Let Them Burn in “Flame”!

by Chana Ya'ar

Iranian security experts report a virus far more dangerous than the Stuxnet worm has struck the country's computer systems.

Dubbed the “Flame,” the virus is one that has struck not only Iran, however, but a number of other enemies of Israel as well.

The Kaspersky Internet security firm is calling the “Flame” data-stealing virus the “most sophisticated cyber-weapon yet unleashed” and hinted it may have been created by the makers of the Stuxnet worm.

Kaspersky called the virus a “cyber-espionage worm” designed to collect and delete sensitive information, primarily in Middle Eastern countries.

The “Flame” has struck at least 600 specific computer systems in Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Sudan, Saudi Arabia and the Palestinian Authority, Kaspersky malware expert Vitaly Kamluk told the BBC. He added that the virus has probably been operating discreetly for at least two years.

"This virus is stronger than its predecessor,” he said. “It is one that could only have been created by a state or other large entity.”

Problems in Iran's computer systems are also continuing to surface in connection with the 2010 “Stuxnet” virus. The malware successfully disabled the computers that operated Iran's uranium enrichment facility. More than 16,000 of the Natanz facility's centrifuges were destroyed as a result of the cyber-attack.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

There are few anti-Zionists, Jews and non-Jews, on my mailing list, but not many Muslims. Most of them are behaving the same way. Often I receive abusive emails from them. Sending them historical and legal arguments supporting rights of Jews to the Palestine only gives them gratification and attracts more abuse. When I tell them plainly what I really think about them - psychologically damaged self-hating Jews, genocidal anti-Semites or merely attention seeking idiots - they become mute!

”African Americans for Obama” is a Pugnet Racism!

Obama announces the 2012 launch of African Americans for Obama. Would you vote for a white person who did this? Can you imagine Romney calling for all American white people to vote for him just because he's white? (Press ignored this information, same as they had no interest to investigate - What's wrong with Obama's birth certificate? Obama’s Muslim Roots and his education records. What would happen if a Presidential candidate had created “Whites for President” support group? It is time to start asking serious questions!)

IAEA Found Higher Enrichment in Iranian Bunker

The International Atomic Energy Agency has found traces of uranium enriched up to 27 per cent at the Fordow enrichment plant in central Iran. This is still substantially below the 90 per cent level needed to make the fissile core of nuclear arms, but it is above Iran's highest-known enrichment grade. This grade is close to 20 per cent, which is suitable for producing weapons-grade material much more quickly than the Islamic Republic's main stockpile.

There is Nothing to Talk about

The rupture between the Obama administration and the Netanyahu government hardened further when Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Defence Minister Ehud Barak found no time to see Undersecretary of State Wendy Sherman, the senior US delegate to the Six Power talks with Iran when she flew in from Baghdad. She was received by national security adviser Yaakov Amidror and Foreign Minister Director Rafi Barak and told them that the Baghdad talks had ended in impasse after Iran flatly refused to stop 20 percent uranium enrichment.

Another Muslim Leader Suffering Delusional Paranoia

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has compared abortion to murder and said it's a conspiracy to crimp his country's economic expansion. ''We know there is a devious plan to remove this nation from the world stage,'' Mr Erdogan told the women's unit of the governing Justice and Development Party. (Whose plan is it?)

Putin to Visit Israel Next Month

Russian President Vladimir Putin will visit Israel next month. The trip will be one of Putin’s first official trips since his inauguration for a second term as President. Netanyahu and President Shimon Peres are reportedly planning a special reception for Putin. During the visit Netanyahu and Putin will inaugurate a national monument in Netanya marking the Red Army’s victory over Nazi Germany. (Obama visited Israel during his election campaign only to secure Jewish political and financial support, but not as president)

Fences Won't Ensure Israel's Existence

Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah threatened Israel, saying the Jewish State is hiding behind walls and fences and that these cannot ensure its future existence. “They found refuge by enclosing themselves within fences. But the fences will never be able to protect them, and will never ensure their existence,” Nasrallah threatened. Just two weeks ago, Nasrallah threatened to strike multiple targets in Israel, including Tel Aviv. Recently uploaded satellite images to Google Earth reveal what appears to be a Hizbullah terror training ground constructed after the 2006 Lebanon War. (I agree - the fences will not keep Israel safe. Only decisive victory over the enemies, ending of Arab occupation and reunification of all Jewish land will!)

Turkey is Becoming a Sharia State

Turkish pianist, Fazil Say, an avowed atheist, faces imprisonment for tweets insulting Islam. He is being accused of inciting hatred and "public enmity" and insulting “religious values.” In one tweet Say wrote, “wherever there is a stupid person or a thief, they are believers in God. Is this a paradox?”

Why is France so Eager to Destroy Syria but not Nuclear Iran?

US President Obama recently vetoed a detailed Franco-Saudi plan for ending President Bashar Assad’s rule by means of a massive air strike against his palace that would, with one fell swoop, wipe him, his family and top leadership circle out. Their plan was for French warplanes to take off from the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier off Syria’s Mediterranean coast and Saudi and United Arab Emirates bombers to fly through Jordan. (Because it will install another unpredictable Islamic regime on Israel’s border!)

Barak is still Delusional - Arabs Want all Jewish Land

The Palestinian Authority rejected Defence Minister Ehud Barak’s suggestion that Israel consider a unilateral disengagement from Judea and Samaria (Yehuda and Shomron), similar to that carried out by the Israeli government in the Gush Katif region of Gaza in August of 2005. Barak suggested that Israel consider such a unilateral move, saying, “If it is impossible to reach an agreement with the Palestinian Authority Arabs, we should consider an interim arrangement, or even a unilateral disengagement.” (Will he consider transfer of all so-called Palestinians from Israel at the same time? Why not - because under the 4th Geneva Convention, “population transfer” is illegal! However, it is somehow still OK to transfer Jews from their land. Nobody have asked for perpetrators of disengagement from Gaza be brought to the International Criminal Court!)

Arab Countries are Getting Ready for War with Iran

The 12,000-strong US-Arab special forces exercise, Eager Lion 2012, ending in Jordan Wednesday, May 30, broadened the orbit of international intervention in the Arab Revolt and preparations for war with Iran.

Quote of the Week:

"A lasting peace can only be made with a strong nation. Without a united Jerusalem, the state of Israel will be a body with a weak heart. Our heart will never be divided again." - Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu - Jerusalem is not the only Jewish land that needs to be united and freed from enemy occupation!

In the Land of “Milk and Honey”

How many peppers can Peter Piper pick? Well, if the protagonist in the old tongue twister were picking them in Israel’s Arava Desert, the surprising answer is about 150,000 tons.

Once a deserted 112-mile strip of land stretching from the Dead Sea to the Red Sea, the Arava now has some 600 farms supplying more than 60 percent of total Israeli exports of fresh vegetables and about 10% of ornamentals.

In addition to dozens of varieties of peppers, Arava farmers produce tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, eggplants, melons, watermelons, table grapes, herbs and dates - many raised organically and all with minimal pesticides. Other Arava agriculturists specialize in flowers or aquarium fish such as the “Nemo” clownfish.

The United Nations chose the Arava region as a global model for agricultural education on saving water. Israel’s agricultural researchers are constantly improving and refining “fertigation,” in which water and fertilizer are dripped uniformly onto the root system of crops from a specially constructed pipe. Experts from Arava research and development team travel to countries such as Ethiopia to give practical courses through MASHAV, Israel’s international development agency.