Empty apologies of anti-Semites - we hear them all the time!)

Self-Hating Jews of Meretz

MK Mossi Raz (Meretz), a member of Israel’s coalition government, said that his party will fight “tooth and nail” against plans to enlarge the number of Israelis living over the Green Line in Judea and Samaria. MKs Raz and Gaby Lasky (Meretz) sent a letter to the Minister of Construction and Housing, Ze'ev Elkin, demanding that the construction plans in the Jordan Valley be halted and not be brought for approval before the government. (They support enemies who want to destroy the Jewish state. No other nation has traitors like that!)

Israel Taken for a Ride by Turkey

An Israeli couple was arrested detained in Istanbul after taking a picture of the President's residence (is it a state secret?), and released a few days later. They were merely unfortunate pawns in the Turkish leader's twisted game of political survival, as the country further slides into economic turmoil and the people are growing tired of the decrepit Sultan. The pair could have easily been Dutch or American, but Israelis are far "sexier." The term "connections to the Mossad" always makes great headlines. (The Islamic President of Turkey has been playing the 'friend or foe' game with Israel for quite a while. It began with organising the Gaza Freedom Flotilla in 2010. Why is Turkey still member of NATO?)

Blunder of Rescuing Fake Ethiopian Jews

The previous Netanyahu government spent NIS 14M to rescue 77 Ethiopian 'Jews' - who weren't Jews at all. They fled from a war-torn area in Ethiopia in fear of their lives and were staying in refugee camps.  They had not been in any actual danger. Some of them admitted to wanting to leave in order to find work or better living conditions. It was claimed that these were people with a connection to Judaism, but ultimately, it emerged that most of them are actually Christians. (Why aren't they sent back as illegal migrant?)

Quote of the Week:

“Israel stands at a crossroads. We have no more than three, four, five months at most for destroying Iran’s nuclear facilities. After that, Israel will be confronted for the first time by a fanatical country full of hate and armed with a weapon of mass destruction.” - Tzahi Hanegbi, former senior minister.

UNRWA vs. UNHCR – The Shocking Numbers

(first published in 2018)

Both UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency) and the UNHCR (United Nations High Commission for Refugees) are mandated by the UN to aid refugees, but there are some significant differences between how these two organizations spend their money, and thus, how successful and efficient they are at using that money to end the refugee crisis...

If one defines success as resolving the refugee’s problems, then UNRWA can only be defined as a complete failure.

UNRWA does not try or want to resettle the refugees, nor help the refugees move forward with their lives in a new host country, where some are already 3rd and 4th generation UN welfare recipients.

UNRWA maintains the refugee definition, even for those living in refugee camps within the Palestinian Authority.

UNRWA has 4X more staff members than UNHCR, while UNRWA deals with 6X fewer refugees.

UNRWA spends twice as much per refugee each year than UNHCR does – and has never resettled a single refugee.

UNHCR: Refugees can be resettled in any third country, with the goal to help them get on with their lives. Children of refugees are not considered refugees

UNRWA: 4.681 Million refugees or 20,000 according to a classified US State Department report.

UNHCR: 15.4 million refugees. Plus 800,000 awaiting refugee status and 12 million stateless people w/o refugee status for a total of 28.2 million refugees.

UNRWA: $1 Billion USD; Number of Countries: 5               Staff: 29,000

UNHCR: $3.32 Billion USD; Number of Countries: 123       Staff: 7,200