Lesson of the Six-Day War.

by Steven Shamrak

"On June 5th, 1967, Jordan attacked Israel. Suburbs of Tel Aviv were shelled by artillery. Israel's largest military airfield, Ramat David, was shelled. Jordanian warplanes attacked the central Israeli towns of Netanya and Kfar Saba. Thousands of mortar shells rained down on western Jerusalem, targeting Israel's parliament building and the prime minister's office.

Twenty Israelis died in these attacks; 1,000 were wounded; 900 buildings were damaged. Only after coming under fire and sustaining casualties did the Israeli military respond against Jordanian forces in the West Bank." (HonestReporting)

"The biggest myth going is that somehow there was not a real and immediate Arab threat, that somehow Israel could have negotiated itself outside the crisis of 1967, and that it wasn't facing an existential threat, or facing any threat at all," said Michael Oren. (Jerusalem Post)

Now days, some revisionists of history are trying to turn the glorious victory of Israel against many Arab armies in to a failure, calling it a "Hollow Victory" or saying that we are "Paying Price" for Israel's 1967 Victory. What price would Jews pay if Israel was defeated in any previous war? Like former president of Egypt Gamal Abdel Nasser said: “We only need to win once!”

Hypocrites are attempting to make Israel's victories look like a source of current problems with PA and most of Muslim world. This approach, to make Jews to feel guilty, is not a new concept. Jews have always been blamed for the faults and problems created by others and Jewish achievements or inventions were brushed off or plagiarized. Our enemies like to see Jews submissive and obedient!

At the same time, we ought to admit that Israel made mistakes during and after the previous wars and there is a need to learn from the lesson from the history:

1.                  In order to achieve our goals and reduce the number of casualties, Israel must set clear objective and choose her own time of engagement with enemies. And, they must be followed through. We must not wait again and again for their move, while our enemies become stronger, restocking arms and training armies, with clear hostile intention toward Israel.

2.                  Any outside pressure must be ignored. The only reason why Israel have been experiencing the internal Arab terrorism for the past 40 year is because under international pressure Israel did not allow Arabs from Judea, Samaria and Gaza to cross the border with Jordan and Egypt, and leave Jewish land.

Another Middle East War Erupts: On Wednesday as Turkish troops launch operation against Kurdish PKK bases, several thousand crossing into North Iraq. (World is quite and pretending that it is not happening, but they are always screaming when Jews are trying to defend their lives and land!) The White House said there has been "no new activity" in northern Iraq to justify the press reports. (Debka.com, CNN.com)

Call Psychiatrists and Make Zionist Revolution. Olmert informed Syria last month that he is willing to cede the Golan to Syrian sovereignty, but wishes to verify that Syria will, in turn, cut its ties with Iran, Hizbullah and Palestinian terrorist organizations. (Golan is Jewish land! Mentally ill leadership must be removed and replaced by Jewish government with true Zionist objectives!)

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

I respect people who have opinions contrary to mine. But please, use your intelligence and check the facts. Do not be a puppet in the world global anti-Israel propaganda or your own, perhaps deeply hidden, anti-Jewish or self-hating predisposition.

Cooperation to Destroy Israel. Syrian President Bashar Assad has called for "better cooperation" between Damascus and Tehran in "the confrontation with the Zionist regime and the USA," according to a report published on Sunday by Iran's official state news agency, IRNA. (At the same time, political idiots are advocating Israel’s peace negotiations with Syria.)

Did you Hear about It? Basque rebels ETA, who want independence from Spain and believed responsible for more than 800 deaths in Spain in the last 45 years, ended their ceasefire last week. ETA declared a ceasefire in March last year, urging Spain and France to enter into peace negotiations. The European Union welcomed the ceasefire, but did nothing to advance case of Basque’s independence! (But Arabs fake claims over Jewish land and the endless ‘one-day Hudnas’ are always welcome and widely promoted by world press!)

Another Snub. Mahmoud Abbas has postponed a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert that was scheduled for Thursday, because Israel had not responded to a variety of demands, including the release of funds to the Palestinian Authority, and the release of Palestinian prisoners from Israeli jails. (How many of Israel’s demands have the Arab Palestinians satisfied? The answer is – None!)

Quote of the Week:

“Today, I do not see the possibility of being able to settle the conflict without defeating the regimes and terrorist organizations that still hold the idea of destroying Israel. You cannot defeat them by withdrawal and by disengagement” - former chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. (res.) Moshe Ya'alon - Only by recognising and pursuing our own rights will Jews be able to bring peace to Israel.

"Olmert is willing to sell the Golan to save his seat... This is his last-gasp effort to survive." - National Religious Party leader Zevulun Orlev.

No International Outrage. Disregarding the caution of US Defense Secretary Robert Gates, Turkish troops shelled a border area in northern Iraq last week in an attack on Kurdish rebels based there. The leader of the autonomous Kurdish region in northern Iraq, Massoud Barzani, said: “We reject any interference in Iraqi affairs and we do not accept any presence of Turkish forces on Iraqi lands.” (Just imagine what the international reaction would be, if Israel attacked hostile terrorists based in Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt!)

Mad Dogs Must be Put Down. Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad launched a new verbal attack on Israel, saying a "countdown" has begun that will end with Lebanese and Palestinian terrorists destroying the Jewish state. (We must not wait for this ‘mad dog’ become nuclear-capable.)

Hypocritical AI. Amnesty International marked the 40th anniversary of the Six-Day Way by vilifying Israel’s treatment of Arabs in Judea and Samaria, specifically related to the security fence that Israel is building, in spite that the number of attempted and successful suicide bombings has dropped dramatically. (I am not supporter of the wall, as a pretext of the possible border, but it saves Jewish lives for now. There are hundreds of security walls around the world: Korea, Saudi Arabia, Cyprus, USA etc... But the one that saves Jews deprives the anti-Semites in AI of sleep!)

Restraining Does Not Work. Up to 10 Israeli soldiers sustain various degrees of injury from PA mortar attack on Gaza’s Erez crossing a week ago. They were launched minutes after Israeli PM Ehud Olmert told the weekly cabinet meeting that Israeli operations in Gaza had reduced Hamas missile strikes. (Delusional leadership leads the country to tragedy!)

After the Six-Day War.

by Rachel Neuwirth

President Lyndon B. Johnson ordered the Joint Chiefs of Staff, under General Earle Wheeler, to do a study following the Six Day War on what territory was needed by Israel to survive as a nation, without America needing to come to her rescue.

The following was concluded in a secret report dated June 29, 1967: Israel was advised not to abandon her furthest borders and whatever high ground she held. According to the report that accompanied the map, the Joint Chiefs said:

"Returning Israel to pre-1967 boundaries would drastically increase its vulnerability. Israel would be threatened by West Bank artillery and tactical SAMs - a sword constantly over its head and the need to maintain readiness with prohibitive mobilization costs. For stable future Arab-Israeli agreements, Israel must feel it can wait out a crisis rather than strike pre-emptively. Israel should retain... the Gaza Strip, mountains and plateaus of the West Bank, the tip of the Sinai, Sharm El-Sheikh, the Golan Heights east of Quneitra and all of Jerusalem."

The report was kept secret, which denied Israel an essential bargaining point in future negotiations. It eventually came to light when revealed in the Wall Street Journal on March 9, 1983, but it remains ignored. US official policy to this day remains committed to a full Israeli pullback on all fronts except for minor adjustments. Since June 2002, President George Bush supports the creation of a "Palestinian Arab state" inside Judea and Samaria (West Bank), which was never previously US policy. What was unworkable in 1967 is even more unworkable and dangerous today.